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On a bender and it shows

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“Uh…huh, perfectly fine, why wouldn’t I be? Perfectly a-ok, nothing wrong with me! Heh, I’m okay, trust me!”

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Chapter 9-On a bender and it shows

Gerard’s pov

I woke up feeling groggy; my head was spinning, my mouth and throat drier than sandpaper. I also had a bitter taste in my mouth, making me grimace. I sat up and ran a hand through my hair which was badly dishevelled. I blinked a few times to get the room into focus then glanced around. Mikey was lying beside me, his mouth wide open, arm hanging off the bed and his glasses lopsided, drool at the corner of his mouth and one of his long, skinny legs lying across mine. Ray had crashed out on the floor, his legs oddly enough, were propped up on the bed and I grimaced at his feet. Bob was laying on the floor, using Ray’s fro as a pillow, his body strewn out across the floor, and his mouth open as he snored.
I frowned slightly wondering where Frankie was; there was no sign of him in the room.
Then I remembered that awkward incident from last night and how Frank had left and I groaned out loud.
“Gee, shut the fuck up.” Mikey grumbled, rolling on his side and putting an arm across my waist and snuggling up to me.
I rolled my eyes then kicked my brother off the bed.
“Oww! Gee! What was that for?” he whined sitting up, rubbing his head.
“You put your arm around my waist, imagine if mom walked in and saw that.” I answered flatly.
“Well excuse me, sorry if I’m not your type.” He joked, readjusting his glasses and giving me a goofy grin.
I groaned, “Oh go back to sleep.” I said kicking him again.
“Ow! Quit it!”
“Oh be quiet”
“Will you two quit your-oh shit I think I’m gonna hurl!” Ray suddenly exclaimed, shooting up and putting a hand to his mouth.
“Well not in here! I ain’t cleaning up your sick!” I shouted, hastily.
Ray flipped me off then quickly ran out the room. Both me and Mikey grimaced as we heard him retching, “Eww not what I wanna hear first thing in the morning.” Mikey said, sounding like a complete girl as he got up and sat beside me.
I laughed rather dryly due to how dry my throat was while Bob sat up, rubbing his head, “Fuck, I’m gonna kill Ray, I was comfy.” He grumbled then flopped back down, “My head is killing me.”
“Same here.” Both of us spoke up.
“Where is Ray anyway?” Bob enquired, sitting up to look at us.
We pointed upstairs and the three of us grimaced as Ray threw up again.
“Never mind, forget I asked.” Bob sighed then he looked at us two in confusion, “Why are you two…” he trailed off and his eyes widened, “HOLY SHIT YOU TWO DIDN’T DO IT LAST NIGHT! WHILE I WAS IN THE ROOM?”
“SAY WHAT!” Ray yelped before throwing up again, “’Ugh, FUCK MIKEY’S FANTASY CAME TRUE!”
“WE DID NOT! THAT’S JUST GROSS!” I and Mikey yelled, our faces scarlet-then we looked at one another, “Did we?” we asked in unison, unsure.
We stared at each other then, “Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts.” We repeated over and over, covering our eyes.
Bob laughed as Ray stumbled in looking worse for wear. Mikey looked up then let out a low whistle and laughed, “Wow Ray man, you look like you got hit by like, a million volts!” he practically cackled in laughter.
“He’d be dead then.” I replied bluntly.
“Fucking feel dead.” Ray admitted grimly, taking careful steps as he walked downstairs, “Now I know how you feel vamp boy.”
“Oh bloody piss off!” I frowned throwing the pillow at him as Mikey and Bob laughed even harder.
“Hey, where’s Frankie boy?” Ray suddenly asked, looking around the room, “Did he go home last night? If anything, I expected him and vamp boy over here to be sharing a bed, not Mikey fulfilling his fantasies.”
“WE DIDN’T FUCK!” Mikey yelped indignantly-only earning Ray to throw the pillow at him, hitting him in the face.
“Yeah, he did.” I said resigned slumping against my bed board while Mikey glared reproachfully at Ray, “Frankie I mean, going home.” I added in as Rays eyes widened.
“How come?” Bob asked confused.
“I really don’t want to talk about it.” I said, scratching my nose.
Mikey frowned thinking then, “Oh holy unicorn shit!” he cried out abruptly, clicking his fingers in realisation, “I remember! I and Ray were acting like total morons and Bob had crashed out on the floor and then we saw you and Frankie boy and Ray yelled something about being hard and then…” he trailed off, “Oh fuck, I’m so sorry Gee!” he said suddenly sympathetically as he patted my shoulder, “Fuck am an idiot.”
“Mikes, what the bloody fuck are you on about, ser-oh snap.” Ray cussed suddenly, clicking his own fingers, “We didn’t did we?” he asked me wearily.
“Uh huh, you did.” I said in an off hand voice as if it was no big deal, except my organs seem to shrivel up in embarrassment.
Ray went pale-then promptly ran back upstairs. I and the guys looked at one another in confusion then we heard the unmistakable sound of Ray throwing up.
“Sucks to be you Gee.” Mikey suddenly grinned at me, making me look at him in confusion, “Well you are the one who has to clean the bathroom, remember?”
I groaned as the other two laughed.

I walked back upstairs from my room, frowning as I texted Frankie again. I had showered, dressed in a pair of tight bleached black skinnies, Misfits shirt, silver studded belt and graffiti covered converse, brushed my teeth and kidnapped by Mikey so he could straighten my hair.
I rubbed my eyes wearily; I had all ready called Frank twice, leaving a voicemail when I hadn’t gotten an answer. Mikey, Ray and Bob had also called and texted. Maybe he was still asleep. It was twelve thirty after all and if I remember straight, Frank always slept in late on a Saturday-especially if he had gotten drunk the night before.
“Hey guys.” I called, “Where are you fucktards?”
“In the kitchen you fuck twat.” Mikey called back.
I grinned and walked into the kitchen; Mikey was sitting on the marble counter, clad in ripped dark grey skinnies, smashing pumpkins shirt, green belt and red converse, his hair perfectly straightened and smoking a cigarette, his batman mug clutched in his hand as if it was his only lifeline.
Ray was still wearing his denim blue, bleached skinnies, black leather belt and biker boots from last night but had borrowed one of Mikey’s Iron Maiden shirts.
Bob was wearing his Black Sabbath shirt and grey skinny jeans with his black belt and steel capped boots from last night and was sitting at the table, running a hand through his blonde hair tiredly, a mug of coffee beside him.
Ray was leaning against the counter, tapping his foot impatiently, his arms folded as he waited on his toast. I took the cigarette Mikey offered me and lit up, grabbing my mug of coffee from the counter which had all ready been made for me, “Anyone got an answer yet?” I asked exhaling.
“Nope.” Mikey replied.
“Nuh uh.” Ray said, shaking his head as he glared at the toaster.
“Nada.” Bob spoke up, throwing an arm up.
I twisted my fingers in my hair, chewing my bottom lip, “Do, do you think he got home okay? I mean, he was drunk, and it is New Jersey.”
“I’m sure he’s fine Gee.” Mikey reassured me, smiling tiredly, “It’s Frank we’re talking about, he can take care of himself, despite being the height of shit.”
I chuckled slightly, “Yeah, well, I ain’t satisfied and won’t be until he replies.” I said before drinking some coffee and taking a long drag from my cigarette.
Ray was about to say something when his toast popped out, “Finally!” he cried out, throwing his arms up.
I and Bob laughed while Mikey rolled his eyes, grinning before drinking his coffee.
“Feels like I’ve been waiting forever!” Ray said dramatically, taking his toast, “Oh, ouch hot, hot, hot, hottity hot hot!” he cussed, juggling his toast in his hands.
I rolled my eyes, opened one of the top cupboards and passed him a plate, “Thanks Gee.” He said meekly, placing his toast on it before waving his hands around.
“No prob frotard.” I laughed, placing the plate on the counter.
“Frotard? Seriously?” Ray asked looking at me with raised eyebrows while the other two laughed.
“Oh be quiet I’m hung over.” I pouted, putting an arm around my ribs as I drank my coffee and took a drag. Exhaling, I suddenly heard something playing.
“Any you guys put Fuse on?” I asked.
They shook their heads, and I frowned before realisation hit me, “Shit, it’s my text ring tone.” I realised, grabbing my cell from my pocket, “Frankie boy.” I said relieved.
“What’s he saying?” Ray asked thickly through his toast; Mikey gave him a look of distaste.
I was about to reply when all of their cells went off. We looked at one another.
“Multi texts send.” We said in unison, opening the text.
“I’m okay, hangover is pretty bad but nothing a good cup of coffee won’t solve, and I’ll be around at Gee and Mikey’s place in an hour.” I quoted, grinning, before texting back.
“See, told you he’d be safe.” Mikey said smugly before sticking his tongue out at me.
“Uh huh, whatever.” I said absent minded as I texted.
The guys looked at one another, then smirked in unison.
“Fuck, I forgot to get hand sanitizer.” Bob came out with.
“Fuck you.” I replied, distractedly in a sing song voice.
Mikey and Ray sniggered while Bob shook his head.
“Hey, hey Gee, did I ever tell you that, when I first met you, I thought you were a chick?” Ray laughed; Mikey choked on his coffee, laughing and Bob looked at him with raised eyebrows.
“Uh huh, sure you did.” I mumbled, not even listening, “On my way over.” I quoted quietly, “Cool.” Then what Ray said clicked, “Hey! What cha mean you mistook me for a chick!? You overgrown walking power puff girl!”
“Hey! Don’t diss! I love that show!” Mikey joked laughing.
“How come that doesn’t surprise me.” The three of us said in unison.
“I was kidding!” he yelped indignantly, scowling at us.
“Sure you were, actually, now that I think about it, you remind me of the green one, uh what was the name again?” I asked, clicking my fingers, frowning in thought.
“I’m ashamed to know this, but I think its Buttercup or something among those lines.” Bob said, his mug to his lips; We looked at him, “What! My little cousin makes me watch reruns with her when I babysit her!” he said defensively.
“Uh huh.” I said clicking my tongue.
“I believe ya.” Ray said, eyebrows raised.
“Millions wouldn’t.” Mikey finished, smirking slyly.
“Oh go to hell you sarcastic vampire wannabes and walking puffball!” Bob said, throwing an arm up in defeat.
We laughed, “So, how, pray tell, do I remind you of Buttercup, Geetard?” My brother frowned.
“Simple, you’re fluent in sarcasm, and wear a smirk or scowl twenty four seven.” I and Bob said in unison.
“Yeah? Well, you, Gee, remind me of the pink one! Girly and completely feminine.” Mikey came up with, smirking at me, “And Frankie would be the blue one.”
“Why?” Ray asked, trying hard not to laugh as I made strangling motions with my hands behind my brothers’ back.
“Because, that one’s completely hyper, has a squeaky voice, and an animal lover, just like Frankie.” Mikey said bluntly.
We laughed, “Wait, how da fuck do you know this?” Ray asked laughing.
“Um…” the three of us looked at one another.
“I blame Bob!” both I and Mikey exclaimed in unison, pointing at him.
Bob spluttered in indignation while Ray almost choked on his toast from laughing.

”Under my umberella! Ella ella! Eh eh!” I sang loudly skipping up and down the sitting room.
“Gerard, please quit singing that.” My brother said frowning in a pained voice, “You can sing and everything, just not that song.”
I rolled my eyes and huffed, “I can’t help it! Whenever I get hyper, I sing pop songs, so sue me.”
“I’m gonna kill you if you keep on singing that.” Mikey replied, not looking up from his book.
Ray and Bob laughed as they played COD 2, “Aw c’mon Mikey, it ain’t that bad, could be worse, he could be dressed like Rihanna.” Ray laughed.
“Now that’s an image I don’t want in my head, thanks.” Mikey frowned as I threw a cushion at Ray who just laughed.
”All the things she said, all the things she said, running through my head, running through my head, all the things she said!”
“Oh my God, Gerard shut up.” Mikey groaned, laying his head back on the arm rest, “You’re killing my ear drums here!”
“Hey! There’s nothing wrong with T.a.t.u, I actually like that band.” I said defensively, hands on my hips.
“How the fuck can you listen to Misfits, Black-Flag, Queen, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Green Day only to name a few, then say you actually like a band called T.a.t.u?” Mikes’ asked looking at me incredulously.
“Hey, everyone has there guilty band pleasures, mine just happens to be T.a.t.u and Rihanna.” I shrugged, “Besides, you’re one to talk, I still remember you singing ‘Eye of the Tiger’ in the shower on the day of your exams.”
Ray and Bob howled in laughter.
“Hey! It was my way of dealing with nerves and it was the song that was stuck in my head at the time!” Mikey yelped indignantly.
“Oh okay, then explain to me why you were singing Mama mia on the way to school yesterday. You had no exams then. So don’t pull that whole ‘dealing with nerves’ thing on me.” I shot back, grinning.
Mikey opened his mouth to say something, going red, then closed it again. Ray and Bob burst out laughing again.
“Exactly, I, as always win this fight Mikey Mouse.” I smirked.
“Okay, you know what? Fuck you, fuck your guilty band pleasures, and fuck the pop shit lyrics coming out of your mouth.” Mikey said slumping on the sofa, crossing his arms and scowling, his face still a light shade of red, “I officially want a divorce from being your brother.”
“Can you actually do that?” I asked.
“I don’t know, do I look like a lawyer?” Mikey asked.
“No, but you look like someone who’s in denial.” I grinned.
“Oh yeah wise ass? About what?” Mikey asked, raising an eyebrow.
“About your secret love for Survivor and Abba.” I ducked as Mikey threw his book at me, “Watch where you aim that thing!” I yelped shooting up.
“Fuck I missed!” Mikey cussed.
Ray and Bob hiccupped in laughter and I was about to reply when the front door went, “Special delivery!” a voice called.
I and the guys looked at one another, “We don’t live in a hotel.” I stated, “Since when did we have room service?”
Mikey rolled his eyes while the other two laughed, “Just get the freaking door you retard.”
“You get it.” I said childishly.
“I’ll get my straighteners and incinerate your ass.”
“Getting the door!” I said hastily, rushing to the door while the other two laughed again.
I opened the door-and saw Frankie standing there holding a cup holder-with five cups of star bucks coffee.
“Frankie! You’re alive!” I squealed, “The hangover didn’t kill you!”
Frank laughed as he followed me inside, “Yeah, I lived and look what I got!” he said brightly, holding up the cup holder.
“You are officially forgiven for running out on me and leaving me with three drunken retards.” I said in an official sounding voice making Frank laugh harder.
“Hey! Those ‘Three drunken retards’ ended up crashing out when Frank left and are still in here!” Ray called through.
“Damn I thought those ‘free little birdies’ took you away.” I called making Mikey, Bob and Frank laugh.
“Shut it vamp boy!” Ray shouted then he and Mikey started bickering about who made a complete moron of themselves last night.
“Fine! I’ll just drink this delicious Star bucks coffee that my sweet, dear Frankie brought us, since you’re being a complete asshole.” I called airily.
“Oh hell no to Ray’s fro are you doing that!” Mikey shouted and by the sound of the loud thump sound, had attempted -and failed-to jump over the sofa.
Will you quit saying that you dork!” Ray shouted.

Frank’s pov

“No you’re supposed to pick up the package then kill the boss.”
“Hey fuck you, I know what I’m doing puffball.”
“No you don’t, you tried that way ten times already! admit it, it doesn’t work.”
“Course it does.”
“Explain why you’ve failed so many times then!”
“I don’t need to defend myself against you.”
That’s because you won’t admit you suck at this game.”
“I don’t suck I just…need to warm up a little.”
“Warm up? You’ve been playing it for the past two hours.”
I rolled my eyes while Ray and Mikey continued to bicker over Grand Theft Auto. To be honest, they both suck at this game. I glanced at Gerard, who was sitting beside me on the sofa, sketching in his drawing pad, a pencil tucked in his ear and another gliding across the paper, a cigarette at the corner of his mouth. I chuckled slightly at his expression; his forest green eyes were narrowed in concentration and he was mouthing words to himself. Now and again he would grab his black leather notebook from the table and scribble something-no doubt lyrics- down with a black fountain pen. Bob was lying on the floor reading a comic book, a cushion beneath his head. I l was watching those two morons play with my leg across the other, hand tucked under my chin, shaking my leg out of habit.
“No you should have took the left! not the right you retard! Now you’re gonna run out of time!”
“No way man, I know a short cut.”
“Bullshit, you’re going in the completely wrong direction! Look at the map!”
“Fuck! I must have taken a wrong turn!”
“That’s what I just said! I told you to take the left!
“Oh be quiet and watch me do my thing!”
I shook my head laughing quietly, “Fucking idiots.” I muttered amused, grinning, “Honestly.”
“No doubt about that.” Gee muttered; I looked at him to see a small smile on his lips and I felt a tingle go up my spine. It had happened a lot recently; whenever he smiled at me, laughed or even looked at me I felt my heart beat go up rapidly and my face to heat up.
“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say they had brain damage.” He continued, looking up at me, smiling slightly.
I smiled back shyly, trying very hard not to go red-though no doubt I was failing.
“Ye, yeah, brain damaged totally.” I stuttered then mentally cussed myself.
Gerard raised his eyebrows at me, “You okay Frank?” he asked concerned, looking at me closely, making my heart rate go even faster
“Uh…huh, perfectly fine, why wouldn’t I be? Perfectly a-ok, nothing wrong with me! Heh, I’m okay, trust me!” I rambled.
Gerard frowned slightly, “Oh-kay Frank, um if you…say so.” He said slowly then shrugged before going back to his drawing.
I mouthed fuck, hitting my leg, then smiled nervously as Gee looked at me with raised eyebrows, an amused-not to mention sexy- smirk on his lips.
“Sorry, heh leg went to sleep.” I said sheepishly.
Gerard looked at me in amusement then chuckled, taking a drag from his cigarette before going back to his drawing.
I silently mouthed cuss words until I suddenly felt a bottle cap hitting me across the head. I glared at Mikey who was making wild gestures at me. I raised my eyebrows at him in confusion. He slapped himself and made talking motions with his hands, pointed at me then his brother. I shrugged and mouthed ‘about what!?’ to him. Mikey frowned, thinking then played some air guitar pretended he had headphones on and at Gerard.
I looked at him, and then gave him thumbs up. Mikey grinned back then continued arguing with Ray. That boy’s got issues…
“So um Gee,” I cleared my throat and Gerard looked up at me curiously, “About that song, we did in music class yesterday?”
“Yeah what about it?” he asked slowly.
“Um, I got some new chords for it.” Liar, “I can show you them at some point.”
“Yeah that would be cool.” Gee grinned at me, “How’s it going with your guitar anyway?”
“Oh, it’s going good I guess.” I shrugged, “Written a few songs to go with the melodies I’ve came up with actually.”
Gerard’s eyes lit up, “Really? Cool! You gotta show me sometime.” He said happily.
“Yeah sure, Mikey’s been helping out a bit. With the bass and stuff y’know.” I said, running a hand through my hair.
“Oh, I was wondering why Mikey was playing his bass so much, to like four in the morning.” Gee glared at his brother, “Ya know, when people are trying to sleep”
Mikey flipped his brother off, “It’s not as if you’re sleeping Gee, you stay up most nights.”
Gerard rolled his eyes and I giggled. After that we started talking about music; Misfits, Blackflag, Anti-flag, White Stripes, Rolling Stones, Queen, Iggy Pop, Lemmy, Iron Maiden, upcoming tours, wondering if we could get enough cash to go to their concerts, recent albums. Then we started talking about our personal life; how we were coping with school, what had we been up to the past three months, how Gee was doing with his art work and song writing. Then just random shit; how annoying Mikey was when he had too much coffee earning us to get bottle caps flicked at us for ten minutes, wondering if Ray’s fro could actually hide an unknown city only for us to get threatened to get murdered from being strangled by a controller, and whether Bob had selective muteness seeing as how he was so quiet earning us to get flipped off.
We had just started arguing with Mikey on whether smarties were better than skittles when the door opened and Gee and Mikey’s mom came in the sitting room.
“Hey boys” she greeted shrugging off her jacket and hanging it up on the door, “Didn’t expect you guys to be up at all.”
“Hey mom, how was” Gee was cut off by his brother.
“Mom, which is better, skittles or smarties?” he asked.
Ms Way frowned thoughtfully, “Hm, I’m going to have to go with skittles honey.” She said smiling apologetically.
“Ha!” both I and Gerard cried out triumphantly while Ray and Bob laughed as Mikey pouted looking put out.
Their mom blinked, “Oh hey Frank, haven’t seen you in awhile.” She said smiling.
I went scarlet, “Uh yeah, I guess it has been awhile.” I mumbled.
“Well, nice to see you and Gerard are friends again, driving Mikey crazy what, with you two being friends and Gerard being so antisocial all the time, I mean whatever happened to you two? You guys were so close! Always glued to each other! It’s not as if you two dated and broke up making things awk-“
“Mom, mom,” Gerard cut across his mother who abruptly stopped talking, “We get it, just a misunderstanding, but things are um” Gee trailed off.
“Getting back to normal, you know starting to hang out and stuff ya know.” I chipped in.
Mikey and the other two glanced at one another.
“Oh well that’s good, want to stay for dinner Frank?” Miss Way asked.
“Yeah he loved too.” Mikey said for me, “In fact, we were just discussing if it would be okay for Frank to stay the night.”
We were? Last time I checked, I and Gee were about to be strangled by an fro headed killer with a controller and arguing with four eyes over there about whether skittles and smarties. How exactly does talking about me staying here come into this?
“Oh. Well sure, it is Saturday, I’ll be going back to the office at seven to work on a project and be away for a few hours and your dad, Gee and Mikes, is away on an emergency call in Chicago and won’t be back until tomorrow so-“
“So we’ve to be responsible and not blow the place up.” Gee and Mikey said in unison, with an eye roll.
I and the other two laughed.
“Yes, that is exactly what I meant.” Miss Way said sternly though with a smile, “And no fighting you two.”
“Us? Never! Would never dream of it.” Mikey said in mock outrage, “Besides, Gerard starts it.” He added in quickly.
“What! I do not four eyes!” Gerard yelped indignantly sending his pad and pencils flying as he leaped up; He grabbed the cushion from underneath Bob’s head and all but attacked his brother with it.
“Ah! Gerard! Get off!” Mikey yelped trying to defend himself while laughing his head off.
Miss Way rolled her eyes and shook her head, hands on her hips while Gee and Mikey had a cushion fight, us laughing.
“Haha! Take that vamp boy! I’ll run you through with a feathered stake!”
“I’ll leave you boys to it.” Miss Way sighed, waving a hand dismissively before going upstairs.
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