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“You may enter now, Mr. Way.” An icily cold voice, the kind that would terrify young children and the old alike sneered in an ever so welcoming way from the other side of the boring, old oak wood door.
Gerard hastily shoved it open, managing to just catch himself from falling face first into the snowy luxurious office carpet. Damn those brown leather old man shoes he had to wear today instead of his usual comfortable, crimson converse that had, admittedly seen better days. But at least he could walk in those.
The impeccably dressed, middle aged men didn`t even bother to look up or ask if he was alright, they simply kept staring wordlessly out of the museum`s main office window.
“Y-you wished to see me?” Gerard stutters, edging closer to the head honcho, the meanest, sadistic Mr. Riddle. Rumour had it that his poor recently deceased wife, Anne had drowned herself just to get away from him.
Riddle narrowed his beady, steal grey eyes at the trying to appear calm and collected failed artist, his thin lips curving upwards to from a slight smirk. His associates, the museum manger and assistant owner, the evil duo of Gregory and Edward Clyde both take this opportunity to leer up at Gerard, causing the young man to feel sick to his very core.
“Yes, Mr. Way, we did.”
“I-I believe that I have finally found solid evidence on the existence of the Lost city of Atlantis.” the crimson haired Gerad begins in a hurried voice, barely containing his enthusiasm, well aware that the others did not share it. “You see here, in this book,” He pulls out a heavy, leather bound book from his Misfits messenger bag that was slung carelessly over his shoulder and flicks through it until he finds a cetain, yellowed with age page, grinning triumphantly. “It mentions the existence of a book, a journal of some kinds detailing the precise location of the lost city.”
Riddle looks up at him, his weathered, sallow face showing no interest whatsoever, only boredom. “And do you have this book?” He questions in a tired voice, already well aware what the timid answer would be.
“Well no, but I believe-“
“Yes, yes.” He mutters, grabbing the book from Gerard and slamming it shut, dust particles flying everywhere, making everyone bar the insistent believer in the lost city cough. “You believe, Mr. Way, but you do not have any proof to back up your rather…farfetched beliefs.”
Gerard`s face falls.
“This is a museum of proven facts, not of wondrous fairytales and fiction.”
“Mr. Way,” Riddle says sternly, “I am sorry to inform you that as of now, your services here at the museum will no longer be required.” He didn`t sound sorry in the slightest. “You will of course, receive your final months pay check, but as of today you will no longer be working for us.”
“But I-“
“Goodbye.” The beady eyed, old fashioned, pompous git snaps, waving his pale, badly wrinkled hand for Gerard to leave, a look of complete and utter disgust on his face.
Gerard sighs, collects his belongings and leaves the frightfully dull museum building, walking out of the grand entrance and down the marble steps for the last time with his head hung. It wasn`t as though he had enjoyed his job, he hated getting up and being imprisoned in boring museum, surrounded by close minded people all day, but it had paid the bills. Now what was he to do?
Groaning and clutching his head he gets into his beat up, second hand fiesta and drives off in the direction of home, number 13 Cemetery Drive.
“Elena, I`m back.” He calls for the troublesome little furry demon, finding it odd that she hadn`t came to great him at the door as she always did.
He shrugs off his best leather jacket and hangs it up, a small smile forming when he hears a very familiar meow coming from the living room.
“Silly cat.” Gerard laughs and steps in the spacious room, his little black heart nearly stopping as he sees that his darling Elena wasn`t alone.
“Hello.” A short, lightly tanned young man welcomes Gerard into his own home, his chocolate eyes twinkling with amusement as he sees the other man`s shock at his intruder.
“What the fuck are you-I`m calling the cops!”
The intruder gets to his boot clad feet and holds up his tattooed hands. “Easy, I`m a friend, Gerard. I know you well, Elena often talked of you. I know what you seek, more than anything. You want to discover what has been lost. You want to find Atlantis.”
Gerard`s jaw drops up with shock as he stares at this stranger with wide eyes.
He giggles and smiles warmly. “Please, let me explain everything.”
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