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Could I lie next to you?

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“Pikachu’s a guy, but is gay and wears drag!”

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Chapter 10-Could I lie next to you?

Gerard’s pov

“No, no, no, go left, go left!”
“I am going left!”
“No, not you’re left! My left!”
“What! That’s you’re right!”
“No! Sitting here, that’s left that’s right!”
“What the unicorn shit are you talking about?!”
I rolled my eyes, glancing at Frankie with a small amused smirk. He caught my eye and we both started giggling uncontrollably.
“Y’know.” Frank said, grinning reaching over to grab a slice of cheese and tomato pizza from the box on the table, “They both suck at this game right?”
“Uh huh.” I grinned, grabbing a slice myself.
“Then why are we putting up with this?” he asked, chewing.
I shrugged, “For entertainment reasons.” I replied simply before taking a bite.
Frank laughed, then looked at me and laughed harder.
“What?” I asked; he pointed at me, eyes watering, “What?” I repeated, starting to laugh, myself.
“You, you got.” Frankie choked out.
“Got what?” I asked grinning.
“You got some, cheese, hanging from your lip.” He giggled, pointing to his own.
“Oh, fuck.” I laughed, moving my hand to wipe it away-only for Frank to push it away.
“Here I’ll get it.” He laughed.
He leaned in closely and I felt my breathing hitch up and the blood rushing up to my face. We looked at one another and it hit me how nice his eyes were. Bright, warm, hazel, and a mischievous glint he nearly always had…I could get lost in them for ages. His soft pink lips, soft button nose, clear skin…
I swallowed; Frank was so close to me, I could feel his breath across my face, coffee, cigarettes and strawberry, no doubt from the shake he had earlier. He lifted his hand slowly towards my chin and I could feel his callused finger tips against my skin, never taking his eyes off me as he did so. Then, he leaned in closer and placed his lips softly against the corner of my mouth. Before I could react to what was happening, he pulled away, a shy grin on his lips.
“Hm, all gone.” He giggled sheepishly.
I blushed scarlet, “Th, thanks Frankie.” I stuttered.
“No prob.” He shrugged, a tinge of pink across his own cheeks.
“No dumbass you were supposed to pick the chick up! Not run her over!”
Both I and Frank suddenly snapped outta the trance we had subconsciously got lost in to see Ray, Mikey and Bob arguing over GTA.
“It was an accident!” Mikey said indignantly, readjusting his glasses.
“Dude! Where did you get your licence! The local asylum!” Bob exclaimed, laughing.
“Hey, it was an accident! Besides, it was that whore’s fault! She was standing in the middle of the road!” Mikey said defensively, “What kinda hooker gets picked up doing that?! Honestly?”
“No she wasn’t! She was on the freaking pavement, and you crashed into the lamp post and knocked her over!” Ray exclaimed laughing like crazy.
Both I and Frankie burst out laughing; Frankie began choking over his pizza and I quickly thumped him on the back.
“Thanks sugar.” He said hoarsely, coughing and grinning at me.
“No prob babe.” I giggled.
Suddenly we froze. Then there was a wolf whistle and we both whipped around to glare at Mikey.
“Well, looks like two certain people are really getting on now huh” he smirked while the other two sniggered uncontrollably.
“Oh zip it Mikey mouse and go knock down more whores.” I snapped back tartly.
“What’s the matter? Got rejected? Damn even in a videogame you can’t get laid!” Frank laughed.
“Ohh.” We all said in unison.
“Fuck you Frank seriously.” Mikey said, grinning slightly as he flipped him off.
“Truth hurts.” He shrugged only to have a cushion hit him in the face.
We laughed as Frank blinked blankly; he shook his head, “Oh it is so on Mikey mouse.” He grinned evilly before he abruptly jumped up and attacked my brother.
“Fuck! What is it with me getting attacked by cushions?!” Mikey yelped indignantly, arms over his head as he tried to defend himself.
“Haha! Fear my cushion of death you four eyed, walking tree!”
“What the fuck!” Mikey yelped.
Ray was laughing like crazy; I wouldn’t be surprised if he suddenly stopped breathing he was laughing that much. I on the other hand, was practically rolling on the floor.
“Fuck watch my soda!” Mikey shouted at me in between hiccups.
“Oh shit I’m sorry dude.” I apologised, still laughing.
“You got any last words Mikey?” Frank asked, holding the cushion up threateningly.
“Yeah, can I get another coke, please?” he hiccupped, holding up an index finger.
It was quiet-then we burst out laughing. Just then, our mom came downstairs dressed in a grey work suit, her blonde hair tied up and carrying her black handbag and wearing a pair of white heels. I and the guys wolf whistled appreciatively.
“Oh be quiet.” She said though she was smiling, “Now Gerard, you’re the legal adult here.”
“Well I am eighteen.” I grinned.
“With a maturity range of an eight year old.” Mikey said smirking.
I glared at him while the other three sniggered; mom paid no attention.
“So my cell number is on the kitchen table, so call me if you have any-“
“Problems I know.” I said wearily, grinning still.
“Can you leave the number for an asylum, so we can call to see we found their asylum escapee?” Mikey asked innocently.
“And be responsible.”
“I will.”
“He doesn’t know the meaning of the word.”
“No fighting.”
“We won’t.”
“We’ll just murder each other and make it look like a fight to the death instead.”
“And behave yourselves.”
“We will.”
“I will, he won’t, more chance of Frank being six foot tall in two weeks.”
“There’s also the emergency numbers by the phone so call only in emergency, no prank calls like last time.”
“That was Mikey.”
“Hey, I called to say I had a mental vampire looking after me-which is true!
“And don’t let Mikey blow anything up.”
“I won’t.”
“I will-wait what? Fuck!”
“Language Mikey!”
“Sorry mom.”
“Oh and Gerard? No trying to murder your brother.” Mom said smiling wearily, as she opened the door.
“I’ll try not to.” I said sweetly.
“He will.” Mikey said, slouching on the sofa.
“Love you boys, night Ray, Bob, night Frank.”
“Love you mom.”
“Night Miss Way.”
The door closed-then the other three burst out laughing. Both I and Mikey looked at one another with raised eyebrows and nodded-before grabbing the nearest cushion to us and hitting Ray and Frank who were nearest. They yelped and promptly leaped at us and tickled us so were practically screeching in laughter. Bob was laughing like a madman at us.

Frank’s pov

“Okay, okay, uh, I never asked out a prep.” Mikey grinned, looking at his brother knowingly.
“Ah go to bloody hell Mikey!” Gerard snapped, going pink before draining his glass of cola.
As you can tell, we are playing the very mature game of ‘I never’-except instead of beers we were drinking cola. After last night, none of us wanted to see another beer-until probably next week. Besides, with the way we were going, we’ll be bouncing off the walls and suffering from a caffeine crash in the morning.
“Okay, my turn.” Bob grinned, crossing his legs Indian style, “I never got pushed into a girls bathroom.”
I, Mikey and Gerard refilled our glasses and drained the contents.
“Um, I never…dressed up in drag.” I came up with.
Again, Gee and Mikey refilled and drained their drinks.
“When!?” Ray laughed while Bob grinned.
“What is this? Drink and tell?” Mikey asked frowning as he readjusted his glasses.
“Whatever, spill before I ‘accidently’ spill soda over your head.” I threatened, smirking, holding my glass over his head.
“No, no, no we’ll spill, we’ll spill!” Mikey all but squeaked, putting his arms over his head, “I just washed my hair earlier!”
“Pfft, Mikey you’re such a girl.” Ray snorted in laughter.
“I am not!” Mikey yelped indignantly.
“Are too!” Ray shot back grinning.
“Are not!”
“Are too!”
“Are not!”
“Are too!”
I, Gee and Bob watched, our eyes following as if it was a tennis game.
“Are not!”
“Are too!”
“Are not!”
“Are not!”
“Are too!”
“Ha! You admit it!” Ray shouted triumphantly.
“Fuck! You tricked me! You overgrown puffball!” Mikey shouted back, frowning.
“Walking pencil!” Ray shot back.
“Walking hairbrush!”
“Living tooth pick!”
“Living tree!”
“Straightner lover!”
“Cat snogger!”
“Guitar shagger!”
“Fro head!”
“Four eyes!”
“Talking hedge!”
“Talking computer!”
The three of us were giggling hysterically as Ray and Mikey continued to argue, their voices breaking so they sounded comical.
“At least I never got electrocuted by a toaster!”
“At least I never stuck a piece of candy up my nose to impress a girl!”
I practically shrieked in laughter, too busy laughing my ass off to care I just embarrassed myself. Gerard looked at me, giggling and hiccupping, eyes watering and I went pink.
“You sound cute.” He mouthed, grinning.
My face felt like it was on fire. Gerard. Gerard Way. Gerard Arthur Fucking Way. Called me cute?
Well technically he said you sound cute.
Don’t ruin this for me.
What? The guy you’ve been friends with up till three months ago and who you’ve realised you’ve fallen head over heels for just said you sound cute?
Don’t make me use Mikey’s straightners and incinerate you annoying little fuckers scientists call brain cells.
Burn us, you burn yourself.
Go fuck yourself.
How am I weirdo?
Well, you just said ‘go fuck yourself’’ and seeing as how we are you, you would be fucking yourself which is just plain weird.
Shut the fuck up.
All right all right don’t get your pants all in a twist; you might snap your boner.
What boner?
The boner which is showing itself to the whole room because you have been staring at mentioned sexy vampire lookalike this whole time you’ve been arguing with yourself.
I blinked in realisation, looked down to see my dick was showing itself to the whole room and quickly crossed my leg over the other. Luckily, everyone-especially Gerard- was too busy laughing their asses off at Ray and Mikey who were still arguing, coming up with even more stupid insults, some that didn’t even make sense.
“You smarty killing cupcake abuser!”
“Pikachu hater!”
My point proven-sort of. Mikey actually said he hated Pikachu, and Ray has actually smashed a cupcake and killed a smarty-by throwing it at a jock. I have to agree. The smarty deserved a better life.
“Oh come on! Its voice is definitely female!”
“No fucking way! It’s obviously a male!”
“Okay then, it has GID then! Gender identity disorder!”
“I seriously can’t believe they’re arguing over Pikachu’s gender.” Bob muttered to me making me grin.
“I can, trust me.” I replied making Bob laugh.
“Gee! Isn’t Pikachu a girl?” Mikey said to his brother.
Gerard chewed his bottom lip, looking up at the ceiling thoughtfully, “Um…well. It sounds like a girl.” He said slowly, twisting his fingers in his hair.
“Ha! Told you!” Mikey said victoriously, smirking smugly at Ray who stuck his tongue out.
“But then again…in one episode it wore a dress…but in another it fell in love with a male Pikachu so…” Gerard trailed off, then his eyes widened in realisation, “I got it!” he cried out abruptly, snapping his fingers and making us jump, “Pikachu’s a guy, but is gay and wears drag!” he said brightly, grinning happily.
I practically spat out my soda all over the table, laughing, Bob and Ray were laughing so hard I thought they were gonna eventually piss themselves.
“Oh God.” Mikey mumbled though he was giggling as he slapped himself, “Gerard, honestly, what the fuck?”
“What!? It makes sense!” Gerard cried out defensively, arms outstretched, “Pikachu is a gay transvestite!”
I leaned my head on Gee’s shoulder, hiccupping while Ray and Bob all but rolled on the floor.
“Gerard! It’s a cartoon! Why the fuck would they have a Pokémon as a gay transvestite!” Mikey asked exasperated, throwing an arm up.
“To teach kids not to judge people who are different?” Gerard suggested meekly before biting his lip to stop himself from laughing.
“He can’t be serious.” Mikey muttered to himself, “You honestly cannot be serious!” he cried out to his brother looking at him in disbelief.
“Oh come on! Why the fuck not?” Gerard asked, starting to laugh himself.
“It’s a fucking kids’ show! That’s why!”
“Yeah so? Teaches kids not to judge, worked on me.” Gerard shrugged.
“Yeah, and look how you turned out.” Mikey said gesturing a hand at his brother.
“Go to hell Mikey mouse!” Gerard snapped.
“Speaking of transvestites.” I spoke up smirking, “Mind telling us why you guys dressed up in drag?”
Gerard and Mikey went scarlet as we laughed.
“What, you didn’t think I would forget would you?” I asked innocently.
“Wish you did.” Gerard mumbled before drinking his soda.
“Too bad!” I replied brightly.
“God I’m so gonna incinerate your ass for this Frankie boy.” Mikey grumbled at me as I smiled innocently.
“Okay, it was like, what? Few years ago?” Gerard asked, looking at his brother who nodded.
“Yeah, Halloween. In fact, Frankie you remember, it was your fourteenth.” Mikey said to me.
I frowned thoughtfully then clicked my fingers, “Oh yeah! We dressed up as someone from the Rocky Horror Show!” I grinned widely, “And you guys dressed up as the transvestite guy.”
“Oh I remember!” Ray grinned.
“Yeah Gee was mistaken for a hooker.” Bob said biting his lip to stop himself from laughing; Gerard pouted crossly and I giggled quietly.

Gerard’s pov

“All right, it’s three thirty in the morning, we’ve watched three horror movies, fought over GTA and COD 2, played ‘I never’ and spoke about random shit.” Mikey stated as we sat in my room; Ray yawned and laid his head on Mikey’s shoulder. Mikey frowned and pushed him off making Ray fall on his ass.
“Bitch.” Ray muttered, sitting up and glaring at Mikey who stuck his tongue out.
“Idiots.” I muttered, making Frank giggle rather cutely as he exhaled his cigarette smoke.
“So what cha wanna do now?” Mikey asked standing up from sitting on the floor and flopping down on the bed beside me and Frank.
“I don’t know, but all I know is, sugar crashes suck.” Frankie groaned running a hand through his hair and letting his fringe fall in front of his eyes.
I laughed quietly and brushed his fringe out of his eyes making him look up at me. I went pink and quickly moved my hand but he just smiled softly at me and laid his head on my shoulder. I let a small smile spread over my lips and resumed caressing his hair out of his face.
“I wanna sleep.” Ray mumbled, his voice muffled by the fact he was pressing his face into Mikey’s grey skinny clad leg.
“Well use your fro as a pillow, not my leg you weirdo.” Mikey said bluntly moving his leg out of the way so Ray’s head hit off the bed.
“Ow! You are so mean with a sugar crash you know that!” he said pouting crossly at my brother while the rest of us laughed.
“You are so annoying.” Mikey shot back though he was grinning slightly.
“You’re both annoying.” Bob stated flatly before letting his head fall on a cushion he was using as a head rest on the floor before falling asleep.
“Well tough, get used to it.” Ray said tartly not acknowledging the fact before using Mikes’ leg as a pillow again making him frown, “Damn it Mikey your leg is too scrawny! It’s like lying on a stick!”
“Hey back off!” Mikey yelped indignantly.
“Well it is true.” Ray said honestly in an exasperated voice.
Mikey flipped him off then looked over at me and Frankie who was snuggled up to me, his face pressed into my neck so I could feel his breath against my skin and his arm draped lazily across my waist; I was taking slow breaths to keep my heart rate down which had risen due to the close contact. I narrowed my eyes at my brother, expecting a sly comment. Instead, he smiled softly at me.
“He asleep?” he asked quietly.
“I think so.” I said softly, looking closely and listening carefully to Frank’s breathing; it was slow, steady and relaxed.
“Maybe we should turn in.” Ray said yawning.
“You’re just saying that because you’re tired.” Mikey said, pouting at him crossly.
“And you’re not?” I and Ray said in unison.
“No.” Mikey said promptly-before letting out a huge yawn.
“Bullshit man.” I laughed earning the v-sign.
“Fine I am.” Mikey admitted grudgingly, “Now, if you don’t mind, I’m gonna crash out.”
He said before promptly lying down on the end of the bed and falling asleep.
I giggled slightly and watched as Ray made himself comfortable against Mikey’s legs and fall asleep. I then bit my lip, wondering whether or not to wake up Frank. I decided against it and tried moving quietly to grab a few spare covers for the rest of the guys, only for Frank to wake up.
“Hey, Gee where you going?” he asked groggily.
“Just gonna grab a few spare covers Frankie, you want one or you can have the bed, whichever.” I whispered so not to wake anyone else up.
“Gee, can, can I sleep here? With you beside me? Please?” he muttered, going slightly red.
I went red myself, “Yeah sure Frank.”
“Thanks, it’s just, I was comfortable.” He admitted, giggling slightly.
I chuckled quietly then went upstairs to grab a few covers to see my mom just coming in from the front door. She looked over at me.
“Oh hey honey, didn’t expect you to be up.” She said quietly.
“Yeah the rest of the guys have crashed out downstairs in the basement.” I admitted, grinning, “Just grabbing a few covers.”
My mom smiled softly at me, “C’mon in the kitchen and I’ll make you a decaf, have a chat.” She said, hanging up her coat and bag on the stair banister.
“Um…okay.” I said unsure, sweeping my hair out of my face and following my mom into the kitchen, her turning the light on as she did so.
“So…what is it you want to talk about mom?” I asked as she turned on the kettle.
“Well, it’s you really sweetie.” She admitted making me blink in surprise, “And Frank.”
Oh meese fucking cannibal vampire hamster shit. This can’t be good.
“Oh, right um.” I scratched my nose awkwardly as I sat down at the table while my mom poured out some decaf for the both of us.
Placing my vampire mug in front of me, she sat down across from me, her own mug in her hands.
“Don’t look so worried Gerard.” She said reassuringly, placing her slender pale hand over my own, “I’m not going to nag you.”
I let out a breath I hadn’t realised I had been holding in.
“I’m just glad you two are getting on okay.” Mom said simply, “I know things have been…tough for you two the past three months from what I’ve gathered from Mikey’s constant bitching about you two not being friends. So it must have been something pretty drastic to make you two fall out.”
“Well…yeah it was.” I admitted, hiding my eyes behind my hair.
Mom smiled sympathetically, “Want to talk about it? Might be better to.”
I hesitated then before I knew what I was doing, I was telling mom about the incident, “Well, you remember the summer party we went to during the holidays?”
“Yes I remember, you and Mikey done nothing but complain about the hangovers you had.” Mom said smiling slyly.
“Uh yeah, well, me and Frankie kinda got a bit too wasted and uh well we kinda got ahead of ourselves.” I admitted going scarlet, “And well, you know how Frank’s parents are Catholic, don’t really approve of gay relationships.”
“And they found out and lost it I guess.” My mom said frowning slightly.
“Yeah they did, some guy from school caught us coming out the room and passed it round the whole school and it got back to Frank’s parents.” I said, “It was pretty bad, the row that followed, I was at Frank’s at the time and we were kinda arguing about why he was so distant from me and his dad came in and started shouting at us.” I drank some coffee while my mom looked at me, neither cross nor looking happy, she seemed…sympathetic.
I swallowed then went on, “Then his parents kicked me out, told me not to go anywhere near Frank and since then me and Frankie had pretty much been at each others throats. I just feel guilty that I didn’t stand up for him mom, his parents were threatening to disown him and I’ve probably messed up all of his emotions from what Mikey’s been telling me.” I could feel tears welling up and I wiped them away impatiently, not wanting to break down in front of my mom. But all the emotions I had kept locked up over the past three months, the pain, anger, guilt, worry and sadness was escaping from the box I had kept locked up in my chest for so long. I had mentally tired myself out and now I was letting all of my chained up emotions out. My mom drew small circles in my hand gently in a reassuring manner, muttering words of comfort as I silently cried, letting my tears slip down my face as I told her of all the arguments I and Frank had and how it hurt to see my former best friend hurt by the words I had said. How I felt I had broken my promise to protect him from getting hurt ever since he had got a severely bad beating from a group of jocks at the age of thirteen yet I was now the one hurting him with my venomous words that I knew I never meant. I even told her how I often cried myself to sleep, remembering all the memories I and Frank had shared ever since we first met at the age of twelve.
I knew I sounded like an over emotional teenage girl who just broke up with her first boyfriend but instead of rolling her eyes and telling me to get over it, my mom stood up , walked over to my chair and held me close to her as I cried.
“Everything’s going to be fine, Gee, I promise.” She said consolingly in my ear, sweeping my hair out of my tear stained face, “The good thing is, you two have put all that aside and are trying to build your friendship again am I right?”
I nodded as I sniffed, letting my mom’s perfume she was wearing fill my nose; Lilies and jasmine. It felt so comforting and I slowly stopped crying and wiped away my tears, hiccupping slightly as my mom let go of me.
“And, if I’m not mistaken, you’re hoping for more than friendship aren’t you?” she asked knowingly.
I went red then nodded, “Yeah.” I said hoarsely, “I do, I mean I know this may sound crazy but.” I bit down on my lip, looking into the warm brown liquid of my coffee, “But I think, I love him mom.” I admitted.
And just like that, I felt like a huge weight had just been lifted off my shoulders, the knot that forever occupied my chest slowly faded and I felt kinda…relieved as if admitting it out loud what I knew for so long had been the key to unlock all of my emotions and had now thrown it away. I felt…so much better.
“I know you do, I think you’ve loved him for sometime now.” My mom said smiling softly at me, “And I think its worth going for.”
“You do?” I asked looking up in surprise.
She nodded, “Course I do, I’m, a mother, I know these things.” She said suddenly grinning slyly at me and making me laugh, “Honestly, honey, I think you two would be sweet together and I think Frank thinks the same way you do.”
I smiled softly and drained the rest of my lukewarm coffee, “Thanks mom, for the coffee and comfort.” I said getting up and hugging my mom.
“Just remember, if you feel you need to talk to someone I’m, here okay?” she reminded me before kissing me on the head and ruffling my hair, “Now bed, it’s almost four thirty in the morning vamp boy.”
I laughed and kissed her goodnight before grabbing some spare covers from the closet and heading back downstairs to my basement. I lay one on top Ray and Bob then Mikey and turned off the light before getting to my own bed. Frankie had snuggled underneath the covers, a small smile on his thin lips, his breathing slow, relaxed and steady and I felt my fondness for him deepen.
Smiling softly, I unhooked my belt, lay it on my bedside table and got in beside Frankie who turned round and snuggled up to me instantly.
“Thanks gee.” He muttered.
“No prob Frank, I’m here for you.” I muttered, putting my own arm around his waist and holding him tightly to me so I could smell the scent of cigarettes, strawberries and coffee. Then remembering my promise I made almost five years ago, “I promise, I’ll never let anyone hurt you again.”
“I know you won’t, you never have, never will, you promised before, remember?”
I smiled softly at the reply and wiped away the tears that had suddenly welled up, “Yeah I remember.” I muttered before falling asleep.
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