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Chemical Bromance

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“Ya know…now don’t freak out with me here, but, it sounds like you’re well…in love with him.”

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Chapter 6-Chemical bromance

(Gee’s pov)

“Gee,” My brother said slowly, peering over the kitchen doorway, “Why are you so happy?”
I placed my hands on my hips, pouting, “What, a crime for me to be happy now?”
“No, just, unless it was a prank text you sent me earlier, you just got back from having coffee with Frankie and you’re whistling happily and have a crack addict looking grin on your lips as Ray would describe it if he could see you right now.” Mikey replied, speaking slowly as if choosing his words carefully while readjusting his glasses.
I rolled my eyes, “What’s cha point?” I asked leaning against the counter.
“My point is.” Mikey said leaning against the door frame and lighting up a cigarette, “Is that usually, when you two come into at least five centimetres of one another, you begin to rip each others throats out.” He stated bluntly before inhaling, “Don’t tell me you actually took my advice and kissed and made up, cause I highly doubt you would listen to any advice I say.” He said flatly as he exhaled.
“No Mikey, we haven’t kissed and made up.” I replied, placing my hands on the counter, “But I have asked him to come to the movies with us tomorrow.”
Mikey inhaled then blinked at me, “Oh, cool, I was gonna call and ask him that anyway, makes my job much easier, thanks bro.” he shrugged exhaling before walking out the kitchen.
I gaped at him. I was kind of expecting a better reaction than that if I’m honest. Then again, it is Mikey. I shook my head feeling exasperated, “Where’s mom and dad?” I called.
“Away on a date.” Mikey groaned making me laugh, “Don’t you remember? They told us this morning.”
“Oh, well I wasn’t really paying attention; I was too busy pretending to vomit in my cereal.” I called back.
“Good point.”
I laughed. The kettle clicked and I poured the water into two cups; my vampire one and Mikes’ batman one. Yeah he’s as much as a geek as I am. I stirred in some instant coffee and sugar than added milk to Mikey’s then went through.
“Here you go bro.” I said passing him his mug before sitting on the sofa next to him.
“Oh, thanks Gee.” Mikey grinned at me before pausing his game and drinking his coffee before putting out his cigarette.
“What cha playing?” I asked curiously, lighting a cig up myself.
“Star fox.” Was the immediate reply.
I rolled my eyes grinning, “Pass up the other controller so I can kick your ass.” I smirked.
“Oh you’ll kick my ass?” Mikey said feigning shock and making me laugh, “Oh it’s on now bro.”
“Loser has to do the others’ chores for a week.” I declared cracking my knuckles.
“What! No way! You clean up the bathroom and do the laundry three times a week!” Mikey yelped.
“Exactly.” I smirked, “Aw, is poor ittle little baby Mikey all ready admitting defeat?” I asked sweetly in a mocking baby voice.
“Oh it’s on now bro; no one puts the mocking baby voice on me! Not even my sweet, poor, dear older brother who’s gonna be cleaning my room for a week.” Mikey said in a mocking sweet voice.
“Oh no! No chance in hell am I cleaning your bedroom!” I said firmly.
“Oh we’ll see about that!” Mikey smirked cracking his own knuckles, “Winner buys pizza tomorrow night.”
“Deal.” I smirked, “Shake.”
I and Mikey did our own secret handshake that we had done since we were seven and eight years old. I would say it, but it wouldn’t be so secret then would it? Besides, I’d rather buy pizza then do my brother’s chores.
“Best three out of five?” I asked.
“Absolutely.” Mikey said, grinning at me.
I grinned at him, drank some coffee, put out my cigarette and cracked my knuckles again and rolled my neck from side to side, “All right bro, get ready to get your ass kicked.”

”Good luck.” said the small digitized voice from the screen.

An hour later….

“Oh yeah! I kicked your ass!” Mikey cried out triumphantly.
“Bullshit.” I stated flatly, though I grinned.
“No, no bullshit.” Mikey said simply, “I won, you lost, and you do my chores and I buy the pizza which is a lot better then doing your chores.” Mikey smirked smugly at me.
I flipped him off grinning while he laughed.
“Oh you think that’s funny?” I questioned, raising an eyebrow as I smirked.
“Uh huh, I do.” Mikey grinned.
“Really?” I asked.
“Yes.” Mikey stated grinning even wider, “I do. What are you gonna do about it?”
“That a challenge?” I asked.
“Only if you take it that way.” Mikey said, starting to giggle.
“Well.” I dragged the word out, “I accept it!”
I lunged for him, pinning him against the sofa and tickling him underneath his arms, his most ticklish spot since he was four. He let out a yelp and started to laugh hysterically.
“Ah-fuck! Gee-don’t!” He choked out, his eyes watering as he thrashed against me wildly, “No-don’t! Fuck! Gerard! I swear to God when I get my- hands-on-you-fuck!” he laughed trying to push me off him.
“Oh are you threatening me Mr Michael James Way?” I asked, smirking evilly with my hands on my hips.
“Me? Threaten you?” Mikey breathed, eyes watering, his face pink and flushed, a wide grin on his lips, “Never.”
“I don’t believe you.” I sang, and promptly started tickling him again.
“GERARD!” Mikey practically shrieked in laughter making me burst out laughing, “Oh be quiet!” he choked out, sitting up and breathing heavily.
“You-you shrieked! Ha!” I laughed, pointing at him.
“Oh now you are so gonna get it!” Mikey smirked evilly at me then promptly lunged at me and tickled me.
“Ah fuck-Mikey! Get off!” I laughed, thrashing wildly.
“Nope.” Mikey smirked, tickling me continuously so I was almost choking for breath.
“Mikey! Am so-ah fuck!-Gonna get you for this!” I managed to choke out.
“You are in no position to make threats!” Mikey said, laughing himself.
“Ah fuck you! FUCK!” I fell off the sofa.
Mikey burst out laughing as I sat up, still laughing and running a hand through my all ready dishevelled hair.
“You are so gonna pay for that.” I warned him, hiccupping.
“Oh yeah? What are you gonna do vamp boy?” Mikey smirked at me.
“Oh you better fucking run.” I told him standing up.
“Oh shit.” He muttered, grinning widely before jumping over the sofa and running for it.
“Get back here!” I shouted after him as I gave chase.
“No fucking way!” he called back laughing.
I started laughing and promptly chased him around the house; around the coffee table and sofa, around the kitchen table, upstairs, back down them, and restarting the whole route for approximately forty minutes until his cell rang.
“Hold on Gee.” Mikey breathed heavily as I cornered him in the kitchen, “Gimme a minute.” He laughed taking out his cell, “Hello?”
I motioned to him that I was gonna make coffee and he nodded.
“Yeah I’m fine Ray why?” he asked, “What? Oh just messing around with Gee.”
I walked up to him and tickled the back of his neck making him shriek with laughter, “Fuck off vamp boy!”
“Hey do you want coffee or do you want to wear it?” I shot back grinning, holding the jar of coffee above his head threateningly.
“No, don’t you dare! I wanna drink it! Please! Am sorry!” he pleaded laughing.
I stuck my tongue out childishly making him hiccup, “What? What cha mean what age are we again?” he yelped indignantly, “We’re seventeen and eighteen If you must dearly know!”
I laughed as I put the kettle on and lit up a cigarette.
“What cha mean we’re acting like five year olds!”
“Hey, I’m six thank you very much! I mean, I am a year older!” I called, pouting and making Mikes’ laugh.
“Did cha hear that Ray?” he hiccupped again, “What? Yeah we were just playing Star fox not that long ago-and Gee lost the bet.”
I threw a cloth at him making him glare at me half heartedly as I giggled and put on my best innocent expression.
“Yeah sure, come round if you want, parents are out on a date anyway.” Mikey wrinkled his nose in disgust making me laugh as I poured out the water into our mugs, “No idea when they’ll be back.”
I narrowed my eyes and flicked the milk lid at him, hitting him on the shoulder, “Fuck off Gee!” he yelped, looking at me and pouting.
I pointed innocently at his mug of coffee.
“Oh, thanks Gee.” He mouthed to me as I laughed, “Yeah seven sounds cool, maybe Bob will come round.”
I sipped my coffee and inhaled my cigarette.
“Hm? Yeah I’ll get Gee to call up Frankie-boy.” I practically choked on my cigarette smoke, “Huh? Yeah they’re actually getting on pretty well, if Gee’s mood when he came in from being at Starbucks with Frankie earlier is anything to go by.”
I made wild motions, trying to tell Mikey to zip it but he just dismissed me with a wave of his hand.
“Yeah I’m serious. He came in with that grin on his face. You know which one I’m talking about. You know, the grin that you say makes him look like a crack addict? Yeah, uh huh, that one.” Mikey grinned himself, “Yeah I know right? They’re so into each other” he laughed at my expression, “Oh better go, Gee Gee’s gonna try and murder me again. See you at seven.” Mikey quickly hung up and ran for it as I chased him again.

“So…” Mikey dragged the word out as he hung upside down on my bed while I sat at my desk and wrote down some lyrics, Anthrax playing quietly.
“So…what?” I asked.
“What happened between you and Frankie boy?” he asked curiously.
“Nothing much.” I shrugged, “Had some coffee and made some polite conversation.”
“That’s all?” Mikey asked, raising his eyebrows and looking at me sceptically.
“Yes, that is all that happened Mikey.” I confirmed.
“What? You’re shitting me.”
“No, I’m not.” I said in a sing song voice then stuck my tongue out as I wrote down some more lyrics, “What did you expect?”
“Not to sound corny here but.” Mikey paused as he sat up and looked at me, “I was kinda hoping you two had made up and were best friends again, you know like you used to be.”
“Well that is the eventual plan.” I muttered more to myself then my brother.
“Oh so you’re finally gonna admit you miss him?” Okay I take that back about him not hearing me. His tone of voice though, was not at all what I expected. It was kinda…sympathetic.
I sighed, “Yeah, I admit it; I miss him-a lot.” I admitted quietly.
Mikey smiled at me, “I’m pretty sure he misses you too Gee.” He muttered, “Like he’s, I don’t know, lost without you I guess, I mean you were friends for about five years for goodness sake, course you’re gonna miss one another.”
“I don’t know Mikes, it’s a lot more than just missing him, it’s like a constant ache, when he’s, ya know, not around.” I said, feeling rather awkward. I mean come on; I’m talking about my feelings to my younger brother.
Mikey on the other hand, didn’t seem to feel awkward at all. In fact, he lay on his stomach on the bed, tucked one hand under his chin, his other arm hanging limply off the bed and crossed his legs at the ankles looking thoughtful, “Hm, sounds like you feel the exact way he does.”
“What feeling is this?” I asked turning round to face him, letting my arms hang in between my legs, crossed at the wrists.
“Empty, lifeless, guilty, depressed, confused, upset, angry, alone, torn, feel like something is eating you up inside, ring any bells bro?” Mikey asked, raising an eyebrow at me.
I blinked, “When you said you could read me like an open book you weren’t kidding were you?”
“Nope I wasn’t, I’m your brother Gee, it comes naturally.” Mikey shrugged, “But, your pages are all torn and frayed because you’re torn with all these emotions.”
I sat up and placed my elbow on my desk, hand under my chin as I crossed my leg over my thigh, “You ever considered a career as a psychologist bro?” I asked.
“Haha real funny.” My brother said dryly, “But seriously here, it’s like hanging out with corpses with you two, you’re so lifeless, no matter how much you try to cover it up.”
I twisted my hair in between my fingers, “I guess you’re right, I mean, I haven’t been able t o forget him ya know? I would have more success stabbing a stake through my heart. Be less painful than that.”
Mikey looked at me thoughtfully, chewing the inside of his cheek like he always did when he was thinking, “Ya know…now don’t freak out with me here, but, it sounds like you’re well…in love with him.” He said looking at me.
I felt my face heat up, “No, no way Mikey I can’t be in love with him, that’s what made us fall apart in the first place.” I said moving my hands across me in a ‘no way’ motion to emphasize my point.
“Gee, that was an accident, a drunken accident, heck I bet you don’t even remember it.” Mikey threw an arm up in exasperation, “Okay, most best friends feel awkward after a drunken one night stand, that’s understandable. But with you two, it’s completely different! You didn’t even try to make things work did you?”
“You weren’t there Mikes, you didn’t see his parents’ reaction, and it was horrible.” I shivered at the memory, “It’s lucky they didn’t disown him Mikes, you know they’re catholic.”
“Who gives a flying fuck about Frank’s parents’ religion? Who would give a fuck if they were even fucking monk nudists?” Mikey exclaimed suddenly, making me blink at him, “God! Not to sound corny and cliché here, but don’t love conquer all? Who cares if this so called asshole who’s so arrogant to call himself God frowns upon same sex relationships? Who cares if a certain religion forbids it? No-one! Except those preaching bible writing wannabes who we, personally, shouldn’t give a damn about! If you love Frank-which I know you do- and he loves you-again I know he does- then that’s all that matters! I tell you one thing, I sure as hell don’t give a damn even if you loved a fucking transsexual I’d still love you because you’re my family! So, if Frank’s parents are, are willing to disown their only son all because he’s in love with you who so happens to have a dick all for the sake of some commandment made by some guy who we don’t even know exists, then that’s not family, that’s selfish jerk offs who don’t even know shit!” he ranted.
I looked at him as he breathed heavily and lit up a cigarette. He inhaled, then exhaled and looked at me, “Look, what I’m trying to say here Gerard, is that you shouldn’t hold yourself back from loving someone, all because of some homophobic religion.” Mikey said quietly, “And if Frank has any common sense, he’ll soon come to that realisation too.”
“But in the meantime?” I asked.
“In the meantime, build up your friendship with Frankie, get close and be the way you were before.” Mikey advised me, “Then, after that, well, we’ll see how things go.”
I lit up a cigarette and inhaled. It was quiet, both me and my brother smoking and thinking.
“Hey Mikey.” I spoke up.
“Yeah Gee?” he asked looking at me.
“You’re the best fucking brother ever.” I grinned at him.
Mikey smiled at me, “You too bro.” he replied, “Best fucking brother I could ask for”

Frank’s pov

I lay on my bed, arms behind my head and my CD player playing at full volume and pumping out Thursday. My mom was away to work at the local hospital doing an all night shift so I pretty much had the place to myself-again. Thy joy of having divorced parents.
I sat up and lit up a cigarette and considered doing some homework. I had some science I really wanted out of the way. I swung my legs round as I exhaled and grabbed my bag where it was sitting next to my guitar on its stand. My fingers itched, just dying to play my beloved Pansy, but I resisted-just.
“Okay, get your homework out of the way then play, or, forget your homework, play, and get your ass severely kicked by Ms Brooch who is a total bitch.” I said holding my hands out at either side as if balancing it out; I moved my hands up and down, wagering and biting my lip ring thinking what one was worse, “Okay, homework first, then play your guitar.” I decided, “Much safer option and less chances of getting my ass whooped.”
I blew a raspberry and inhaled my cancer stick as I went over to my desk which was cluttered with scraps of lyric notes and song chords, and dropped my bag at the side before slumping into my chair. I took out my science homework, propped my notebook open and took out the question sheet-only to feel completely lost.
“Fuck.” I cussed exhaling, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, where’s a brainiac when you need one?” I grumbled, “What happens when you mix carbon monoxide with sodium chloride.” I mumbled, raising my cancer stick to my lips; I blinked in confusion, “How the bleeding fuck am I supposed to know? Do I look like I’m related to Einstein?” I exclaimed feeling annoyed.
I groaned, resting my arms on the desk and laying my head on them, “I go back to what I said before.” I muttered, “Fuck. My. Life.”
I stayed like that for a few seconds before abruptly grabbing my cell from my desk and called Mikey.
“Mikey what the fuck happens if you mix carbon monoxide with sodium chloride?” I said in a rush.
”What do you get if you mix carbon what with sodium what?” Mikey asked sounding confused.
I huffed, “I said what the fuck do you get if you mix carbon monoxide with sodium chloride?” I repeated.
”And why are you asking me that?” Mikey asked sounding bemused now.
“Because.” I dragged the word out, “I’m doing my freaking science homework for the freaking bitch of the century since Einstein himself.”
”Oh, you mean Ms Brooch?” Mikey asked, realisation clear in his voice.
“NO Mikey, I mean the freaking pope.” I replied sarcastically, “Course I mean Ms Brooch! Who else is the bitch of the century?!”
”I don’t know Britney Spears? Paris Hilton? Katie Price?” he suggested making me roll my eyes, “But yeah, you could add Ms Brooch to the list, not too sure about Einstein though, how exactly is he a bitch of the century?”
“Because he was the sick motherfucker that came up with science in the first place.” I replied.
”No, he came up with math genius.” Mikey corrected me.
“Whatever, tomato, tomata, same thing, besides, if I was a genius I would have no problem with this shit.” I said annoyed, tucking my cell under my ear and on my shoulder as I held up the question sheet, “Who the fuck gives a shit about what happens if you mix vinegar with citric acid?”
”People called scientists give a shit about what the fuck happens if you mix vinegar with citric acid you dumb fuck.” was the oh so lovely reply.
“Yeah whatever, go get laid Mikey mouse. Now are you gonna help me or not?” I asked frustrated.
”Frank, I would-if I knew what the fuck all that shit meant.” Mikey replied making me groan, ”I’ll ask Gee though, he’s good at science-when he doesn’t blow up the chem lab that is.”
“Okay, I do not need to be a genius to know what happens if you put me and Gee together.” I said, “A complete disaster.”
”Oh quit being so dramatic, from what I can tell by how cheerful Gee was earlier, things went fine between you two, so quit it with the drama act.” Mikey said tartly, ”Anyway, getting off the subject of homework seeing as how it’s Friday and I get depressed when talking about it, it’s a good thing you called, Gerard was gonna call you in a minute.”
I blinked in shock while my face decided to suddenly heat up at the fact hat Gerard was gonna call me.? And came home cheerful? That guy on drugs?
“Oh really?” I asked trying to sound casual, “How come?”
”Oh, he was gonna call you to see if you wanted to come over, Ray and Bob are coming and Ray’s got that new Saw movie on DVD and called up to ask if we wanna see it.” Mikey replied casually, ”You up for a gore fest Frankie boy?”
“Bring it.” I replied smirking while privately thinking about me and Gerard, in the same room, in the dark, watching a movie. In other words, paradise, “What time?”
”Well, it’s about a quarter to seven and Ray and Bob are coming round at seven so, to cut it short, get your short scrawny ass over here now.” Mikey said oh so nicely. Note the sarcasm there?
“Desperate are we?” I replied jokingly.
”Oh bleeding bite me short stick.” Mikey shot back.
“Don’t call me short.” I said flatly making Mikey laugh.
”Whatever just get your ass round here.” he laughed then promptly hung up.
I blinked then put down my cell and bit my lip ring, thinking.
“Okay, get your homework out of the way then play, or, forget your homework, play, and get your ass severely kicked by Ms Brooch who is a total bitch.” I said holding my hands out at either side as if balancing it out; I moved my hands up and down, wagering and biting my lip ring thinking what one was worse again, “Or, go around to Mikey’s watch a horror movie that I’m bound to shriek like a girl at, and push my luck on being able to get close to Gee.”
I sat there thinking about this, “Okay, fuck it.” I declared, standing up and grabbing my soldier jacket, “Pushing my luck it is.” I said simply.
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