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P.S, don’t write

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“Gerard Arthur Way, how many fucking corny cliché’ romance movies did you watch to remember that?”

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Chapter 15.P.S, don’t write

Gerard’s pov.

The guys had found me up the school building and we were now spending the rest of the first and second period up here, talking about anything but Friday. I know it’s not a good thing to avoid a bad situation, but that’s been all I’ve been thinking about recently, so I think a bit of recreation was allowed.
“So Frank, b-day’s coming up motherfucker.” I grinned before trying to catch a skittle Mikey had thrown over at me-and successfully landed on my ass, “Ah fuck!”
They burst out laughing and I sat up, “Still caught it asshole!” I said before sticking my tongue out.
“You just got lucky.” Mikey grinned before throwing a skittle up and trying to catch it himself-only to have it slide in between his glasses and hit him in the eye, “Ah fucking mooses eating unicorn fucker!”
“You couldn’t do that again if you tried to man.” Ray laughed while I and Frank all but collapsed in laughter, me leaning my head on his shoulder.
“Who say’s I want to?” Mikey asked frowning slightly as he readjusted his glasses, throwing the skittle at Ray who frowned as it got lodged in his fro, “So, the party still on Frankiestein?”
By the look on Frank’s face, he had completely forgotten and I tried hard not to laugh but a few giggles escaped.
“Um…yeah I don’t see why not, Mom’s going on some emergency call out next week at some hospital in New York so.” Frankie shrugged and I felt rather sorry for him. His mom’s hardly home now and now she’s gonna miss her only son’s birthday.
“So what cha wanna do? School’s on that day-which just plain sucks ass.” Ray frowned as he casually snatched some skittles out of Mikey’s hand.
“We could always skip.” I suggested.
Suddenly frank let out a loud yell and we whipped round, Ray choking on his skittles. I looked up at |Frank in surprise while Mikey patted Ray on the back.
“What the hell asshole?” Ray spluttered, “You trying to kill me off?”
“Serves you right for stealing my skittles.” Mikey mumbled in a childish voice though he grinned at Ray as he glared half heartedly.
“Sorry Ray Ray.” Frank said apologetically, a wide grin on his lips, “But I got a pretty fang fucking tastic idea for my birthday.”
“Oh yeah what?” I asked rather excitedly; last time he said that was at his fourteenth and we had filled up water balloons with fake blood and water guns with ketchup then ran into random classes and gave people ‘bloodbaths’. We got suspended for that mind you but yeah. Sweet times man.
“Well, seeing as how all this shit is hanging above our heads.” We automatically flinched; something we always did now whenever the subject was mentioned, no matter how briefly, “I think we should do something fun to take our minds off it-and celebrate that fucker getting twenty five to life which is bound to happen.”
Me, Mikey and Ray looked at each other, identical grins mirrored on each other’s lips.
“So, what is this big idea sugar?” I asked smirking.
“Yes I’m intrigued to hear more, darling.” Mikey said smirking at me as I glared at him reproachfully.
“Dude, enough with the corny nick names, I just wanna know what crazy assed idea this midget’s got.” Ray said.

A week later…

Frank’s pov.

Me and Gerard had already seen the school counsellor four times already; twice in school and twice on ‘private one to one’ meetings at home, and despite the short amount of time, the effect of being able to have help was making it easier to deal with all this. Gerard especially had been getting better. Sleeping more, eating normally and ignoring the comments people made to him at school. Sure it was gonna be hard but hey it was a start.

It was now Thursday and I sighed relieved as I kicked off my shoes and took off my white shirt and tie combo I was forced to wear to that fucking court case.
“God I hope I never have to wear a suit again!” I groaned lying flat on my bed.
Gerard laughed slightly and I glared at him, pouting; I have to admit he looked hot in his suit. (A/N think revenge era style during the Helena video) he just pulled off the black and white shirt look.
“Well at least there’s one good thing about all this.” He said reasonably, sitting beside me on the bed and removing his own boots.
“What? That we’ll never have to wear these suits again?” I asked hopefully.
Gerard laughed, “True but that’s not what I was thinking.” He grinned slightly.
I grinned myself. The fucker had got what we knew he would get all along; Twenty five to life with no guarantee of getting released on bail.
“Sweet revenge huh?” I grinned arms behind my head.
Gerard nodded, “Yeah, better than setting a table on fire.” I laughed at that remembering what Gerard had told me about his elementary school mishap.
“So what cha wanna do to celebrate?” I asked.
“Well, I’ve got an idea in mind.” Gerard said, suddenly smirking and I felt blood rush up to my face.
“Oh really?” I asked trying to sound rather coy.
Gerard chuckled and leaned over to brush aside some of my hair out of my face, “Uh huh.”
“Mind elaborating on that?” I asked smirking.
“Gladly.” Gerard smirked.
He leaned in and I moved forward to close the gap, my heart racing and my blood throbbing heatedly through my veins. He wrapped an arm around my waist and I put my arms around his neck, a hand through his hair as I wrapped a leg around his waist. He placed his hand on my thigh and I could feel his warm, smoky, coffee and strawberry smelling breath across my face as I inhaled his addictive scent.
Then just when our lips brushed against each other, it happened;


“Aw shit.” Both I and Gerard cussed in unison.

“How could you Frank! After what happened the last time you, you messed around with that faggot!”
I flinched but immediately shouted back, “He’s not a fag mom, Gerard’s my friend!”
Maybe more than that now. I thought privately to myself.
My mom however, went even redder, glaring at me so furiously, I wouldn’t be surprised if I dropped dead.
“I told you, you were to stay away from that boy at all costs!” she hissed, leaning over the kitchen table, hands pinned down on either side of her cup, “You could hang out with them when that Raymond boy is around, but not on your own with that fag and his whore of a brother.”
I felt anger firing up inside me. Stay calm Frank, don’t let her push you. Don’t do anything you’ll regret.
“Gerard is not a fag and Mikey is not a whore.” I said through gritted teeth, “They are two awesome, smart, talented and you now what, fuck it I’ll say this too, very attractive boys who I happen to like a lot” I said trying hard to fight down the mix of nerves and anger fighting its way to escape.
C’mon Frank, keep it together. You gotta do this. Keep in control.
My mother was practically spitting in rage and I thought for a spare second, that she was literally gonna explode on me.
“Are you saying, that, that my son? My only son, the boy I brought up to be respectful and clean of all sins is nothing but a lousy, man loving faggot!” she spat acidly.
I flinched despite myself. That fucking hurt. So I could drink, do drugs or whatever else but I wasn’t allowed to be gay? She’ll love me and admit to being my mother through all that shit that I done but not if I prefer guys over girls?

My mom wasn’t a strict catholic, just a homophobic who was just using the excuse of being religious to hide her hate of homosexuality.
“Yeah mom, I’m gay! You happy now!” I threw my hands up in defeat, “There! I admit it! I’m a man loving son of a bitch so sue me and send me to hell! Because to be quite fucking honest, I don’t really care right now! I’ve been dragged through hell countless times over the past seven fucking years and the only people that have stuck by me, are my ‘faggot man whore’ friends who were good enough not to let my family’s religion stand in the way of being friends with me!” I yelled, anger finally getting the better of me and now that I had started, I couldn’t stop-and I didn’t want to, “You know I spent my high school career spit on and shoved to agree with the shit the assholes in that hell hole called a school say to me! Did you know, I’ve spent most of my teenage life, drinking, doing drugs and even considered suicide, trying to escape the inevitable about the fact I was raped by my best friend’s ex boyfriend who is now currently serving twenty five to life! But it was those ‘faggots’ that helped me through it, told me not to do it and gave me reasons to carry on. Sure, I messed up a little, drank too much and ended up falling out with the best guy I could ever ask to have as a friend for three months and that fucking hurt but we got through it, despite the fact, it was his abusive ex boyfriend, the guy who dragged him down and drove him to the same state I was, that raped me and now him! And we’re gonna get through this shit too! Wanna know why? Cause I fucking love him all right? You catching us upstairs an hour ago? That’s not the first time we’ve made out. I fucking love Gerard Arthur Way and I don’t give a fuck if you say I’ll go to hell because you wanna know something? We all go to hell.”

I breathed heavily, I could feel the heat in my face and my throat was sore from shouting but I refused to back down from my mom’s furious glare.
It was quiet then everything came crashing down.
“Get out.” She hissed icily, “Now.”
I flinched slightly but I refused to let my tears fall. I left the room, marched upstairs to my attic and packed up some clothes, some cash I had saved up for my collage fund, my cell, and my journal and packed them into my Misfits bag and grabbed my guitar case and I-pod.
I went downstairs and saw my mom standing at the door way, “Better get the rest of your shit tomorrow faggot.” She spat venomously.
“Yeah I will and anything I leave behind, you can fucking burn it.” I said through gritted teeth, “Because as far as I’m concerned, I’ve got no part in your fucking life.” I pulled the door open, slamming it behind me as I stormed out and ran, the tears I had refused to escape, finally falling.

Gerard’s pov.

I had went home after Frank persuaded me to, saying he could handle the situation with his mom who had walked in on us. I felt rather worried though; sure Frank had managed it okay last time, but can he push it again?
I sighed as I let the rain that had started to fall, hit my face, finding it strangely relaxing as I stood outside the porch, smoking a cigarette. This was just fucking lovely. Things were just starting to look up and now something else comes on crashing down. Hopefully Frank would be okay…
Along with my worries, I had Mikey in my arms in complete hysterics. Alex had broke up with him; called him every name under the fucking sun. Reason? Mikey refused to let the fucker get into his pants. It was hard to watch my younger brother, crying his heart out but he had to learn the hard way. At least now he knows what Alex is really like. I had told him about me being fucked over by him and why I had been so pissed off at him and luckily, he had understood and said he was grateful that I wasn’t rubbing it in that I was actually right for once and that I looked out for him constantly.
I groaned and rubbed my eyes wearily.
“When will all this shit end?” I muttered, “Why can’t I and Frank just be together, finish high school with no problems fitting in, and just have the lives we want? Hell why can’t Ray and Mikey hook up already and Bob get a fucking girlfriend rather than looking like a spare prick at a whore’s wedding?” I glared at the dark, grey sky as if it was the weather’s fault our lives where getting entangled into a huge mess.
“Gerard?” I turned round to see Mikey, his eyes still rather red and hair dishevelled still, standing at the door, my cell in his hand.
“Hey bro what’s up?” I asked smiling slightly.
“Um, Frank’s on the phone.” He said swallowing, “He said he wants to talk to you.”
“Why what’s happened?” I asked sharply-only to flinch slightly as a drop of rain hit me squarely in the eye.
“He, he said his mom has.” Mikey swallowed back what sounded like a sob, “His mom’s kicked him out Gee.”
And that was when I thought everything just couldn’t possibly get any fucking worse.

Frank’s pov

I sat on the park bench, shaking slightly; I was only wearing a pair of white skinnies, thin Bouncing Souls hoody and even thinner Misfits shirt and an extremely beat up pair of red converse which now was holding residence to an indoor swimming pool. My hair was sodden, fringe sticking to my cold skin, hands numb with coldness and my clothes completely soaked through. I had my ear buds tucked into my shirt to avoid water damage as I took out my cell and cigarettes from my bag sitting on the bench beside me. I lit up a cancer stick and took a long deep drag as I dialled Gerard’s number, praying he would pick up.
”Hello?” that wasn’t Gerard’s voice; It was Mikey’s-and he sounded as if he had been crying.
“Mikey! What’s wrong? Are you hurt?” I asked momentarily forgetting my problems.
”No! Well….not physically anyway…” Mikes’ voice trailed off into a mumble.
“Mikey what happened?” I asked sharply.
”It’s, uh, nothing really important Frank, seriously.”
“To hell if I’m gonna believe that bullshit.” I said angrily, “C’mon Mikey, spill it so I can spill the blood of the fucker.”
”Frank!” Mikey’s voice sounded shocked and reproachful.
“What?! I’m serious!” I yelped, flipping off some old guy walking his dog, mumbling stuff about ‘adolescent teenagers’.
”Yeah I know you are and that’s why I’m saying it’s nothing.” Mikey said sounding resigned. I could just imagine him rolling his eyes and readjusting his glasses.
“Yeah and you know that I’m gonna keep on pestering you until I piss you off and make you spill it.” I said stubbornly.
I heard him groan, ”Fine, its Alex, he, he broke up with me.”
I felt white hot fury running through my veins, “He did what!” I yelped furiously, dropping my cigarette, standing up and pacing.
”Fuck I knew you would react like this, just like that time you found out that…well you know when you know what cheated on Gerard.” Mikey groaned.
“Why the fuck did he dump you for? Oh when I get my hands on that motherfucker I’m gonna castrate his fucking ball sack, rip off his dick, stick it on his fucking forehead, rip out his organs, pull out his heart, cram it down his throat and strangle him with his own fucking intestines!”
”Frank! Way too much fucking info!” Mikey yelped, his voice going up a pitch.
“Why the fuck did he break up with you!?” I repeated.
”Because I wouldn’t let him fuck me up the ass that’s why!”
I blinked; and he said I gave out too much info?
“Oh.” I replied stupidly.
”Yeah and he called me every fucking hurtful thing he could think of, some I don’t want to even think about.” Mikey said sounding disgusted.
“Yeah well, I’m gonna kill that fucker.” I growled, “Does Gee know?”
“Good, now we can do a team up torture chamber game with the fucker.”
”Frank! Quit it! I’m touched you care about me so much you would take getting a prison sentence for me, but seriously, I’m actually feeling kind of sick.” he admitted.
“Sorry.” I apologized.
”Okay so my heartbreak aside.” I could practically taste the sarcasm coming from him, ”What’s up?”
“Right, what’s up.” I repeated, “Yeah about that.”
”Frank.” Mikey said warningly, ”If you don’t tell me, I won’t hesitate in giving you a demonstration to what your threat to Alex could do.”
“Right, okay I’ll spill.” I said hastily; I wouldn’t put it past Mikes to actually do that, “Um, it’s just that, did Gerard by any chance tell you that my mom just so happened to walk in on us when we were about to make out?”
”SHE WHAT!” I flinched at his voice.
“I take that as a no then.” I muttered grimacing, “But yeah she walked in on us and let’s just say she wasn’t exactly jumping up and down and doing typical mother stuff and plan our wedding.”
”I bet she wasn’t.” Mikey muttered, ”So what happened?”
“Same as last time, only worse.” I sighed, slumping back on to the bench and running a hand through my hair, “Said I was a disgrace to the family, shouldn’t be around ‘faggots’ and how I shamed her into being such a disgrace. Oh and she kicked me out.”
”She what!”
“Mikey! Decibel level! Minimum! Please!” I pleaded.
”Sorry, but seriously? She kicked you out? You and my brother-as much as I hate to remember this- drunkenly fucked but she let you stay, but she catches you making out and kicks out your ass? What the bleeding hell!?” Mikey asked sounding completely shocked.
“I know, Mikes, I know.” I groaned, “Maybe this was one too many. But it probably didn’t’ help that I came out the closet” Mikey was the only one who knew I was gay. Well Gerard knows now obviously and Ray and Bob I think, had a pretty good guess.
”Aw shit Frank I’m sorry man and here I am whining because some manwhore dumped me.” Mikey said making me giggle slightly before I sneezed, ”Frank, please don’t tell me you’re out in that fucking rain?”
“Uh….” I trailed off; Mikey would go absolutely mental if he found out I was. Said it was to do with me coming down with bronchitis at thirteen and worrying him shitless.
”I’m gonna take that ‘uh’ as a yes. Frank you fucking idiot get your ass over here now or so God help me I will kick your ass so hard you won’t be able to get laid for a fucking year!”
“Alright, alright.” I said hastily, “No need for violence man, I’ll be on my way but uh, can you put Gee on the phone please?”
”Yeah sure, and you better get your ass over here.” Mikey threatened me.
“Promise, cross my heart, hope to die, stick a pot noodle in my eye.” I promised honestly.
It was quiet then-
”I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear you say that and prove you’re already more retarded than I thought was possible.” Mikey said making me laugh.

Gerard’s pov

The minute Mikey handed me the cell I was already half pulling on my jacket and grabbing a spare hoody for Frank while he explained about what happened between him and his mom as Mikey ran through to our mom to explain what was happening. Though I think she knew already considering she was pulling out a spare air bed from Mikey’s attic room..
“Right Frank where are you?” I asked, hopping up and down as I pulled on my converse.
“Frank!” I exclaimed exasperated, “Don’t ‘ummm’ me! Where the [/bleeding hell are you!”

“At your front door.” I fell right on my ass in shock, ”Gerard? Are you still there?”
“Yeah!” I said shooting up as Mikey and mom came in looking at me rather amused, “I’m still here! But uh…how the hell did you get here so fast!?”
”Okay one, I was only at the local park like two blocks from here. Second of all, Mikey threatened to kick my ass so hard well you get the drift, if I didn’t move it.” Frank replied his teeth, by the sound of it, chattering, ”And thirdly, can you fucking let me in already!?”
“Fuck sorry hold on.” I rushed over to the door, tripping over my own two feet and walking into the door as I did so, “Fuck!” I cussed opening the door to reveal a sodden wet Frank, looking absolutely freezing but giggling insanely.
“What?” I asked, hanging up on my cell and rubbing my nose.
“You, you ran into the fucking door!” he laughed before sneezing uncontrollably.
“Oh be quiet and get your tight sodden ass in here before you freeze to death!” I snapped, yanking him in by the wrist and shutting the door.
“Right sorry.” Her muttered.
“It’s okay.” I said softly, lifting his head up by the chin and caressing the side of his cold face, “You okay?”
Frank looked as if he was going to say he was fine but then tears began falling from his honey brown eyes, “No, Gee, I’m not o-fucking kay.” He admitted.
I embraced him tightly, kissing the top of his head, “You’re gonna be fine, I promise.” I muttered into his ear, “I won’t let anything hurt you. Not now, not ever.”
Frank sobbed uncontrollably into my chest before pulling away, “Aw shit I got you all wet.” He muttered, sweeping his wet hair out of his face.
“Doesn’t matter, come on.” I giggled slightly and held his hand in mine, “Let’s get you warmed up.”

While Frank took a hot shower upstairs, I put his bag into my room where I saw Mikey setting up the air bed-or well bouncing on the air bed.
“Mikey, what the fuck are you doing?” I asked, putting the bag down on the floor.
“You ever bounced on this thing Gee? It’s fucking cool!” Mikey yelled as he did a front flip-and falling off.
“Sure looks like it.” I muttered though I grinned.
“Whatever, so Frank [.is/] staying here right?” he asked standing up and running a hand through his hair.
“Well mom has got into her ‘over protective’ mode. You know making sure he’s got clean clothes, asking about his diet, how he likes his coffee.” I said, “You know he’s staying here permanently when mom asks how he likes his coffee.”
“Good point.” Mikey nodded wisely then he hesitated.
“What?” I asked, eyes narrowing slightly.
“You and Frank.” He said.
“Yeah what about us?” I asked slowly, folding my arms.
“You two…are dating right?”
“Mikey what-?”
“Oh come on!” he exclaimed suddenly, throwing his arms up, “You telling me, after all this, this shit! That you two aren’t dating!?”
I bit my lip, “Well…I haven’t you know…asked him yet.” I mumbled.
“Ask? Are you fucking shitting me? Way you two are, do you seriously have to fucking ask?!” Mikey said exasperated, “God! Grow a fucking back bone Gerard! No wait, grow a fucking brain! He loves you! You love him! Get it in your head! None of this shit about denying he likes you! He fucking made out with you, sucked you off, stayed in hospital with you, hell he even told his mom he was gay for you! So don’t hold back any fucking longer and ask him already!”
I was about to reply when there was a cough behind us. Looking round I saw Frank, dressed in a pair of my baggy black sweats and Anthrax shirt, his hair wet.
“Oh shit.” Mikey muttered as I slapped myself.
“Um…I’m not going to pretend I didn’t hear at least a part of your rant Mikey, but uh what does Gerard have to ask me?” Frank asked looking at us wearily.
“Umm.” Mikey bit the inside of his cheek, “I’ll leave you guys to it.”
Mikey promptly scurried out the room leaving me standing their in exasperation and Frank confused.
“Okay um, what. The. hell was that all about?” he asked raising an eyebrow.
I have no idea.” I sighed running a hand through my hair.
“Right.” Frank said looking perplexed as he came downstairs, “So what was it you need to ask me Gee?”
I hesitated, biting my lip and twisting my hair in my fingers, heart beating like crazy. Do it now do it now Geetard, come on you can do this. You admitted to him that you love the fucking guy.
While I argued with myself, I didn’t realize Frank was now standing beside me and only did when he tugged at my hair.
“Gee, what is it?” he asked softly.
I looked at him; his honey coloured eyes, olive skin, thin pink lips, his hazel choppy brown hair clinging to his sharp cheekbones, his slim arms folded against his small toned chest.
I took a deep breathe, “Okay um, right I need to ask you something, right.” I said.
“I realized.” Frank said smirking slightly.
I let out a nervous laugh, “Yeah I guess you did heh.”
“Gerard, what is it?” he asked looking at me in amused exasperation, letting his arms fall.
“Right um, this is not how I planned on doing this.” I admitted, “Not that I had a plan in the first place.”
“Right okay okay I’m sorry.” I said hastily, hands feeling rather clammy now; I took a deep breath and looked Frank directly in the eye, as he watched me expectantly, “Okay, Frank Anthony Thomas Iero, will you, um, how does it go again.?” I trailed off; Frank giggled cutely and I felt my face flush, “Right got it. Will you, Frank Anthony Thomas Iero, my best friend of five years, the guy who has put up with all the shit I seem to attract yet stuck by my side regardless, will you do me the honour, of being my boyfriend?”
Frank stared at me as I held my breath. His expression was torn between exasperation, amusement and disbelief.
“Gerard Arthur Way, how many fucking corny cliché’ romance movies did you watch to remember that?” he asked.
“Umm…one or two, I was mostly improvising. Like I said, I didn’t really have a plan.” I admitted.
Frank shook his head laughing, hands on his hips, “Oh God, Gerard you are so un-fucking believable.” He laughed.
“So…stupid way of asking aside, will you?” I asked meekly.
“Like Mikey said.” Frank looked at me smirking in amusement, “Do you seriously have to fucking ask?”
I grinned rather sheepishly and Frank giggled before standing up on tiptoe, wrapping his arms around my neck and pressing hi lips against mine. I wrapped my arms around his waist, holding him close to me as I kissed back; It was slow, passionate, loving and I felt like I was in one of those corny cliché’ movies I made myself endure to remember those lines.
After what felt like days, we pulled away, Frank’s cheeks flushed and a grin on his flushed lips.
“That answer your question?” he asked grinning up at me.
I nodded and he pecked me on the cheek just as Mikey shouted; “Hey vamp boy! Midget! Coffee’s ready!”
“I’M NOT A FREAKING MIDGET!” Frank shouted back, detaching himself from me.
“Okay, you’re a freaking smurf!”
“Why that son of a-“ Frank began making way to head upstairs no doubt to murder my brother.
I pulled him back by the hand and he looked at me puzzled, “What’s wrong Gee?” he asked.
“That that kiss. That was a yes, right?” I asked, hesitantly.
Frank looked at me in exasperation, “Of course it was you fucking idiot.” He laughed.
“Oh, just checking.” I said grinning widely now.
“Come on you moron.” He laughed, pulling me by the hand, “I want to go kill that hightest brother of yours.”
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