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Chapter Eight

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Six weeks later... Jimmy and Jenny causing mischief while on tour in China...

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"I'm bored." Jenny sighed as she looked across the table at Jimmy. Robert had gone to an interview with Jonesy and Bonzo. "I have an idea" Jimmy said with a sneaky smile.... Jenny walked up to the front desk, "Hi, I need your help!" She said to the consierge. "Hello." The man said, "I'm Mr. Chen. What do you need miss?" He said. "There's men with guns following me around the hotel!" She cried out, "They won't leave! I need you to clear everyone outta here now!" Mr. Chen looked around, "Where?" He asked. "Everywhere!" She screamed. "Caroline!" Jimmy yelled out, "I thought I told you not to leave the room without me." "Oh Jim-Jim! I'm sorry!" She said. "I'm sorry. This is Caroline. My adopted sister." Jimmy said, "She's a wee bit touched if you know what I mean and my parents couldn't keep so I watch over her. I didn't want them to put her away because-." "Away! No please don't take me away! I can't go back there! Jimmy don't let them take me back!" She screamed. People began staring.
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