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You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison

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“Simple! Prison guys [/always/] go for the feminine, thin guys and shove a dick up their asses in the showers

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Chapter 7 You know what they would do to guys like us in prison

Gerard’s pov

I continued to pace up and down my basement bedroom, twisting my fingers over and over. Frank would be coming over here soon; something he hadn’t done for three months. When we were friends he practically lived here. We often joked that he could move in and take the attic as his bedroom. Man I really missed those times…
Mine and my brothers’ parents had came back from their date and Dad had left for his night shift at the local hospital while mom had went to bed upstairs for work at the office tomorrow morning. Ray had arrived not that long ago while Bob had just called to say he would be here soon as his train had been slightly delayed. And Frankie? I had no idea where he was, he was supposed to be here by now. It was quarter past seven and Mikes had finished his call to him at quarter to. The guy only lived a few blocks away, a ten to fifteen minute walk.
My door opened and Ray, a tall, six foot eighteen year old, with dark brown eyes and the biggest fro I’ve ever known, looked in, “Hey, vamp boy, Mikey said you’ve to quit your moping and get your tight ass upstairs.” He said, grinning.
“I am not moping.” I said rather sullenly.
“Bullshit, you so are.” Ray replied, laughing, “If it’s about you thinking Frankie boy’s not gonna show up then quit it, cause he’s here.” He said this last part in a sing song voice.
I blinked, “He is?” I asked, suddenly feeling like I had hundreds of butterflies wearing nail studded boots in the bottom of my stomach.
“Uh huh.” Ray grinned rather knowingly at me. Michael James Way you are so fucking dead when I get my hands on you.
“Oh, right, uh, tell dork face I’ll ‘get my tight ass upstairs’ in a minute.” I said.
“What? Gonna pretty yourself up for dear Frankie?” Ray asked teasingly.
“Oh bloody piss off you walking puffball!” I exclaimed annoyed.
Ray laughed then shut the door behind him as he walked out.
“Fucker.” I muttered; I glanced at my mirror on the wall above my desk and self consciously ran a hand through my hair so it looked like a just out of bed style. I tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear then applied some more black guy liner, smudging it slightly, “Fuck it, may as well go up.” I muttered to myself.

Frank’s pov.

I stood outside the Ways’ place, feeling rather nervous, like a thousand of nail studded butterflies were trapped in my stomach. I had took my time coming here so it took me longer to get here than it normally would. I had done a lot of thinking on my way here, about mine and Gee’s relationship. And I realised that’s what I wanted; a relationship. But to have a relationship you gotta have a friendship. At least in my book. So I had decided to try and be friends with him, get back to how things were, or even a lot closer.
Then see where it went from there. But first of all, I wanted to talk to Mikey-and Ray possibly. I had to get all these emotions out of my system. But to do that, I have to move my ‘short scrawny ass’ and knock on the freaking door.
“C’mon Frankie, you can do this, you want this? You gotta bite the bullet and do this shit. Before it’s too late and some other guy snatches him.” I told myself sternly. I took a deep breath and turned off my I-pod and put away my ear buds as I walked up to the door, “C’mon you can do this.” I repeated as I knocked on the door, “You can do this.”
The door opened to reveal, a tall, lanky and paper thin teen with perfectly straightened mousy brown hair that framed his pale face and his coffee brown eyes bright behind his glasses which were perched on the end of his nose, and his cheeks flushed pink, no doubt from laughing considering the grin that was on his lips.
“Hey Mikey.” I grinned.
“Hey dude, about fucking time you got here, I was worried that the leprechauns had stolen you.” Mikey said, his grin even wider.
“Oh piss off, you dork.” I said, laughing as I punched him playfully in the stomach.
Mikey gasped, feigning pain as he bent over making me laugh.
“Yeah, I’m doing great, come on in.” he said sarcastically.
I laughed and followed Mikey inside to the sitting room-only to be attacked by a great ball of hair.
“Frankie! You’re alive! Yay, yay, yay, yay!” Ray practically squealed as he hugged me; and me being a short and scrawny seventeen year old, being hugged by a six foot tall eighteen year old who works out regularly, ain’t a laughing matter-unless you’re Mikey Way who is currently close to pissing himself laughing, “Mikey said the leprechauns stole you, but I said you were probably abducted by aliens, but you weren’t! Yes, now I get to laugh my ass off at you screaming like a girl!”
“Thanks, I feel so flattered.” I managed to choke out sarcastically, “But I also feel like I’m getting strangled!”
“Oh.” Ray stopped squeezing me as he blinked in realisation, “Sorry bout that, forgot how short and scrawny you are.”
“Oh, so I guess the leprechauns, the aliens or the elves didn’t catch you then, eh Frankie boy?” a voice drawled, amusement lacing his voice while Ray and Mikey laughed hysterically.
I looked round-and my eyes widened.
Fuck, is it possible for a guy to look hotter than he did two hours ago?
Gerard, the guy I realised I had fallen hard for over the past five years, was standing against the wall next to the stairway leading down to his room, arms folded, and a leg propped up, looking like sex on legs. His tight, faded black skinny jeans, hugging his slender legs and no doubt his tight ass, perfectly. His faded Green Day shirt clung tightly to his toned chest and showed off his long slender, pale arms. His ebony black hair was dishevelled and framed his perfect, hollow, pale face. His forest green eyes were looking straight over at me, standing out even more against his skin due to the heavily applied black guy liner as a small, sexy, amused smirk graced his small, thin pink lips.

Okay, now is not the time to get an erection higher than a pitched up tent.

I shook my head and placed my hands on my hips, frowning, “Elves huh?” I asked, raising an eyebrow at Gerard who shrugged laughing slightly and pointing at his brother and Ray who were laughing still.
I glared at the both of them, “Really guys?” I asked, making them look at me, “Leprechauns, aliens and elves.” I stated flatly.
“Oh my.” Gerard said suddenly in a very girly voice, and then bit his lip to stop himself from laughing as I looked at him in exasperation.
Mikey and Ray on the other hand, had heard him and started laughing again making me roll my eyes.
“And you guys say I’m the immature one?” I asked.
Mikey just hiccupped in reply as he supported himself against the sofa.
“You know what? Screw you guys, where’s Bobbert? Maybe he’ll be a bit more mature.” I sighed, folding my own arms and putting my weight on my right leg.
“That will be the day.” Ray snorted in laughter.
“Eh he has a point.” Gerard pointed out fairly.
“Unfortunetly so, he will have to be, just as immature, as these two morons, to stick around.” I replied making Gerard laugh.
“I plead the fifth.” Mikey spoke up, raising a hand as if voting.
I shook my head while Gee and Ray laughed as I kicked him playfully on the leg. Mikey yelped in mock pain and I giggled as he grinned at me.
“Okay, enough of this random shit, let’s get the popcorn on and the DVD rolling.” He declared.
“Bob’s not here yet, stupid.” Ray chuckled, earning a slap to the back of the head, “Ow!” he yelped indignantly.
“Oh be quiet, your hair is that thick it should have absorbed the impact so quit bitching.” Mikey stated in a matter of fact tone of voice, hands on hips.
“Aw, Ray Ray and Mikey mouse having a little lovers tiff.” I and Gee said in unison in sweet tones of voices.
Much to our amusement, both boys went scarlet; Ray spluttered indignantly and Mikey placed a well aimed painful kick to my leg.
“Ow! WHAT THE BLEEDING HAMSTER FUCKS WAS THAT FOR!?” I yelped outraged, hopping up and down on one foot, “THAT WHAT I GET FOR BEING HONEST?”
“Seems like the phrase, ‘truth hurts’ rings true here.” Gee said amused.
“Oh glad to see you find it funny.” I snapped, annoyed.
Usually, if I snapped at Gerard, he would snap straight back at me. But instead, he simply laughed and I grinned at him-until Mikey and Ray made retching noises in the background.
“Fuck off lover boys and go suck one another off will ya?” I asked flatly, shoving Mikey who was closer to me.
“Go fuck Gee!” Mikey and Ray shot back.
I went red and spluttered indignantly while Gerard’s usual chalk white skin went a light shade of pink. I have to admit, he looked cute.
“Screw you Mikey!” he shot at his brother.
“No need to reveal you find yourself sexually attractive to me Gee, we all know that.” Mikey grinned cheekily.
“Never knew you had incestuous fantasies Mikes.” I said raising an eyebrow, an amused grin on my lips.
“Oh dude, always.” Mikey joked making us laugh; Gerard faked throwing up making us laugh harder, “Why Gerard, I am wounded!” Mikey gasped in feign hurt.
“Yeah well, you should.” Gee replied, smirking.
“Not really, I should be locked up, joking saying I would fuck my brother.” Mikey said a look of realisation on his face, “That’s an asylum case that is.”
“No, I’m pretty sure it’s a prison case, as it’s illegal to fuck your brother-or sister or cousin or whatever family member you find sexually attractive.” Gee said, twisting his fingers in his hair.
“Fuck that! You know what they would do to guys like us in prison!” Mikey yelped.
“Oh, and what would that be?” I asked.
“Simple! Prison guys always go for the feminine, thin guys and shove a dick up their asses in the showers!”
“Sounds like you’re speaking from experience Mikes.” Gee said laughing.
“And are you admitting that you’re feminine, Mikey?” I asked, grinning.
“If you listened to me perfectly I said ‘what they do to guys like us in prison.’ Not just me.” Mikey stated.
Ray frowned at him, “Are you saying I’m feminine?” he asked in a tone of outrage, his voice breaking and proving Mikey’s point.
“Well, you do have a feminine voice. Sometimes.” Mikey told him.
Ray pouted as me and Gee laughed, “Don’t know what you two are laughing about; you’re the most feminine guys here.” He shot at us.
“Hey I resent that.” Both of us shot back as Mikey laughed.
“Don’t see what you find so funny.” I said to him.
“Yeah, you straightner obsessed, stick thin, feminine screeching.” Gerard trailed off as the rest of us laughed, “May I say more?” he smirked at his brother who pouted and crossed his arms against his chest, crossing his leg over his thigh.
“Fuck off bro.” he flipped Gee off, “Am gonna call Bob, tell him to get his ass over here right-“
Suddenly the door knocked loudly.
“Now?” Mikey finished, making it sound more like a question.
I laughed and opened the door, “Hey Bobbert how’s it going?” I grinned.
Bob, a tall, blonde, blue eyed, eighteen year old, grinned at me. He was bigger than the rest of us and was intimidating to the eye, but was actually a big softie who wouldn’t hurt a fly-unless that ‘fly’ was a homophobic jock and had beaten one of us up.
“I’m going back home if I hear any more of Mikey’s incest fantasies.” He said raising an eyebrow.
I, Gee and Ray burst out laughing while Mikey went red and spluttered indignantly.
Gerard’s pov

I was leaning against the kitchen counter, smoking a cigarette and laughing at Frank and Mikey who were arguing over what the plural of moose was. Ray was in my room, setting the movie up while Bob was in the sitting room flicking through our DVD collection. Yeah the guys pretty much treated my and Mikes’ place as their own.
The three of us were in the kitchen; I and Frankie were supervising Mikey as he micro waved the popcorn. My brother is a hazard when it comes to electric appliances.

I smiled slightly to myself; Frankie was looking hot. I admitted to myself after my talk with Mikes that I had fallen for Frank. Hard. And the feeling wasn’t gonna go away anytime soon. And if what Mikey said was true about him feeling the same way, then maybe-just maybe- something could actually happen between us. Call it wishful thinking all it being hopelessly in love or whatever but it’s true. I really want something, something more than traded insults, more than friendship, a real, genuine, loving relationship. I just hope Mikey’s right and that he does feel the same way.

Then again, Mikey is usually always right.

“No way man, the plural of moose, is moosi, end of!” Frankie declared.
“Bull. Fucking. Shit.” Mikey stated bluntly, hand on his hip, his cigarette raised to his lips, “Its. Fucking. Mooses.”
“Fuck off its meese.” I spoke up, grinning.
Both Frankie and Mikey looked over at me with exasperated looks on their faces.
“Meese?” Mikey asked.
“Uh huh.” I said simply, the grin wider on lips.
“How the fuck do you get meese from moose?” Frankie asked.
“Well, you get a flock of geese, which is the plural of goose, so you get a flock of meese which is the plural of moose-simple.” I stated shrugging before inhaling.
“Okay, I agreed with you until you said ‘flock of meese’.” Mikey said, exhaling, “If meese was the plural of moose-though I don’t agree on that-it would be a herd of meese not flock.”
“How come?” I asked.
Mikey slapped himself while Frankie giggled like crazy, “And this is the guy who’s ace at English?”
I stuck my tongue out childishly.
“All right bitches, quit your…” Ray walked in looking confused, “Bitching.”
The three of us started laughing and Ray rolled his eyes at us.
“Wow, Ray, way to show authority.” Bob called through.
“Shut it!” Ray snapped sharply.
“All I’m saying!” Bob called back defensively.
Ray frowned as we just laughed, “Popcorn’s burning.” He pointed out innocently.
The three of us whipped round-to see the microwave issuing smoke and crackling.

“Gonna explain to me how exactly the popcorn burned, with the three of you in the kitchen?” Bob asked exasperated, “Honestly? Explain that to me”
“I blame Ray.” Mikey, me and Frankie said in unison as we sprawled out on my bed.
“Why exactly?” Bob asked raising his eyebrows as he sat down at the bottom of the bed.
“Because he’s not here to say anything different.” We replied.
Bob rolled his eyes though there was an amused grin on his lips. Ray had gone to the local store to get some more popcorn thanks to our fiasco in the kitchen, and was also getting some beers. Mikey had ordered some pizza and the rest of us had picked some DVDs and videogames to play.
“How long does it take to get popcorn and beers for god sake?” Mikey exclaimed, hanging upside down.
“He’s probably ran into some chick-or dude, whichever he prefers.” I shrugged, unconsciously laying my head on Frank’s shoulder.
Mikey shot up looking curious, “What cha mean, ‘whatever he prefers?’” he asked.
I grinned slightly, “What, you don’t think he’s bi bro?”
“More like hoping he is.” Frank mumbled, grinning and making me giggle.
Mikey rolled his eyes and kicked Frank’s leg, “What the fuck man!” Frank yelped.
“I heard that.” Mikey said sharply.
I laughed, muffling it in Frank’s shoulder. Frank tensed up slightly, and then quickly relaxed. I smiled shyly at him and he grinned at me, “Mikey and Ray up a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g.” he sang making me laugh hysterically. Mikey glared at us and threw a cushion at us making us laugh harder, me slumping on to Frank’s stomach.
Bob shook his head, chuckling. Mikey glared at him and he instantly zipped it.
“Shut it lover boys.” Mikey shot at us, “Or should I call you the gothic-punk version of Romeo and Juliet?”
“Shut it.” Both of us shot back at him, throwing the cushion back at him.
“Oohh touchy.” Mikey teased, grinning slyly as he peeped over the cushion.
Both of us rolled our eyes and Frankie played with my hair as I closed my eyes, relaxing slightly, listening to Misfits which was playing quietly in the background while Mikey and Bob argued over whether Halloween or Friday the 13th was better. How that conversation came up, I don’t know.
“Hey Gee?” Frank spoke up quietly, twisting my hair delicately around his fingers.
“Hm? What’s up?” I replied softly.
“You okay?” he asked.
“Yeah, I’m fine why?” I asked, slightly confused.
“Just, thought I’d ask.” Frankie replied; I opened my eyes, slightly to see him blushing slightly.
“That’s…not what you were gonna ask, was it?” I asked rather knowingly.
Frankie bit his lip ring, “No, no it wasn’t.” he admitted, “I was actually gonna say something actually.”
“Go ahead, I’m listening.”
“Well, I uh, just wanted to say, um, I’m sorry, you know, for being a complete dick head to you the past three months.” He said quietly, running a finger down the side of my cheek.
I felt my breathing hitch up, my heart beating faster and I closed my eyes at his touch. It was so soft and delicate, almost lovingly.
“I’m sorry too; I wasn’t exactly the nicest person to you either was I?” I admitted.
“We’ve both been assholes then.” Frank said making me laugh slightly, “So uh, wanna…try again? You know, try being friends?”
I grabbed Frankie’s hand in mine and gripped it gently, giving him a loving squeeze, “Yeah, I’d like that.” I opened my eyes, smiling to see him smiling back, a faint pink on his cheeks.
“Cool.” He mumbled, grinning; I giggled slightly just as my bedroom door opened.
“All right you fuckers, one of you get your ass upstairs, pizza’s here.” Ray said walking in and placing two bags down.
“What was up with you paying for it?” Mikey yelped shooting up again.
“Hey, I paid for the beers and popcorn which you blew up.” Ray pointed accusingly at Mikey.
Mikey huffed childishly and made way to swing his legs off the bed. Frankie suddenly smirked at me and I bit my lip. Frankie kicked Mikey straight off the bed.
“Ah fuck! Frankie!” he yelped as we laughed.
“My leg still hurts from that kick earlier.” Frank stated.
“Fuck off.” Mikey said peevishly, flipping him off before stomping upstairs childishly.
We laughed quietly and were still laughing when Mikey came back downstairs, pizza box in his hands.
“Fuck you guys, I’ll have this pizza all to myself then.” He said airily.
“Oh no you don’t, I love cheese and tomato!” Ray exclaimed, jumping on Mikey’s back.

Frank’s pov

“Man that is brutal!” Gerard laughed.
“How can you laugh at that?” I yelped though it was muffled by the fact that I was covering my face using Gerard’s chest.
“Because he’s just as sick and as twisted as the fucker who made the movie.” Mikey answered simply before swallowing some of his beer.
“Hey I resent that.” Gee laughed again and I shook my head.
I sneaked a look at the screen-then blanched and hid my face again in Gee’s chest, inhaling the scent of coffee, cigarettes and cherries weirdly enough. It was pleasant though all the same.
Gerard chuckled quietly and ran a hand through my hair comfortingly.
Ray looked over at us and smiled before nicking a slice of pizza from Mikey who glared at him half heartedly. Bob on the other hand looked simply bemused before drinking his beer and settling against the bed content.
“That is sick.” Mikey said conversationally, “Imagine locking someone’s jaw up with a wired bomb, twisted much.”
“Yet you are still watching it.” I meeped, my voice breaking.
Mikey just laughed, “Aw poor Frankie is scared of watching people getting their heads blown off.” He cooed mockingly.
“Aw c’mon bro, don’t be mean.” Gee scolded his younger brother, putting an arm around my waist and holding me close to his chest, making me go red.
“I’m not being mean.” Mikey said in a tone of outrage as if he would never do such a thing, “I’m just being truthful.”
“Yeah well, like I said earlier, truth hurts.” Gerard replied, “You okay Frankie?” he asked me quietly.
“Uh huh.” I said not altogether sure, “I think so.”
“You’re not are you?” Gee asked knowingly.
“No, I’m not o fucking kay.” I replied, my voice going up a pitch.
Ray choked on his beer, laughing while Bob and Mikey sniggered in amusement. Gerard on the other hand, flipped them off and ran his other hand through my hair, “You’re actually kind of clammy.” He said suddenly, concern filling his voice, “You feeling sick or anything Frankie?”
“Yeah Gee, I feel kinda queasy actually, kinda warm too.” I admitted my voice hoarse and throat dry. though that might be because I’m practically glued to your chest and have your arm wrapped around me while you’re looking hotter than ever
“Might be the beers, how many have you had?” he asked.
“About four.” I admitted.
The other three seemed to have realised something was going on as they looked over at us with concern.
“Do you feel drunk, dizzy or anything?” Gee asked.
“A little dizzy actually.” I replied hoarsely, coughing slightly to clear my throat.
“Want a glass of water or anything?” he asked starting to worry.
“Yeah, if that’s okay.” I managed to choke out.
“Okay, you just lie down okay, I’ll be right back.” Gerard said, moving me gently and lying my head down on the pillow.
“Okay, thanks Gee.” I smiled gently.
Gerard smiled shyly at me and went upstairs. Minute he left, Mikey paused the movie and he, Ray and Bob turned to me, with knowing smirks on their faces.
“What?” I asked defensively.
“You have so got it bad” Mikey teased me.
“I do not.” I said half heartedly.
“Right, .”Yeah Gee, I feel kinda queasy actually, kinda warm too ” Ray mocked me, “[A little dizzy actually,./]”
“Shut up, I don’t sound like that.” I said yet again defensively.
“Whatever, admit it, you got it bad.” Bob said unexpectedly.
“So? What if I do?” I asked, avoiding making eye contact with any of them.
“Well if you do, you’re taking your damn sweet time making a move, just these subtle, pathetic attempts.” Mikey stated flatly, “I mean come on, fake swoon? Pretending to be scared of a movie which you know all the lines of the prequels by heart? Hello? Try harder man, Gee doesn’t take those hints, he’s too thick when it comes to subtle flirting.”
I gaped in disbelief. “How the bloody moosi fuck did you work that out?”
“I didn’t, I guessed.” I gaped even more as the other two laughed, “Looks like I’m right though.” Mikey smirked.
I was about to retort when I heard the door open.
“Quick, pretend to swoon again.” Mikey said to me hastily.
I bit my lip ring, then lay my head back on the pillow and ran a hand through my hair to make it look dishevelled. Ray I noticed was biting down on his knuckles to stop himself from laughing. I quickly picked up a bottle cap and threw it; it landed straight in his fro. Mikey and Bob choked on their beers, laughing and Ray glared at me. I pretended to have a coughing fit as Gee walked in; Mikey bit on inside of his cheek to stop himself from laughing.
“You okay Frankie?” Gerard asked concerned sitting beside me on the bed and handing me a cool glass of water.
“Yeah, maybe need to slow down with the beers.” I smiled grimly.
Gee laughed which was a good thing as Mikey and Ray made retching noises in the background. I glared at them slightly as I drank some water.
Gerard placed a slender hand on my forehead; it was cool and relaxing and I closed my eyes.
“Hm.” I could just imagine him tapping a finger to his chin, “Still rather warm-and clammy. Want me to call your mom?”
My eyes snapped open, “No no, it’s okay, my mom’s on nightshift at the hospital anyway.” I said hastily; Mikey gave me a warning look and I quickly faked a coughing fit again.
“Oh right, I forgot.” Gee muttered, a slight hint of scepticism in his voice; Ray slapped himself and Gee whipped round to look at him, “Did, did you just slap yourself?” he asked in exasperation.
Ray went scarlet as Bob stared at him in disbelief, “Uh, uh yeah, flies you know, annoying little bastard landed on my nose, think I missed though, where did that little fuck twat go to!” he exclaimed suddenly waving his hands around his head.
Mikey quickly swallowed a large amount of beer, no doubt to stop himself from laughing as Gerard raised his eyebrows. Mikey suddenly choked and Ray hastily patted him on the back making Mikey spill beer down his shirt. Mikey glared at him and Ray held his hands up in defence. I giggled slightly then quickly grimaced as Gee looked at me again.
“Okay, maybe you should stay the night.” He said, twisting his fingers in his hair thoughtfully, “Maybe sleep it off.”
“Oh, oh no it’s okay, I don’t wanna be any sort of trouble for you guys, I mean-“ I began though Gee cut me off, rolling his eyes and putting a finger to my lips.
“Frank, do me a favour.” He said.
“What?” I squeaked ignoring Mikey who was rolling his eyes and pretending to throw up while Ray laughed; Bob glared at them and slapped them both across the head.
“Shut up, and listen.” Gee said flatly, “I’m the oldest, so I’m in charge and I’m saying you’ve to stay here until I think your stable enough to move.”
I blinked while the other three sniggered no doubt at my expression which was probably priceless.
“‘Kay.” I said meekly then promptly drank some more water.
“Good.” Gerard grinned at me then swung his legs up on the bed, “Kay fuck it, Mikey, stick in star fox, I want revenge from earlier.”
“Oh want another shot at getting your ass kicked?” Mikey asked innocently.
“No, I want a shot of burning your ass so badly, you won’t want to face me at it again.” Gee smirked.
“That so?”
“Oh, fucking bring it asshole, fucking bring it.”
Great, I’m staying at Gerard’s place and he and his brother are having a game war. Not exactly what I had in mind.
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