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Today is Monday. These past weeks have gone by almost too fast for my liking. I don’t like being home so often times, like today, Mia and I meet at this shrimp place along the beach and grab lunch. Really all we do is talk about life. I wanna ask her out but I don’t know how. She’s not like the other girls I’ve dated.

“Mia,” I start, playing with the straw in my soda. “Um…you look nice today.”

I chickened out. Why can’t I do this? She’s been my best friend since forever and we’ve talked about everything under the sun together, yet I can’t bring myself to ask her this one silly little question. Sighing, I pop another shrimp into my mouth, chewing slowly, letting the reasons for my problem roll around in my head.

“Thanks, Billie,” Mia answers with a smile, reaching across the table to dip her shrimp into my sauce; she’s used all hers already. “I read over that song you started on.”

Shit. No one is supposed to read through those till I’m done with them, especially Mia.

“Oh, you did, did you?” I question trying to be cool about the whole thing.

Maria nods, “I didn’t know you held that much anger inside.”

“Oh, yeah, I’m an angry dude,” I reply only half sarcastically.

“I hadn’t a clue you took pleasure in knowing people where going to die. I’ll have to remember that,” she laughs.

Stealing a fry I frown, “I’m allowed to take pleasure in the death of someone who hurt you.”

“You’re writing that about me?”

“Not exactly.”

Mia chews on her bottom lip for a few minutes before slapping down a ten dollar bill and leaving the Shrimp Shack. I wonder if I said something to upset her. I hope not.

After a few minutes of thinking I head out. I spot Mia, standing waist deep in the ocean, her blue streaked blonde hair fly up around her face. She looks like a lion but with a blue mane.

Watching her stare up at the sun I begin to hum a tune putting words to it in my head:

Maria, she’s turnin’ up the flame, steppin’ on the gas
Burnin’ the flag at half mast
She’s the rebel’s forgotten joy
An export of the revolution
Maria, Maria, Maria,
They’re she goes*

It’s not perfect but I like it. It describes Mia. She’s out there and crazy and….

I am pulled to my feet by a wet hand before a completely soaked Maria pulls me into a hug. She’s adorable and I’m a fool for not asking her out before but I just can’t do it.

“There, now you won’t have to take shower for another week,” she laughs, taking my hand and pulling me down the beach.

“At least,” I answer, looking down at the wet front of my shirt.

Maria laughs, her eyes twinkling. I love her laugh, her smile, the way her eyes light up when she’s excited or happy. I love her energy and the ability she has to keep me going even when I feel there is no possible way I can go on. Mia is the light in my cold, dark and angry world.

I’m giving myself a week, in that period of time I will ask her out. That’s my promise to myself.

*I know those aren’t the exact lyrics but I felt the need to change them a little bit.
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