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“The Captain put him here with me, I`m supposed to keep him out of trouble or some shit like that.”

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Sighing, mumbling curse words that would have shocked his dear mother under his breath, Frank follows Izzy`s, the strange, green eyed captain, directions to the galley, or kitchen. He wondered idly what this Gerald or whatever the fuck his name was would be like. He really hoped that he wasn`t some self righteous, pompous dickhead. He sure as hell better not be a homophobe either. That would really be the icing on the cake.
After wandering around below deck for a few minutes, Frank finally set eyes on the galley, a spacious, brightly decorated kitchen like room, full of delicious scents and boiling hot steam and smoke. Stood hunched over by the incredibly large oven was a tall, raven haired man, dressed exclusively in black, far too constricting leather. With a sickening feeling in his gut, the young music loving teen recognise the man he was being forced to work for during his duration on the ship as the rude stranger from earlier. The one that had roughly shoved him out of his way up on deck.
Seemingly unaware of his visitor, the man continues with his cooking, deciding that the meat could use a few more minutes cooking time, before eventually turning around, wearing a sickening smirk on his pale pink lips.
“Hello midget.” He sneers, wiping his pale hands on his crimson apron hung around his thin, leather clad waist.
Frank glares up at him, hoping that Isabella had somehow gotten it wrong and that he didn`t have to work with this horrible stranger. He could hardly look at his face, stunningly beautiful as it was, let alone spend months working in the same room as him every day.
“The Captain warned me you were coming.” He tells Frank in a bored, emotionless tone, striding confidently across the room to a cluttered work surface and piles up several used, dirty dishes and dumps them in the sink.
“What a warm welcome.” The younger boy replies sarcastically, leaning back against a gleaming cream worktop, full of cooking equipment and pre prepared vegetables to go with whatever was in the oven.
“I don`t need your help, nor do I want it, so here`s how it`s gonna work. You will do as I say, when I say with absolutely no back talk. And other than that, say out of my way.” He raises one dark, perfectly cared for eyebrow, cocking his head to one side ever so slightly. “Got it Shorty?
“Got it you royal highness.” Frank fake curtsies before flipping the chef off behind his turned back.
“You can start with doing those dishes.” He gestures lazily to the sink, flashing the guitarist a dashing smile, his abnormally small teeth gleaming in the dim light.
“Fine.” He spits and rolling up his sleeves, Frank slips past him on his way to the sink, narrowly avoiding tripping on a wet patch of floor. “I don`t like you, Gerald.”
Gerard laughs, his entire face lighting up, hazel green eyes glinting, making Frank`s stomach tighten rather uncomfortably. “Gerard, not Gerald.” He corrects him, tucking a stray lock of silky locking raven behind his left ear, revealing two silver metal hoops that shone under the ceiling lights.
Silken falls in the kitchen as the two men who clearly hadn`t hit it off straight away got on with their work, Frank begrudgingly cleaning up various pots and pans and Gerard, who was keeping a wary eye on him at all times, putting the finishing touches to the main course for that afternoon`s lunch.
Many casually dressed, cheerful crew member pass by the open galley door, chatting excitedly and happily about something that Fran couldn`t quite catch. Gerard however seemed to know what the chosen conversation topic was, because whenever someone passed he allowed himself a brief smile and shake his head.
“Oy, Midget!” A damp, ratty dish towel hits Frank on the head, “Leave.”
Frowning, frank looks up from his seemly never ending pile of dishes to find the room a little less empty than it had been when he had began his momentous task.
Gerard was stood leaning against a table where three girls stood, all of which had strife unreadable expressions on their pretty, youthful faces.
“Is this the new cabin boy?” a blonde haired girl dressed in a batman shirt that was laced up at the back and black tight jeans asks, pointing at him, her voice laced with deep curiosity.
The girl on her right, who had brown and purple hair and the one on the other side, dressed in a faded band shirt with a bright rainbow belt look up to look at her, their gazes lingering on the sapphire eyed girl for a moment, before passing to Gerard, then on Frank.
He laughs at her question, finding it funny for some unknown reason and nods. “Sort of.”
“Oh, cute.” The blue eyed girl, whose name was Pandora, Panda by her friends smiles sweetly if not a little manically. “Gee has a new pet.”
“The Captain put him here with me, I`m supposed to keep him out of trouble or some shit like that.” he replies defensively, crossing his arms tightly across his chest.
All three laugh, finding this honest statement funny.
“Ha ha. Yeah right.” Rose, the brown and purple haired one grins, shaking her head in disbelief.
“You can`t keep yourself out of trouble, Geetard.” Jokes the girl with the rainbow belt, Lucy.
Gerard`s odd hazsel green eyes narrow with something that may have been anger, but at what it was unclear. On his handsome young face he wore a “Shut the fuck up look,” and his earlier smug confidence had faded slightly. Frank had noticed it had been like that since the strange girls had entered.
“Well,” Begins Pandora, jumping down off of the table with a cat like ease, “I guess we had better let Gerard and his new friend Frankie here get back to work.”
“See ya.”
Before leaving she makes sure to walk as close to Gerard as possible, whispering something in his double pierced ear about eight a clock and how he had better not be late.
He nodded his reply and then she followed the other crew members out of the door, slamming it shut loudly behind her, leaving Frank alone with Gerard in the now strangely silent, atmospheric kitchen, feeling more confused and irritated than he had in a long while.
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