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Chapter Nine

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Jimmy pulled Jenny into his arms, "Don't worry love, I won't let you go back there ever again." He whispered. Jenny nodded, "Okay Jim-Jim." She whispered. "I'm sorry if she bothered you, sir." Jimmy said and pulled her over to the elevators before pushing her inside. She pressed for the top floor, "It worked, Jimmy!" She cheered. Jimmy gave her a hug, "I told you it would babe! You did great!" Suddenly the doors opened and there stood Robert with a displeased expression. Jimmy and Jenny let go of eachother, both of them raising an accusing finger at the other. "I thought I told you to stop influencing her to help you do you do your dirty work?" Robert asked as he folded his arms. Jimmy pressedd the button for the lobby but Robert stopped the doors from closing and pulled them out. "Jenny." He whispered, "Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, my dear girl, why do you listen to him?" He asked, "All he ever does is get you in trouble. Clearly you don't remember that incident with security last week." Jenny blushed.
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