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Billie and I retake our seats in the sand. I run my fingers through his blue hair. I've never met a guy that lets a girl play with his hair this much, but, I guess Billie really doesn’t mind. If he did he’d tell me to stop.

I look up at him smiling. I'm always happy around Billie. He just makes me feel safe and alive.

Just then he does something unexpected. Billie put his fingers under my chin and tilts my face up towards his. He leans forward a little and presses his lips to mine. It’s short but sweet; I kiss back. Billie turns his head so his cheek is to me. Did I do something wrong?

"I'm sorry," he mumbles not looking at me.

"No! Don't be sorry! It's okay! I…I liked it," I say, gently pushing his head so that he’s facing me; our eyes locked.

"You liked it?" Billie questions, eyes wide

"Yeah," I smile and laugh a little, feeling the blood rush to my cheeks.

"Well…I guess now is a good time to ask then. Um…okay," Billie says nervously.

What’s going on? What does Billie possibly need to ask me that’s making him so nervous?

Billie starts again, not taking his eyes off of mine, "Okay, Mia. I’m just gonna spit it out... I like you. I know I say I love you and shit before but I mean it this time. I like you, Mia," he says averting his gaze out to the ocean over my shoulder.

"Aww, I like you too Billie!” I answer, smiling.

Kneeling up I kiss him again only for a second but I want it to go on forever. I look at Billie. He has the most relieved, happy, and excited expression on face. He’s smiling at me and he’s got this warm and happy look in his eyes. Billie looks truly happy for the first time in a while.

Billie twists a strand of my hair around his finger, "I'm taking you out. I'm gonna take you somewhere fancy, dress nice. I'll pick you up around six.”

And with that he kisses me again, gets up and runs up the beach towards the road jumping in the air when he thinks he’s out of my view. He’s so cute.
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