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Chapter Ten

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"Oh right." Jenny said bashfully. Robert shook his head and tried to fight a grin, "Oh Jenny." He sighed. Jenny kissed Robert softly, "I'm sorry, sweetie." Jenny said and sauntered off and into her and Roberts room. "My girl may be a bit ditzy but she's as sweet as sunshine, don't ruin her please." Robert whispered to Jimmy. Jimmy rolled his eyes, "Yeah yeah." He groaned. Robert retired to his room for the evening. He looked around for Jenny then heard her humming in the bathroom. He opened the door to find her in the tub, "Oh." He purred, "Hello, love." She gasped, "Robbie! I'm naked." He rolled his eyes, "I can't see your secret parts!" "So? Get out!" She chuckled. "I thought you should know that we're going to an interview tomorrow. Taggin' along?" He said with a smile. "Yeah!" She agreed.
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