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Best Day Ever

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Cause as my psycho assed sweet, boyfriend would say to anyone who asked him his view on Homophobia. Homophobia is fucking gay.

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Epilogue-Best day ever.

Frank’s pov.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this.” Gerard said staring at his reflection, “Honestly, how the hell did you drag me into this sugar?”
I giggled, hyperactively all but bouncing up and down, “Because.” I dragged the word out, “One, it’s my eighteenth birthday, so what I say goes anyways. Secondly, you’re my boyfriend, so its part of the relationship contract that you participate in whatever crazy assed idea I come up with-same vice versa. And thirdly. You love me so you would do it anyway.” I concluded brightly.
“Ah haha sucks to be you Gee!” Ray laughed as he applied some fake blood to his face.
Mikey hit him on the shoulder, “Same goes for you remember?” he asked pointedly.
Ray laughed sheepishly, rubbing his neck, “Oh yeah, sorry babe.” He muttered apologetically, “I forgot I signed my soul away to be with you for eternity.”
Both I and Gerard retched, “Aw please, someone turn the channel our, its Halloween for crying out loud, not valentines’ day.” Gerard said grimacing, earning some fake blood to be squirted over his even paler than usual face, “Mikey! I’m gonna have to start all over again now damn it!” he yelled indignantly as Mikes giggled insanely.
“Why are you putting that on anyway?” I asked perplexed as Gee wiped the fake blood off with a towel while Mikey started on Ray’s eye make up, “You’re already paler than usual.”
Gerard blinked in realisation, “Oh yeah.” He said making me giggle hysterically, “Oh shut up at least I’m not dressed as a gay transvestite.” He said before laughing.
“For the hundredth fucking time bro, Pikachu is not a gay transvestite.” Mikey said resigned as he smudged Ray’s eye make up for effect.
“Well he’s not a chick either.” Ray spoke up only to yelp as Mikey poked him in the eye with the eye liner, “Ow.”
“Oh be quiet, maybe if you stay still it won’t hurt you as much.”
“Well I’m not used to this like you guys are.”
“Oh be quiet fluff ball.”
Gerard and I raised an eyebrow at each other, and then giggled hysterically. Mikey and Ray made a sweet but comical couple; turns out Ray had comforted Mikey when he told him what happened between him and Alex and well…turns out they love each other. Just a lot more fucking quicker to realise it then me and Gerard were.
I frowned in concentration as I put in some blood red eye contacts; I was going as a blood thirsty Pikachu. Creative right? I had put on some yellow face paint, some red on the cheeks, and even had the pointed ears and tail. I was also wearing a fake blood stained yellow hoody and jeans with brown converse and yellow gloves with blood stains on them. I was just putting in my fake fangs when I heard a yell.
Turning round I saw Bob, dressed up as Freddie Krueger looking at me in shock.
“Man I never thought I’d see the day I would be scared shitless of Pikachu.” He admitted shaking his head and making us laugh.

Gerard’s pov.

I had to admit, we looked fucking good; Bob looked awesome as Freddie Krueger and Mikey pulled off the Grim Reaper look nicely. Ray looked pretty fucking scary as a zombie. And Frank? Well, he looked freakishly cute as a blood thirsty Pikachu. I was dressed as a vampire typically; black fake blood stained skinny jeans, black shirt and scarlet tie, black knee high boots and a black leather trench coat. My eyes had some black eyeliner smudged giving a smoky effect and I had added red contacts and fangs for the hell of it.
“You look fucking hot babe.” Frank growled in my ear as we walked down the street; did I mention we got dressed up like this for school? Yet another great idea from Frankie boy.
“Oh really?” I muttered smirking, putting an arm around his waist.
“Uh huh, you look really fuckable right now. Wouldn’t mind you biting me.” Frankie smirked seductively, tucking my raven back hair behind my ear.
I was about to reply when I got hit by a spray of fake blood, “Bob!” I all but shrieked as Frankie blinked in shock having got caught up in the ‘bloodbath’
“Ah haha! Vamp boy just got a bloodbath!” Mikey sang.
“Oh you guys better fucking run!” I yelled chasing after them, Frank and Ray laughing hysterically as they tried to catch up.

Okay so maybe my life isn’t so bad. I got the guy I wanted, got the same fucked up friends and still get the same old shit from my peers. May not be exactly a ‘Demolition lovers’ style story seeing as how I and Frank didn’t kill ourselves to be together, but I know that if it came to it, we would die in a hail of bullets.

And know what else, homophobes and the assholes who hate us can go fuck themselves. All because they’re bigger than me, smarter than me or even drive a better car than me, that doesn’t mean that I’m sucking them off for any amount of money. Wanna now why?

Cause as my psycho assed sweet, boyfriend would say to anyone who asked him his view on Homophobia.

Homophobia is fucking gay.

And the whole school are probably gonna be scare shitless when we walk in. Ah well, can’t have a good Halloween without scaring the shit out of everyone you hate now can you?
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