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Dark-Fire Lust

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A Umbreon finds herself in a odd predicament that turns in her favour. Sorry about skript style it's just how I write my stories.

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It was close to mid day in Xirrus City and at the PSC. Inside the base and in a room was Jacob Reno. He was waiting for someone to come. Soon a small buzz went off and he press a button on a speaker.

Jacob: Yes?
Man: Xander's here sir.
Jacob: Good, let him in.

The set of double doors open and a man with silver hair walks in and bows.

Xander: You called sir?
Jacob: Yes, you see I was wondering about something.
Xander: About what sir?
Jacob: About giving a Pokémon another attribute. You see, I used the Dusk Stone to give myself and Pikatwo Dark attributes. So, why don't we try a different stone?
Xander: Hmm... Interesting sir. What stone and Pokémon are thinking about?
Jacob: Well, let see. I'm thinking of a Fire Stone and using that Umbreon we used to make Sandlava.
Xander: You mean that female Umbreon we used her blood for?
Jacob: Yes the very same.
Xander: Shall I send some men to bring her over to the lab?
Jacob: No, I want you to do that. I heard that she can quite feisty.
Xander: Yes, she can. Understood sir.

He bows and walks out the room and down the stairs. A black Quilava with quills and tiny claws ran into him.

Sandlava: Oh, I'm sorry master.
Xander: That's alright. Why are running through here anyway?
Sandlava: Well, I was looking Pikatwo and Inkchu. They're hiding somewhere and I gotta find them.
Xander: Oh, alright then. Be more carful next time.
Sandlava: I will master.

She runs off and turns on the next hallway. Meanwhile, Xander walked down a flight of stairs and entered the Holding Cell Floor. He walks up the lane and turns right. He then came up to a female Umbreon's cell. Inside was a sleeping Umbreon. Xander pulled out a card and the a scanner read the card and the cell door open, waking Umbreon.

Umbreon: Grrr, it's you again. What do you want from me this time?
Xander: My-my, I'd watch my tone if I were you.
Umbreon: Ha, yeah right. Once you make one little slip up, I'm good as gone.
Xander: That will never happen.
Umbreon: Just watch, you'll see.
Xander: Well, anyway. You're coming with me.
Umbreon: What! No way. I'm not going anywhere with you.
Xander: Fine, this was your chance to be out of this cell, but if you stay in here that's fine.
Umbreon: Wait, on second thought. Where are we going?
Xander: Well, just in a small room. Nothing much, we're just going to see how you are.
Umbreon: Will it be fast?
Xander: Well, that all depends if you cooperate correctly.
Umbreon: Huh, well. I do want to out of this cell... Okay, I'll go, but if this is some sort of trick...
Xander: I assure you, this is only a simple test.
Umbreon: Well, if it's only a test. I guess I'll go.
Xander: Good, now if you come with me.

Umbreon stood up and slowly made her way toward Xander with caution in her eyes.

Xander: Also, don't try to run away. You do remember you last attempt?
Umbreon: Yeah, I remember. You sure this is only a quick physic test.
Xander: Yes, I'm sure. This the basic and non-painful process we have here.
Umbreon: Huh, well. I could use some time out of this cell.

As Umbreon walks out of the cell and into the lane, she soon felt a sharp pain in her neck.

Umbreon: Ow! Hey, watch it.
Xander: My apologies.

She soon begin to feel weak in her legs and her vision soon became all blurry.

Umbreon: Oh man, I feel really... weird.

She then passes out on the floor. Xander picks her up and and heads upstairs. Once he made to ground level, he walked into room and placed her in glass tube and closed it shut.

Xander: Alright, begin fusion process.
Man: Yes sir.

Several other scientists tapped on the computer keys. One of them placed a Fire Stone in a machine next to the glass container.

Man: Fire Stone placed sir.
Xander: Good. Status of fusion.
Woman: 87% charged sir.
Xander: Okay, perp all instruments to element generator.
All: Sir!

Rapid keys tapped as the the machine hums loudly.

Man: Element Fusion ready sir.
Xander: Good, start life support.

A switch was flipped and green liquid began to fill the container. Soon the tube was full and Umbreon was lifted and floated in the middle.

Man: Life support stabilized sir.
Xander: Now, initiate fusion sequence.
All: Sir!

The room was soon filled with the sound of keys tapping and the machine began to hum louder. The Fire Stone soon starts to glow and a red cloud appeared into the tank. It surrounded Umbreon and absorbed into her body. The rings of her body changed from yellow to red.

Woman: Fusion complete sir.
Xander: Excellent, shut down element generator. I'll report this to Jacob. Send someone to extract the Umbreon back to the Holding Cell.

Xander walked out the room and a man wearing a black combat vest, pants and boots and a white tee under entered. He picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder. Once he got to the Holding Cell floor, he got to Unbreon's cell and use his badge to open the door. He put her down inside and left the small room. Soon she begins stir and she slowly and steadily stands up.

Umbreon: Oh, gad damn. What happened to me?

She look at around and sees that she's in her cell.

Umbreon: Grr! Damn liar! I'm never going to trust that guy again!

Soon she looked at the door. It wasn't closed completely all the way. She walks towards it and slides it wide. She looked around and quickly and quietly runs up the stairs and reaches the base floor. The base was empty and she knew that this was her chance to escape. So she race through the halls and out on the base grounds and soon the city.

Umbreon: Ha-ha! Yes! Good bye PSC!

She ran and ran unilateral she realized that she had no idea where was going. She wonder the dark streets and into an alley.

Umbreon: Man, I don't how I ended up here.
Voice: But I know what your doin' next.

She turned and sees a band of Houndours and a Houndoom in front.

Houndoom: Your comin' with us.
Umbreon: What? No way.
Houndoom: Come on, why not? We're both the same.
Umbreon: The same?
Houndoom: Yeah, we're both Dark and Fire types.
Umbreon: Huh? Uh, no. I'm a Dark type only.
Houndoom: And your a Fire type as well. I know. I can feel your heat.
Umbreon: What are you talking about? I am not a Fire type.

Houndoom walks in the alley and confronts her.

Houndoom: Well, whatever. You know, you have very fine body.
Umbreon: Sorry, I don't take compliments from someone like you.
Houndoom: Come on babe, I know you're new to the city. So why not let me show you around?
Umbreon: Ooh no. I'm not gonna fall for that one. You can forget it. I'm gonna find my way out of here myself.
Houndoom: Hey, where you goin'?
Umbreon: 1: Away from you and 2: Out of this alley.
Houndoom: Your not goin' nowhere. Boys...

As Umbreon walked away the alleyway was blocked by a wall of Houndours.

Houndoom: Now, you and me are gonna have some together time.
Umbreon: Hey! Get away from me!

Soon a lightning bolt hit all the Houndours and fell out.

Both: What the hell?

A Raichu with the tip of his right ear bitten off, a scar over his left eye and two scratch marks going down his back walked in the alley.

Scar: Hey, it isn't gentleman like to trap a lady in a dark alley at night.
Houndoom: Grrr! Beat it Scar! I'm tryin' to help this chick.
Umbreon: Yeah, right. You just want to use me for your own lonely purposes.

Houndoom then began to stumble with his words.

Scar: I'll take that as a yes. Thunder Bolt!

A shot of lightning fired from his body and hit Houndoom directly. Umbreon ran to Scar and both set off. They ran for a couple of blocks then stopped.

Umbreon: [Panting] Well, I think... I think we lost them.
Scar: Say, the was really clever of you saying that.
Umbreon: Thanks. I hate guy like, who lie just so they can get their way.
Scar: Well, you can trust me.
Umbreon: Well, I hope your not like him or the one human from the PSC.
Scar: The PSC! Your from the PSC?
Umbreon: Yep. Just escaped from there.
Scar: Wow, I can't believe you escaped. Hey, I just noticed. Your rings are red instead of yellow.
Umbreon: What!? Really!

She looked back at her tail and saw it was red. She to a blacken window and saw her reflection.

Umbreon: What the fuck did they do to me!
Scar: I think they changed your color.
Umbreon: Wait, that Houndoom said that we were the same.
Scar: The same?
Umbreon: Yeah, but I don't think I have any Fire type moves.
Scar: Well, you need a place to stay?
Umbreon: Yeah.
Scar: Okay, come on.

Umbreon followed Scar to the Junkyard. As they walked on the night, Umbreon was looking around. Memorizing buildings and small stores.

Scar: So, how'd you get out of there?
Umbreon: Huh? Oh, my cell door was closed all the way, so I was able to slip right out.
Scar: Wow, I'm surprised that no one saw you.
Umbreon: Well, it was a good thing that no one was there.

Soon both come into the Junkyard and Umbreon saw different Pokémon walking around. A Pikachu with pink marks and a Pichu with a notched left ear ran up to them.

Princess: Hey Scar.
Spike: Welcome back dad.
Scar: Hey you two.
Princess: Oh, hello. Who are you?
Umbreon: I'm Umbreon.
Spike: Umbreon? I thought we already have one.
Umbreon: You have another Umbreon here?
Princess: Yes, his name is Lunar.
Spike: He's a shiny Umbreon.
Umbreon: Well, I'd like to meet this guy.

Soon Umbreon felt a paw on her rump as they continued to talk. She looks back a sees a wall of tan fur and looked up.

Flare: Well-well, aren't you something.
Umbreon: Uh, thanks. Who are you?
Flare: Oh, sorry bout dat. I'm Flare, it's a real pleasure to meet you.
Umbreon: Uh... thanks?
Scar: Ah, Flare, perfect timing. We was about to see Lunar, you wanna come?
Flare: Nah, the only Moonlight Pokémon I want to see is this one.
Umbreon: What's makes me so special all of a sudden?
Flare: That sexy heat you're giving off.
Scar: Oh, that's because the PSC made her into a Fire type as well.
Princess: What? She's from the PSC?
Spike: Wow, I've never met a Pokémon that escaped from the PSC before.
Flare: Well, there you go. Now you know why I find you very special.
Umbreon: Um... okay. You know what? I'm a bit tired. Let's call it a day, huh?
Flare: Yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking.
Scar: Uh, okay. I guess if you want you can sleep wit Flare, Umbreon.
Umbreon: Yeah, why not? This might by interesting for me.
Flare: Wow, you must be a mind reader.
Scar: Uh... alright then. See you two in the morning, I guess. Come on Princess.
Princess: Right behind you. Good night Spike.
Spike: Night mom. Night dad. Night flare and Umbreon.

The three walked to their rooms. Umbreon followed Flare to her cylinder room and walked inside and saw a slightly singed couch cushion. Flare crawled on top and circled around and lied down. She patted a spot next her and Umbreon shrugged her shoulders and sat down next to Flare. She soon wrapped her tails around Umbreon and got closer.

Umbreon: You know, it's weird. For some reason, I don't find this odd for one second.
Flare: Really?
Umbreon: Nope.
Flare: Well, you're the first one to ever say that.
Umbreon: Well, I guess that means something. [Yawns] I'm getting tired.
Flare: You know, you should join Scar's crew. You look tough.
Umbreon: You think so?
Flare: Yeah, plus I need a sleeping buddy. I'm tired sleeping alone.
Umbreon: Well, okay. I'll ask him in the morning.
Flare: Alright.

As Umbreon fell asleep, Flare placed her right paw Umbreon under belly and slowly slides down over her slit. Umbreon moves slightly and giggles. Flare smiles and dozes off. As the sun rises over the tall structures, a Loudred walked out and stood on a high hill. He inhaled deeply and used Hyper Voice.

Loudred: [Shouts] Wake up! Wake up! Time to get up! The sun is up and so should you.

The junkyard was empty and soon started to be active. In Flare's room, Umbreon walks out and stretches shook. She looks around and see Pokémon walking around. She soon spots Scar with a Gabite. She trots over to then to hear them talking about something.

Scar: Okay, think you can do that later then?
Jet: Sure.
Scar: Great.
Unbreon: Hey, Scar.
Scar: Oh, hey Umbreon. What's up?
Umbreon: I was wondering, you think I can join the crew?
Scar: You want to join?
Umbreon: Sure, I got no where to go.
Scar: Sweet. Okay, just let me think of something and I'll get back to you.
Umbreon: Alright.

So she walked off and explored the Junkyard. Later, noon came and she found the Lunch Table and began to eat some fruits and berries. Soon Scar and Flare walked over to her.

Scar: Hey Umbreon, I just thought of a way that you can prove yourself.
Umbreon: Oh? How?
Flare: You and me are going on patrol.
Umbreon: A patrol?
Scar: Yeah, you and Flare are going to search for any signs of danger or trouble. Also, be carful. You might run into the Hell Hounds again.
Umbreon: Oh, they won't mess with me this time. Now that I have back-up, they'll think twice if they mess with me.
Flare: Oh, you got spunk. I like that.
Scar: Well, you still a few hours till you shift. Say Umbreon, how bout I call you Neon. Is that a good name?
Neon: Hmm, yeah. I like it.
Flare: Neon, the name really suits you.
Neon: Thanks. 
Flare: So, you a tour around the junkyard?
Neon: Yeah, that would be a big help.
Scar: Okay, well. I'll leave you two alone. Later.
Both: Bye.
Flare: So, ready for the tour?
Neon: Sure.

Neon followed Flare all over the Junkyard. Soon the sky was now a orange-red color and Neon and Flare just finished dinner when Scar and Princess walked up to them.

Scar: Flare, Neon.
Flare: Hey Scar.
Scar: Time for your patrol.
Flare: Alright, you ready for this?
Neon: Yep, let's go.

Flare and Neon got up and set off for the front gate and north.

Princess: Hey Scar, I get the feeling that Neon and Flare are becoming really good friends.
Scar: Yeah. You know, she's around her all day and did even think about the other girls.
Princess: And she didn't even slap my ass ever since Neon came.
Scar: Really? Wow.

Outside the Junkyard, Flare and Neon wandered the streets and looked in alleys.

Neon: Well, this is boring. I thought they at least show up or something.
Flare: Well, there's one you should always know, they always come into alleys when it's dark. Luckily we have a good chance of running into them.
Neon: So we might meet hen again?
Flare: Yup, and I bet that Houndoom will remember you very quickly.
Neon: I bet he will.
Flare: Come on, we need to go down this way.
Neon: Okay.

Flare and Neon up the street and turned into an alleyway and in a large center. Then it slit two ways.

Neon: So, which way do we go?
Flare: We don't.
Neon: Why not?
Flare: This is the end of the road. The one in front goes to the north, which you came from. And the this one on the right goes to the east side, that's where the fancy Pokémon and humans live.
Neon: So, now what?
Flare: Well, we go home. Unless you want mess around.
Neon: Mess around? What'd you mean...? Oh, I see where this is going. You have a thing for me, don't you?
Flare: Gee, could you tell?
Neon: You know, I had a feeling that you were into me right at the moment we met.
Flare: So, you knew all this time?
Neon: Yep.
Flare: So, what do you say?
Neon: Well, I say...who the hell are they?

Flare turns and both sees and a wall of Rattatas covering the three alleyways. A Raticate entered from the north alley and walked into the center and face the girls.

Raticate: Well-well. Long time no see, Junkies.
Flare: What do you want now, Raticate?
Raticate: What do you mean "What do I want"? I want fight you and beat you junkies.
Neon: "Junkies"?
Flare: That's what he named us, since we live in the junkyard.
Raticate: Okay boys, get'em!

Soon the Rattatas mobbed in and Flare Neon moved to the center of the intersection.

Flare: Damn, a mob technique. Nice work, Ratsy.
Neon: Uh, I think complimenting him isn't going to get us out of here.
Flare: Yeah, so. You ready to kick Rats Ass?
Neon: Sure, we're stuck in this situation anyway.
Flare: Alright, Fire Spin!
Neon: Double Kick!

Flare summoned a fire tornado and sucked up several rats and toss them out of the alley. While Neon dashed toward the central exit, she jumped and kicked the on-coming Rattatas. Both held the Rat Pack from getting in the center alley. Soon, one Rattata slipped inside and tackled Neon. She knocked over and a mobbed her. She quickly got to her feet ant retreated back to the center.

Neon: Damn, this isn't good.
Flare: I know, we to get out of here before we're overpowered.

Soon one Rattata snuck up from behind and used Hyper Fang and chomped down on Neon's right leg. The sudden attack took her by surprise as she fell to the ground. Flare saw her go down and tackled the Rattata.

Flare: You okay?
Neon: I think so.
Flare: Can you stand?
Neon: [Stands up] Yeah.
Flare: So, any ideas?
Neon: Does beating the shit out of these rats sound like one?
Flare: My thoughts exactly. Flamethrower!
Neon: Dark Pulse!

Flare's fire burned some Rattatas while Neon's dark ring beam pushed them away. Flare and Neon alternated. Flare used her move at the north and to the east entrance, then Neon would use her move at the east then at the central. Soon the alley was packed with Rattatas and the girls were running out of room. One of them tackled Flare and another used Super Fang on Neon and aimed for her right leg. She felt the bite and she fall. Soon she was ganged on by several more Rattatas.

Flare: No! Neon! Get away from her! Overheat!

Her chest had a small ball fire then burst out, sending a massive shockwave of fire and heat. The move hits all of them sending running out of the alley. Raticate stopped and turned.

Raticate: This... [Cough] this isn't over yet, Junkies. We will beat!

He runs off after his crew. Flare was panting then she ran over to Neon, who was on her side.

Flare: Neon, hey. Are you okay?
Neon: [Groan] Damn, that really hurt. I know I'm gonna feel that in the morning.
Flare: Heh, yeah well. We better get back. Tuffy can fix you good.
Neon: Good, cause I really need to get this bite mark checked out.

Flare scooped up Neon and rolled her on her back and walked back to the Junkyard. Later that day, Scar walked in a tent, where a Wigglytuff was wrapping bandages around Neon's right leg.

Scar: Hey Neon.
Neon: Oh, what's up Scar?
Scar: Flare told me you did one hell of a fight against the Rat Pack.
Neon: Yeah, slippery lil bastards.
Scar: You did good, so tonight were gonna party.
Neon: Party? For what?
Tuffy: You see, every time we get a new member, we party and make them feel more like home.
Neon: Wow, that sounds cool.
Scar: Alright, we'll get everything all set up.

Scar exited the tent and walks away. Soon Flare walks in with a couple berries in her mouth.

Flare: Hey there girl.
Neon: Hi Flare.
Flare: So, will she be alright, Tuffy?
Tuffy: Oh yes. She'll be walking in no time.
Flare: That's great to hear.
Tuffy: I'll leave you two alone. I'm going to help out with Scar.

Tuffy walked out of the tent and Neon and Flare were alone. Flare lied down next to Neon and drop the berries between them.

Neon: Say, you know. I forgot to say something.
Flare: What?

Neon got closer to Flare and kissed her. To her surprised, she enjoyed it.

Neon: Thank for savin' me back there. I owe you one.
Flare: Well, you can owe me later.
Neon: You know, I thought finding a man would be good, but after lied to by human and Pokémon. I'm thinkin' changing my life.
Flare: Yeah, I did that when I was younger. Same situation like you were in.
Neon: So, I'm guessing you still a virgin too?
Flare: Yup, no guy is going to have my pride.
Neon: Well, I think this might turn out to be lovely friendship.
Flare: Yup.

Time passes and soon nightfall arrives. The lights around the junkyard lit up and the soon every member gathered around the center, where Scar, Flare and Neon stood in.

Scar: Hey-hey everyone! I would like to announce that we have another Umbreon joining us, Neon. She escaped from the PSC and withstood the Rat Pack's ambush attack. So with that, let this party being!

All cheered wildly and music played loudly. Hour passed and soon was tired and all headed to their rooms. In Flare's room, Neon and Flare were cuddling up to each other.

Neon: Mmm, I didn't notice how warm you are.
Flare: Same here. You back at what you did in Tuffy's room was a real first. I've never been kissed before.
Neon: Well, I've never kissed anyone before.
Flare: You know, what you said earlier. This is going to be a lovely friendship.

Neon turned to Flare and both locked lips. They both gave passionate moan as exchange saliva and rolled their tongues inside inside each others mouths. Neon then felt something tickling her slit and she know that it was one of Flare's tails. Flare's tail slid along Neon's opening and easily slipped inside. They parted and a sting of spit linked their mouths.

Neon: Well, you're really eager tonight.
Flare: I just want to let you know how friendly I can be.
Neon: [Soft sigh] Ooh, you're really friendly.
Flare: Come on, I want to show you friendly side.
Neon: I'm ready to see.

Neon rolls on her back and and enjoys what she sees. She stands up walks and over to Neon's legs and breathes in her warm aroma.

Flare: [Inhales] Ha! You have a sweet smell.
Neon: Well, you want see if I taste sweet?
Flare: Oh, I'm all over that.

Flare goes down and licks Neon's slit. Neon gave a lustful moan. Neon places her paws on Flare's head. She gives out a pleasurable moan as Flare sticks her noes in her cunt. Neon gasp with bliss and arched her back. Flare sat up and licked her mouth.

Flare: Yum, that was good.
Neon: [Pant] So, you like?
Flare: Oh yeah. Had a spicy flavor too.
Neon: Now it's my turn.

She rolled over on her feet and walked to Flare and kisses her as she brought her to her back. She stopped and licked her neck and dragged her tongue down Flare's underbelly. Neon made it to Flare's clit and flicked it with her tongue. Flare gasped and moan in bliss as her soft spot were tickled with. Soon Neon spread Flare's lip and stuck her nose in and slithered her inside.

Flare: [Gasp] Whoa! You nose is cold.
Neon: [Licks lips] Sorry.

She resume eating out Flare's pussy and she gasped more. Neon pulled her nose out and crawled on top of Flare.

Flare: So, what'd you think?
Neon: Tangy but not too spicy.
Flare: I think we got down to some real lovin'.
Neon: My thoughts exactly.

Neon slid back down Flare and rub her slit against Flare's. Neon turned Flare on her side and she lifted her leg up and slid her wet cunt up to Flare dripping pussy. She grind, rubbed and press their vaginas together until they can feel each others juices oozing out. Both gave passionate and lustful moans as their pussies were pressed and rubbed together. Flare gasped as Neon arched her back.

Flare: Oh yes! Press it harder! Faster!
Neon: Oh gad, I feel like cumming right now!
Flare: Me too. Faster! Faster!

Neon humped faster making the friction of their love making more intense. Flare and Neon let a lustful scream and their orgasm splashed all over them. Neon slowly laid on top of Flare and licked her nose.

Flare: [Pant] Oh wow. That... was lovely.
Neon: Yeah. [Pant] I really love you, Flare.
Flare: [Blushes] What?
Neon: I really love you.
Flare: [Blushes] Wow, that the first time I've ever heard. I really love you too, Neon. Wow, I've never blushed before.
Neon: I think it's cute.
Flare: Thanks. Well, goodnight love.
Neon: Night love.

Both doze off as their juices mix and slide down onto Flare's bed. Flare smiled covered Neon with her tails slept on.
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