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I know notes are annoying. Im sorry :/

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So whats up guys? I hope you guys are enjoying the story so far. Im just writing this is to inform you guys that i dont think i will be updating this whole week because im onn spring brake and i actually have been uaing my schools internet to update the story because my internet was cut off about 2 weeks ago because my brother is grounded -________- yeah so i have to suffer consequences too. It sucks. So i promise you guys ill be writing this whole week to get some chapters done so i could just upload them when i get back in school. Ill maybe upload 39 today but the chances of me doing that are low. Im sorry once again and i hope you guys will understand. Another heads up is that my story is coming to an end very soon but i will be creating a sequel to it. Just giving you guys a heads up. Im sorry if this is a spoiler in some type of way. So yeah, cant wait till next week -.-
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