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“Don’t you want to see who you really are Amelia? You had feelings, a different personality, you weren’t depressed, and you loved brightness and music” Taylor started following me into my bedroom. I turned to look at her. “You fell in love and you weren’t always so upset”
“How do you know that?” I asked. “I don’t even know that”
“You have to achieve The Senses. You will be able to remember things. Why are you so angry anyways?” she asked. I didn't reply. “Don’t you want to know about your past? Find out about who you really are?”
“I remember hate, pain and suffering” I snapped.
“That is only from after your relationship with Cam and he had left you. You don’t know anything about your family or your friends and especially yourself” she stopped. She thought for a little bit. “If I can’t get you to listen I think I know who will” she smirked and ran out of the room. A few seconds later she returned dragging Miles in by the arm. I let out a long breath. Miles pulled one of the seats over to me and sat in front of me.
“Ok so you think Miles is going to help me remember. Do you people know everything about me or something?” I complained and crossed my arms. Taylor smiled and leaned on Miles’ shoulder. I frowned at them.
“You know how you can see the history of almost everything you touch. That works for organisms too. We can look at a person and know almost everything about them if we want to. If we touch them, then we can find out even more. It is one of the powers” Miles put his fingers in his hair and Taylor walked out of the room. He continued talking; it was a lot to learn. Things that would have made my brain hurt but now that I was different it was a bit less complicated.
Miles had taken me out in his car into town. “Wait so we’re in England where are we now?” I asked as I looked around. It didn't look like England; it was much busier and slightly warmer. The buildings were larger and looked much more different than anywhere I had been in England. Miles glanced at me and gave a smirk. I opened the window slightly and noises and smells rushed in. “We’re in New York” I said quietly.
He nodded “You’re probably gonna ask how?” he snickered.
“Aetons can travel anywhere at any time to anyplace in the galaxy by using air particles and light also carrying any object they… we want. Once an Aeton masters The Sense it will be as easy as just thinking about it. Just like turning invisible, changing the particles surrounding us and levitating or hovering is adjusting gravity” I said and closed the window. I took in a deep breath. “I always thought New York would smell like energy and food particles” I commented. Miles laughed. He took off his glasses and we appeared in an alley. “Now what are we doing here?”
“Just so we don’t blow our cover” he got out of the car and opened the door for me. I stepped out into the cold alley. The smell was horrific. I blinked and it was gone. “You’re getting the hang of this” he made the car disappear.
“Now what are we gonna do? Go shopping?” I asked. He laughed.
“You wish. I’m testing you. Be invisible, stay invisible and don’t bump into anybody, you can speak if you want to because the crowds will be loud anyways. Only I will be able to see you and I will be invisible too” he started walking onto the crowded streets. I took in a deep breath and I did it. I was invisible. It may sound easy but at first it’s not but after a while I got used to it. I followed Miles through many people, I used to be a people person but soon I just felt like ripping their heads off. We were in Times Square. I looked at Miles.
“Please!” I said. He grinned then nodded. “Yes!” I ran over to someone and stood straight in front of them so they would instantly fall over. The tall woman fell hard on the ground. Miles started laughing and he leaned back on the lamp post. He put one of his arms out and knocked over a big built man with blond hair. I burst out laughing and looked at the road. A little girl was crossing and a car was speeding really fast towards her. I sprinted to her within a second and took her back to the sidewalk. As I quickly brought her over to the sidewalk I could see her parents in my mind. They were not too far away. I made her parents notice her and they ran straight to her a picked her up. I teleported back to Miles, he had his hands in his pockets.
“Now I never thought I’d see you do that” He gave me a weird look. “I’m actually quite proud. You’re channelling your power into good now, not bad”
I looked back over at the little girl and she seemed scared, more like shocked. “She’s only a little girl, the impact of that car would have killed her” I felt something hit my back and I fell over. It was a guy who looked about 25; he had a puzzled look on his face. He was probably wondering how he’d hit air. I put my foot out and he fell over. “Serves you damn right for walking into me” I muttered and Miles offered a hand to help me up. I ignored him and got up myself.
“Ha, ha, imma have to teach you how to do it without scaring the little girl. And being able to alter time instead of freaking the poor child out or her mind” he stopped and looked at me. “You’re hungry and not for food” he flashed his teeth. I grinned. “How about a little snack” he offered. I nodded and instantly we were in a forest. The sun pierced through the leaves of the trees.
“You ever hunted before?” I questioned. He scoffed. “Whoa, you’ve…” I was speechless. He nodded.
“Once. It was the beginning of my learning. I was in hunger. The pray was a girl at the bar. She thought I was taking her out back to tell her I loved her but I had just met her and the alcohol in her body made her delusional. After I got her away from the people it went so fast. I can’t give her her life back but I’ve never taken the life of another person since” he stopped and there was a break of a stick. It was two deer. We exchanged looks and quickly chased after the animals. They had no chance. As soon as we caught them we sunk our teeth into their necks. We were covered in animal blood, my claws sank into the meat of the animal, and we were surrounded by blood. I smiled at Miles, he had blood all over him and running from his lips. His eyes a mixture of green, blue and slightly red, his hair was dark and mysterious and made me drawn to him. He came closer to me. I put a hand on his cheek as put one hand on my waist and on the back of my head and pulled me closer to him. Our lips touched and he kissed me hungrily and viciously. His lips were hot on mine and his strong arms held my waist.
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