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Can't Let my Loser Get Away

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I sit on my bed, head resting in my hands. It’s just been a day, I’ve still got six more days. I can get up the courage to ask my very best friend out. I’m still not really sure why this is so hard.

Taking another drag of my cigarette I flop back, lying with my back on my bed, legs hanging off. I’ve got nothing to do. Just then my phone rings.


"Hello Billie,” Mia says cheerfully sounding like one of those overly happy sales people. “How are you today?"

"I'm good, Mia. How are you?"

"I feel like Jesus Christ!"

I wonder just how high she is, "Oh that's good."

"What are you doing?"

"Smoking, why?"

"Can we hang out or do you have something with the band later?"

"Sure. Um-"

"I wanna pick you up!” Maria says quickly. She doesn’t even have a car.

"Okay, be here in five minutes."

"Okay, bye."

God I love her. She's so fucking odd; talking about picking me up…she’s not got a car.

Never the less I change clothes and head downstairs, waiting on the front step. I'm gonna ask her out today. I'm still nervous though.

Just then Mia pulls into my drive way in this black car, top down, music blasting. When did she get this? I walk up to her car and get in the passengers side. Smiling, Maria turns down the music and looks over at me, “You like it?”

“Fuck yeah. Where’d you get it?” I question as we head down the main street.

“Project my brother and I have been working on for almost two years, he finally decided to get off his drunken ass and finish it. So now I have a car.”

“It’s nice, you sure you didn’t steal it?” I question with a smile.

“I didn’t steal this, duh. If I was gonna steal a car I would have taken one of the really nice ones,” answers Mia with a smile as she pulls into a spot on the sand next to a truck.

Laughing I wrap my arm around her waist as we walk towards the water, only sitting down once we reach the part where ocean meets land. Plopping down I stretch my legs out and Mia soon joins me lying down in the sand, head resting on my knees. She’s so pretty.

Smiling down at her I pull a pen out of my pocket, uncap it and write LOSER across her forehead. She reaches up and slaps me gently in the cheek before taking my pin. Mia chews on her bottom lip before taking my arm and scribbling the word FREAK on my forearm.

Mia then gets up and takes off down the beach, her hair flying out behind her. This really leaves me with no choice. I stand and run after her. I can’t let my loser get away.
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