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First Date

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Alright, I lied; I'm not taking Mia to a fancy place; I can’t afford it. I think Maria knew that from the beginning though. It doesn’t even matter. Today I told Mia how I’ve felt about her for the past four years and she feels the same way. I can’t help but smile thinking about our kiss.

Mia is mine now and I love her.

Shit, I have to find something to wear.

In my time of need I call Mike and Tré hoping they will know how to help. Why am I so nervous all of a sudden? I’ve been out with Mia before. I guess this time is just different.

About then minutes later Mike and Tré sit on the floor of my room, looking at me as if I’ve got a hole in my head.

"God dude, chill out; it’s just Maria,” Mike says, setting his beer can down.

"Fuck you, Mike. I told Mia to dress fancy," I answer jumping up and down a little. I’ve got to much nervous energy.

"Just wear…here. Wear these," Tré says holding up a pair of jeans and a button down shirt.

"Dude, dress fancy," I remind him.

I guess button down is fancy but I don’t want her too be all pretty and have me looking like a bum.

"So what, you know what Maria will do. She'll wear that red and black plaid skirt with a black shirt that leather jacket she stole from you ages ago and her black converse," Mike says. He knows Mia only too well.

"Okay, but I better not make her look like a jackass. You know. She'll look fuckin retarded if she's all dressed up and I'm not," I say.

“The only way you can make her look like a jackass is if you act like a jackass,” says Tré.


Six rolls around sooner than I thought is would and before I know it I’m holding open the passenger of my car for Mia. She’s wearing what Mike predicted she would and she looks amazing.

"Hey there," she says smiling at me, turning down the music as we back out of her drive way.

"Hey," I replied back to her not able to think of anything creative to say. She’s gorgeous and it kind of makes it hard to form words.

While we drive Mia rolls down her window, letting the ocean air fill the car. She sticks her arm out of the window letting her hand ride the wind. She looks happy.

Once we get there I stop the car getting out. Mia places her hand on the front window and I lay mine over the top of hers. We drag our hands along creating smear marks across it. I don’t care. I open her door as our hands interlock.

“Why thank you Mr. Armstrong," Maria says with a smile.

"You're welcome beautiful," I answer sounding like one of those overly romantic guys.

We go inside and get a table near the window. The sun is setting and the table we are at has a view of the beach.

"This sunset reminds me of a cheesy porno where people light candles and fuck really slowly," I say as Mia traces the lines on the palm of my hand with her black painted finger nail.

"I like fast, hard, anywhere, anytime…all that shit," Mia answers smiling at me before cracking up.

"So do I," I laugh with her.

Mia is only too easy to talk to. She’s comfortable with anything.

We eat our food and talk about different shit. The whole time I can't help but stare into her eyes. Mia’s eyes are captivating; the perfect ocean blue color.

We finish up and I pay while Mia waits out on the sand. She looks so natural out there as if she has been painted into the scenery. Coming up behind her I wrap my arms around her, holding Mia to my chest.

"Close your eyes Billie Joe," Maria instructs.

I obey, expecting her to kiss me but instead she does something different.

"I got you a present. Open your hands," Mia says seductively in my ear.

Again I obey wondering just where this is going.

"Okay. Open you're eyes," Mia giggles

I open my eyes and look to see what she has given me. She put a dead, rotting starfish in my hands.

I dropped it, "You bitch!"

"Oh, so I’m a bitch now, huh?" Mia questions wide-eyed.

Wiping my hands on my pants I walk up to Mia. I wrap my arms around her and she looks up at me as I look down at her. I hope she knows I was just kidding.

"I love you Maria. You’re not a bitch,” I say before kissing her.

“I know, Billie," she says wrapping her arms around my neck before jumped up onto me, her legs around my waist.

"Will you be my girlfriend Maria" I ask her.

"I thought I was already," she answers with a laugh before kissing me again.

We hang out on the beach for a little longer. It’s about ten when I drop her home. I really do love her.
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