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Give 'em hell

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“Did, did I say something wrong?”

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Chapter 8-Give ‘em hell

(Gee’s Pov)

“Fuck off!” I yelled annoyed, “Honestly! Get yourself to fuck!”
“Ah haha ha you suck!” Mikey stuck his tongue out at me.
Frankie had his head on my lap, whether asleep or not I didn’t know. Ray and Bob were sitting on the floor, talking quietly. I think they might be drunk. Nothing that they are saying makes sense.
I and my brother had been playing Star fox for about an hour- and I had gotten my ass kicked five times.
“No fucking way, you must be using some crazy assed cheat code or something!” I came up with wildly.
“Guys be quiet, the birdies are sleeping.” Ray hissed at us.
I and Mikey looked at each other while Frankie shifted slightly on my lap, “What the fuck Ray?” he asked, tiredly, his words slurring slightly.
“Shush, Frankiestein!” Ray hissed, glaring rather cross eyed at him, “The birdies are sleeping!”
“What birdies?” Mikey asked confused, looking around him bewildered.
Ray pointed at a small bat ornament I had on my desk.
“Ray, that’s a paper weight.” I stated bluntly.
“No it’s not, it’s a birdie, and there’s th-thr- what comes after two again?” Ray slurred looking confused.
“Uh…the number three maybe?” Frankie suggested in mock confusion making me giggle rather drunkenly.
“Ye, yeah that’s it, free.” Ray hiccupped, “Wheee, free little birdies!” he sang.
Frankie looked up at me and Mikey slapped himself as I raised my eyebrows. Bob on the other hand looked as if he was out for count.
“And where do these birdies sleep, Ray?” I asked.
“In here.” He whispered, pointing at his fro, “But don’t tell! It’s a secret!”
Frankie giggled drunkenly and I bit my lip. Mikey on the other hand muttered something about Ray having ‘Much more than alcohol’ and promptly drank more beer. Must be his twelfth or something.
“Cause if you tell, the elves will come.” Ray hissed, looking around shiftily.
I giggled, “Elves huh?” I asked, picking up my beer. I lost count of how many I had.
“Yes! The elves! Like this one!” he yelled suddenly, pointing at Frankie, “Fuck the elves have found the birdies secret lair!” he shouted, backing away from Frankie who spluttered indignantly.
Both I and my brother choked over our drinks, laughing.
“Fuck! Run little birdies run! The hobbits are approaching!”
Both I and Mikey slumped on the bed laughing while Frankie fell off my lap.
“WHO ARE YOU CALLING A FUCKING HOBBIT WHO IS DRESSED AS A SMURF ON CRACK!” he yelled shooting up-only to fall drunkenly to the floor again, “…Ow that hurt quite painfully actually…”
I choked, laughing and hiccupping as Mikey buried his head on my chest, shaking with laughter though it sounded rather maniacal due to the amount of alcohol he had consumed.
“Stay away from me you evil hobbit! The power of crispy rice compels you I say! The power of crispy rice compels you!” Ray yelled, holding his fingers up in an x shape as he shot up, stumbling.
“What the fuck!” Mikey choked out, sitting up and hiccupping insanely.
“Ah freakity feckity fuck fack fee! It’s voldemort!” Ray practically screeched pointing at Mikey and promptly falling on his ass, “He who shall not be framed has rebounded fuck!”
My ribs were aching with the amount of laughing I was doing while Mikey glared at Ray rather cross eyed, readjusting his glasses before taking a big swig of his beer, “Oh it’s on now fro head!”
“Ah we shall see young Jedi as I have this!” Ray said dramatically, picking up one of my paint brushes with a flourish.
“Oh yeah? Well, I have… um.” Mikey looked around him bewildered as I and Frankie practically collapsed with laughter on the bed.
“Oh I have thee! The elder wand!” Mikey cried out jumping on the bed, brandishing an art pencil, “Haha! Your wand of phoenix feathers and holly are no match!”
“Ah we shall see! I may not have the elder wand but I do have the wisdom of kung fu!” Ray yelled jumping up also on the bed and doing crazy assed karate moves, “Wah ah yee oh! I am the ninja of Hogwarts! Fear my wrath you spineless ant dick! Fear my wrath! Wah ee oh kong chi woo ha!”
“Oh my god, someone shoot me.” Bob spoke up suddenly before promptly crashing out on the floor and snoring.
Both I and Frankie laughed, if possible, even harder.
“Ah! But I have the power! Of the deadly and fateful killing curse! Be ready to meet your destiny young grasshopper!” Mikey shouted, waving his ‘elder wand’ around wildly.
“Ah we shall fight! And see who is the strongest!” Ray shouted.
“Yes, we shall yight!” Mikey yelled, “BUT! I have something I must say young potter!”
“AW!” Ray gasped, his voice breaking, “What, I dare ask, is worthy of my attention!”
“I. am. your. father.” Mikey stated dramatically.
Frankie practically screeched with laughter and I almost fell off the bed.
Both he and Mikey then began sparring; I and Frank cheered them on while laughing before Ray promptly fell off the bed.
“YES I AM VICTORIOUS!” Mikey shouted smugly-before falling off the bed himself.
“What the fuck are you guys on?” I laughed, Frankie burying his head in my crotch though I was too drunk to notice.
“ALCHIMIHOLIO!” they both shouted making us laugh even harder.
“Alchimi what?” Frank choked out, his voice hoarse.
“Oh man, I think am gonna die.” Frankie giggled rather cutely.
“Uh, huh.” I hiccupped.
Suddenly Ray looked over at us cross eyed then-“GEETARD’S GOT A HARD ON!” he shouted then laughed maniacally.
“Say what!” I and Frankie yelped.
Mikey sat up, looking dazed, “AH HAHA, GEE GEE’S DICK IS HIGH!”
I went scarlet and Frankie shot up looking embarrassed. Oh fuck… that why my jeans feel tighter than usual? Shit!
“Oh shit.” I cussed, “Um, it’s really not what it looks like Frank, honestly.” I said hastily while Mikey and Ray laughed hysterically, completely oblivious to the disaster that had just occurred.
“Um, yeah, uh, I think I’m gonna head home.” Frankie said awkwardly, blushing scarlet, “Uh, I’ll just walk, think I’ve sobered up enough.”
“But Frankie-“ I cut off as Frankie grabbed his jacket, stuck on his shoes and promptly ran upstairs. I heard the distant slam of the front door and I groaned, slumping on to my bed, covering my face with my pillow, praying I’ll get suffocated.
Ray hiccupped slightly, “Did, did I say something wrong?” he slurred before crashing out on the floor snoring with Mikey using his fro as a pillow.

Frank’s pov.
I woke up, feeling like complete shit. Honestly, I had the hangover from hell.
“Aw shit.” I cussed running a hand through my dishevelled bed hair, “How much did I drink?”
Suddenly, I felt my stomach churning; putting a hand to my mouth, I quickly tossed my covers aside and ran out m bedroom, along the hall, into the bathroom and promptly threw my guts up.
Wiping my mouth and retching, I heard a knock, “Frankie, honey, are you okay?” my mother’s voice called concerned. “Uh, yeah, just, hung-over.” I admitted hoarsely, standing up straight.
“Aw honey, I’ll go and put on some coffee for you okay?”
“’Kay, thanks mom.” I said gratefully before hurling my guts up again.

After throwing my entire stomach up for almost an half an hour, I took a quick shower, got dressed into a pair of tight, ripped grey skinnies, my old Beastie Boys shirt, and red leather belt along with my black Misfits converse, brushed my teeth, tried to something with my hair then went downstairs to the kitchen where my mom was sitting at the table still in her work clothes and drinking some tea, “Morning mom.” I yawned.
“More like afternoon Frankie boy.” She smirked lightly at me, “Good night then honey?”
“No idea, can’t remember.” I said as I drank my coffee before lighting up a cigarette.
“Always a good sign then, what was it we used to say? Ah, if you can’t remember what you did, it was a good night.” My mom said clicking her fingers.
“Wish I could remember.” I muttered behind my mug, remembering the last time I got drunk with Gee and the guys.
Aw shit! Last night!
“Frank? Sweetie are you okay?”
I looked up at my mom who was looking at me concerned, “Um, uh yeah mom, just the coffee, kinda burned my tongue.” I made up quickly, “Say um, did anyone, call at all this morning? Like Mikey or, or Gerard even.” I asked, saying the last name meekly.
“No, not that I know of, but your cell did go off about an hour before you woke up, you left it on the table when you came in.” my mom informed me, thoughtfully, “Hmm, now that you mention it, it went off a couple of times.”
“Oh, right. Thanks mom.”

My mom soon went upstairs to her bed and I finished my coffee and cigarette and managed to swallow down a strawberry pop tart. My favourite. And Gerards’ if my memory serves me right.
I grabbed my cell from the table and checked my calls; three from Ray, two from Bob, five from Mikey and five from Gee along with a text each from Ray and Bob, two from Mikey and three from Gerard asking if I got home safely and if I was okay and to reply asap. I also had a voicemail from Ray asking if I was okay and could manage to call him as soon a possible because he was worried he had said something to offend me last night. I also had one from Gerard saying he was sorry if he had made me feel uncomfortable and if I could come round and he also hoped my hang over wasn’t too bad and that we could still be friends.
I smiled rather guiltily. Maybe I overreacted a bit too much last night. I texted the guys saying I was okay, hangover was pretty bad but nothing a good cup of coffee wouldn’t solve, and I would be around at Gee and Mikey’s place in an hour.
Not even a minute after sending it, I got a text from Gerard saying two minds think alike and whoever made coffee was a saviour. I laughed and texted back to ask if the other guys were still at his place. I ran a hand through my hair, ran upstairs to grab my Green Day hoody, wallet and I-pod, and to write a note to my mom saying I was at Mikey and Gee’s place to leave on the kitchen table.
As I grabbed my cigarettes, Gee texted back saying yeah the hung-over retards were still there. I laughed and texted back I was on my way over.
But first, I had to make up for being a complete douche and worrying everyone. Starbucks here I come.
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