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38. Welcome Back

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Edith's POV
Today is the day I get to go back home from the hospital. It's been horrible here. I can't do what I want, when I want and I have to take pills every morning. That doesn't bother me too much though. What bothers me the most is that I don't have the people I love close to me 24/7. Only until visiting hours are over. Hurray for this day because I'm leaving this cage called the hospital! 
"Edith, they're here for you." the nurse said. I grabbed my jacket and hurried down the hall to the front to meet my mom and Gerard. When I got to the front door, I was surprised to find my mom, Mikey and Ray. 
"hey you guys!" I said jumping out of the door to hug everyone. 
"Edith! We are so glad to see you!" Ray said in my ear as I hugged him. I let go and looked at everyone with a smile. 
"where's Gerard?"
"he had to work today. He feels really bad but he hopes to see you after work." Mikey grabbed my hand as we walked back to the car. 
That's too bad. I was hoping to see my baby. 
"aww, alright.."
"you'll have to pass by home so I can spend time with you. You've been gone for so long!" my mom pleaded as she opened the car door and we stepped inside. 
"of course mom! I miss you!"
I gave her a hug from the passenger seat. Ray and Mikey gasped. My mom and I looked back.
"Edith is giving love and affection to someone other than Gee!" Ray yelled like Frank yells. 
"its unbelievable! My eyes burn! AHH!" Mikey yelled and covered his eyes. 
"oh shut up you guys! It's my mother!"
My mom just giggled and drove out of the hospital. 

At home, Jade had prepared a huge "welcome back" party. Well, it wasn't big but all my friends were invited. Jade had bought all my favorite junk foods. There was pizza, chips, soda, whip cream, candy, all the yummy things you could think of. 
"Eddie! Emma and I brought you something!" Frank yelled as he got off the floor where we were all eating and talking. 
He ran outside and you could here a loud thump on the floor. 
"I'm okay!" he yelled. He obviously fell down the stairs. 
"so Eddie, how are you feeling?" Becky asked. 
"I'm feeling totally fine. I glad you guys did this for me, it makes me feel loved!"
"well, it was all my Jade's idea."
Mikey looked at Jade and gave her a kiss on the cheek.
"thanks Jade!" I yelled and through her a chip that, coincidently, went down her shirt.
"hey! What was that?!"
"I dont know, it's not my fault the chip wanted a sneak peek inside your shirt!"
The door bursted open and came in a midget with a present that seemed bigger than his torso. 
"ah.. A little help here!" Frank said and Ray got up to help him. 
"dude! You're weak!"
Ray lifted the box up and down as if it was weightless.
"I need to start working out." Frank said and went to sit down next to Emma who comforted him from his lack of strength. Ray set the gift beside me. 
"what is this thing?"
I shook it and a little whimper came from the inside. 
Cautiously, I opened it up and found a puppy inside. The puppy was a tiny German Shepard with beautiful silky hair. 
"surprise!" Frank yelled. Everyone gasped when I held it out. 
I didn't know what to say. I was left speechless. 
"you know..if you don't want it, you can always give it to me! Ouch! Emma!?"
Emma had slapped Frank on the arm. 
"Frank, we talked about this okay?"
"I know, but I just love dogs ad this one is so cute!"
"you have 2 at home?! How many more do you want?"
"oh Frank.." Emma shook her head as Frank hopped over to me to pet the puppy. 
"thank you Frank, but why was it in a box?" 
"cause I didn't want it to shit all over my car. My MJ cleaned it up yesterday."
"well thank you Frank," I gave him a small peck on the cheek, "I will name it..... well, I dont know yet but I'll figure something out." as soon as I set that, I heard the front door open and in came my love. 
"Gerard!" I screamed. I ran to him and jump on him, wrapping my legs and arms around his waist and neck. He held me from my thighs. 
"Gerard! How much have I missed you!" 
"I missed you too sugar" he looked at me and kissed me. I missed these kisses full of love and passion. 
We let go and he put me down. Him and I walked over to Frank who was already cuddling and playing with my puppy. 
"hi Ms. Lynn" Gerard said to my mom who was Walking to her room where she was watching TV with a piece of cake in hand. 
"hello Gerard!" she shot him a cheeky smile before she passed Bob and hit him upside the head. I dont know since when they've been playing that game. I think it's some type of insider they have ever since Bob spent the night over at my house cause his parents were out of town and there was no way inside his house with all the crazy security system that surrounds his house. They were bonding watching Comedy Central. Yeah, I dont know what's wrong with my mom. She's too weird. 
"t'sup guys" he added as he got chips from my plate. 
"hey" the others said. 

The rest of the day, we stayed at my house watching movies. It was pretty chill. When the clock hit 8pm, we went to a park because we got bored of watching movies. 
"Hey Eddie! Can I take a  frizz-b to play with your puppy!?" Frank popped up in Gerard's side of the window. 
"sure, just take care of him."
"fuck yeah!" 
Frank jumped back into his car, hitting Emma on the head when she was about to step in. He went back over to her, apologized and kissed her head. 
When we arrived, Frank ran off to play with my puppy that doesn't have a name yet. Ray went to pick up Christa and they laid down a blanket and cuddled under the stars. Bob, Mikey and Jade Went over to the playground and play like little kids. 
"Wanna go over to the swigs over there?" Gerard pointed at the isolated swings in the park.
We held hands and as we walked to the swings, I watched as Bob and Mikey through sand at Jade and she ran away from them. She ran near the water fountain and stopped and through them water. Now she was chasing them. Oh, children. 
Gerard and I sat on the swings and silence fell for a moment. Gerard was slightly swinging and I kicked the sand with my feet staring At the ground. I can see goose bumps forming on my legs. It's a chilly night and I decided to wear shorts. Smart. 
"so, how are you Eddie?" Gee said braking the silence. 
"I guess, I think I'm fine."
"you think?"
"yeah, ha. How about you?"
"I'm fine, just worried."
"worried for what?"
His answer was a jaw dropper. Worried for me? I mean, I know he's my boyfriend and all and he cares for me as much as I care for him but why would he be worried for me? I'm perfectly fine at the moment!
"just, I still hate the fact that you decided to smoke than talk to me. Do you not trust me?"
I stood up and walked over to him standing between his legs and arms around his neck. 
"Gee, I trust you with all my heart. Remember that. And also remember that I love you. I just -I couldn't tell you at the moment because, I couldn't even explain to myself my own feelings."
"it's okay, I understand. You know I went through that too and I don't blame you."
"I'm glad you understand me."
I kissed him lightly on the lips and he pulled me closer to him. 
He forced the kiss even more and I couldn't help myself. I miss him so much. I entangled my fingers through his hair and he brushed his finger tips on my back. Just how he likes it when I do it to him. 
"can you stay over my house tonight?" Gerard asked braking the lustful kiss. 
"I wish. I'm grounded. My mom just let me out today because it was my first day back home."
"can you try to sneak out? I know I'm being a bad boyfriend for telling you to sneak out but I miss you so much Edith"
"I miss you too Gerard. I'll try. I think my mom is working late today or she has like another dinner party so I can go over and tell Jade to cover for me."
"great! I love you Eddie."
"I love you too." I kissed him once more and we decided to actually play with the swings now. 

Emma's POV
"did you see that Frankie?" we were sitting down next to the tree since Frank got tired of playing with the dog. Frank was sitting up next to the tree and I was lying down, resting my head on his lap with the puppy on top of my stomach. He was brushing my hair and the dogs fur. 
"see what?"
"Eddie and Gee."
"you mean their little make out scene that looked like they were about to have sex?"
"yes, thank you for the details." I said sarcastically. 
"what about it?"
Now I don't feel right to say it. I wanted to say that, will we ever have something like that? Go to the next level. All the way? I think, I think I'm ready with Frank. I get a little nervous when it gets to this topic though.
"um, wasn't it cute?"
"yeah it was. They are a very much loving couple no matter what."

Frank's POV
that was weird. I could've sworn Emma was gonna compare us to them. In other words, I feel like she was gonna ask when will we have sex. Well, the answer to that question is...I'm ready when she is. I've known I'm ready since that day we almost had sex in the back seat of my car at the beach. I was a little nervous at first but then I got comfortable. I knew I'd love to have sex with her. Not jut because I think she has a rockin' body but because I know I love her. I would love to spend the rest of my life with her...

Gerard's POV
I waited for Eddie in the car as she talked to Jade about our plan. I thought to myself, should I ask again what was bothering Eddie? I'm sure she hasn't forgotten. Drugs and alcohol numb the pain for a while but not forever. I know from experience. I still remember to this day. I rather not ask. She'll tell me when she's comfortable about it. I just hope it isn't too bad...
She walked back over to the car with a smile. She opened the door and jumped in the car. 
"she said she'll cover for me under one condition."
"and what is that?"
"if I do her trigonometry homework."
"oh wow."
"I know right."
We drove back to my house listening to Nirvana in the background in silence. 
When we arrived, I told her to sneak in from the basement window and I will enter from the front door so my parents won't say anything. Luckily, they were asleep. I walked down to my room and opened the door. I found Eddie barely stepping foot on the ground from the drawer. I closed the door and put lock on it. As soon as we made eye contact, we walked over to each other and kissed and undressed each other. We lied down on my bed. I got off her for a quick second to slip on a condom and lied back down on top of her, ready to have an amazing night with my girl. 
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