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Interlude of Star crossed lovers

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I would die in a hail of bullets for him, run through flames, to be with him. He can lock it up in a box and throw away the key and bury it with an x on the floor for all I care.

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Frank’s diary entry
[I can’t believe I have stayed away from him for so long. Okay, so it was only three months, but those three months were filled with pain, misery, tears and regret. I know deep down, if I was never to talk to Gerard again, hear his voice, his laughter, see his smile and gaze at his eyes never again, it would destroy me. The past months had made me realise just how much I needed him and how important he was in my life.]
[Admittedly it scared me, how much I depended on Gerard. He was always the one who had been there for me, cleaned me up whenever I got a bad beating, stood up for me and took a beating for me, made me laugh with the witty and funny comments and jokes he randomly came up with just to make me laugh, comforted me whenever I felt upset about my parents arguing and let me cry my eyes out on his shoulder for what probably felt like hours, reassuring me, and most of all he had made me realise that he had always-and still does-have my back. And I have his and always will. Even over the bad three month period we may have been dicks to each other, but we had never let anyone else push us around.]
[I remember back when we were fourteen and thirteen, we were in the gym locker room, me crying my heart out on to his shoulder because I had gotten a beating from hell and Gerard had found me a bloody mess on the ground. Gerard had cleaned me up, wiping away the blood with his own shirt, quietly reassuring me that I was gonna be fine.]
[It was then Gerard promised he would never let them hurt me.]
[ And he kept his promise and is keeping it still. Those three months don’t matter to me anymore, now that I’ve got him back in my life, though admittedly, he had never left it in the first place.]
[I know I love him, sounds weird considering I’m only seventeen, but I’ve had my fair share of relationships (ten to be exact and nothing but experience.) and I never felt like the way I do for Gerard. It’s like a burning flame that will never go out, a burning passion and nothing can diminish its ambers. I can’t bear not to have him near me, can’t bear never to look into those eyes and hear that voice that sounded so much like a fallen angel and would make me melt on the spot, to never see that smile that would make my heart explode, would kill me.]
[My parents-well my mother and step father-would be pissed with me if they were to find out how I feel for a certain raven haired angel. They would probably, no, would disown me and kick me out on to the streets and not care how I would survive. Hate can really bring the worst out of people, no matter how much you love them, that hate would drive you away.]
[Homophobia, the worst sort of hate a teenager can experience.]
[I guess I’m also scared that he won’t feel the same for me. And why should he? I’m just a smart assed, punk looking misfit who pisses people off and has height and anger issues]
[Particularly the height issue.]
[While he looks like someone that just fallen from heaven, a lost soul, with his death white skin, long dishevelled raven black hair, alluring forest green eyes, his soft, velvet voice that would make even Satan’s daughter swoon. Gerard’s a mystery, seductive, and just too damn sexy.]
[The annoying thing is, he doesn’t even realise it. Common sense was never his top quality.]
[I would die in a hail of bullets for him, run through flames, to be with him.]
[Because he’s the one that I need to help me through this life.]

Gerard’s diary entry.

No matter how hard I try, I can’t deny it; I love him. All four feet nine inches and nine stone of him. Frank motherfucking Iero has got my heart and I have no protests about him keeping it. He can lock it up in a box and throw away the key and bury it with an x on the floor for all I care.
I just wish I had his to lock up and keep safe.
Sounds dead corny, cliché’ and not far off from some gothic style romance movie. I guess that’s what you could call this, maybe even write a book about it, though I don’t really see why someone would be interested in a gothic vampire looking teenager falling in love with his punk looking misfit best friend, to be quite fucking honest with you.
Be pretty cool though, a story about two star crossed lovers, fighting against the ones who disapprove of their romance and cherish a secret passion for one another only to run away and kill themselves to be together forever. Demolition lovers sounds fitting for it.
Though I severely doubt Frank feels the same and would never kill himself to be with me forever.
I would to be with him but hey, I’m just a messed up teen who thinks death is a wickedly cool thing.
And I wonder why Mikey makes those calls to asylums when I start my morbid moments of talking about life and death.
Funny thing is, I wrote a song called ‘Demolition Lovers’ not that long ago-like twenty minutes ago to be exact and it’s now four thirty in the morning. I spent like um like three hours on the thing, maybe I’ll ask Mikey and Ray to add in bass and electric guitar chords to it. And Frank can add some rhythm chords to it of course as he is absolutely awesome at rhythm guitar. Well after almost nine years of playing it he should be.
Oh God I’m starting to sound like a teenage girl with a crush. Though considering I’m paler than death I’d be like um a dead girl with a crush.
Actually that’s kinda weird in a morbid fucked up way. Maybe I should see a therapist.
Anyway my mental state aside, the fact is, I’m insanely in love with my best friend who I don’t think would even look twice at me. I mean why would he? I’m just this vampire looking goth with a morbid obsession with all things dark and well…gothic while he’s a hot, smart ass punk with looks to die for-not to mention a tight ass- and talented. In short, I could make an entire list about this guy. NO pun intended if you get my drift, considering his ‘height issues’ as we call it. Not to mention anger issues.
The thing is, I’m at a complete loss at what to do. Should I tell him and risk getting yet another punch to the face or should I keep it locked up, never tell him and risk losing the chance of what might be the happiest thing that could ever happen to me?
Not that anyone who was actually sane would ever consider being with me.
Then again, Frank isn’t what you would call sane now is he?
I guess all I can do is hope for the best and find someway somehow to tell him, cause if I don’t, I’ll drive myself insane if I’m not already.
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