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37. Everything is Just Fine

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*sorry for the wait. This chapter was done I just didn't have time to post it up......annnnd, I like to keep you guys waiting xD lol sorry :)

Bob's POV
I waited impatiently for the elevator to open. Once it opened, I ran down the hall screaming Gerard's name. I turned the corner to her apartment and saw Gerard's head pop out of the door. Once he saw me, he instantly ran to me and took Edith in his arms. He ran back inside and I ran behind him.
I watched as everyone gasped at the appearance of Edith in Gerard's arm. He lied her down on the sofa. 
"oh my poor baby! Some one call 911!" Ms. Lynn yelled. She was clinging to Mikey and Jade who were shedding a tear. 
Frank took his cell phone out and called 911 and stepped outside with Emma. Once they stepped out, Becky came in. 
"what's going on?" she asked. 
"well, we don't know if Eddie is alright. We're calling 911 right now."
"this is terrible..." 
She grabbed my arm and squeezed it. This scene is terrible. Gerard is kneeling down next to the couch taking hold of Edith's hand. Ms. Lynn moved over to the couch with Gerard. Mikey was taking hold of Jade who was crying and Linda was all alone, crying as well. We're all crying. Edith has to be okay..

Gerard's POV
"the cops are on their way!" Frank yelled coming in. I can't keep my eyes off Edith. I can tell she's been drinking and doing drugs. She has those bloodshot eyes. Her skin is pale. She could have been asleep for a while but now it seems she's unconscious. She really doesn't look okay. I hope everything is fine in her system...


The doctors are still checking on her. It's been about 45 minutes and we still don't know anything yet. 
This is all my fault, if I would have gone after her, this wouldn't have happened. I shouldn't have gotten mad at her, it was wrong. But I was just so angry that she broke the promise. It makes me think that what if, what if she starts braking other promises? I don't want that to happen. I love Edith. It'll brake my heart to know that. 
"Gerard, the doctors.." Ms. Lynn put a hand on my knee. I looked up and found a doctor standing in front of us. 
"are you Ms. Lynn?" the male doctor asked. 
"yes, is my daughter ok?"
"can we talk in private Ms. Lynn?" 
I looked at Ms. Lynn hoping she reads my face expression. She squeezed my knee and nodded. 
"no, I'd like for my daughter's boyfriend to stay and hear."
"very well. Edith will be alright. We found drugs in her system which caused her to be poisoned. You brought her in just in time or else she would have fallen into a coma. She'll have to stay here a couple of days for testing and see if her immune system is working correctly." 
I can't believe my Eddie was going to fall into a coma. Ms. Lynn squeezed my knee once more and let out a small whimper. I wrapped an arm around her squeezing her tight. 
"can we go in and see her?" I asked. 
"yes but she's not awake yet. Would you both like to go in?"
"yes please." I answered and helped Ms. Lynn up. I half carried her to Edith's room.
When we stepped in, Edith was lying there, looking like a zombie. We walked over and Ms. Lynn sat in the chair Next to the bed staring at her daughter. I stood by her feet, staring down at her feeling, helpless. 
She's in here cause of my fault. I didn't take care of her. I failed Ms. Lynn..
A nurse walked over to me and gave me a little ziplock bag. 
"this is Edith's nose ring. We had to take it off." 
Ms. Lynn looked up at me in surprise. 
"what nose ring?"
I completely forgot Ms. Lynn didn't know about her septum ring. 
"um, Edith had a septum ring.." I answered.
"what!? Since when?"
"a while back.."
"how did she hide it?"
"she just turned it over, up her nose.."
"Edith, Edith, I'm your mother and I even think you're full of surprises," she giggled softly, "you are just like your father, fearless and determined to do anything that comes to mind."
I sat on the other side of the bed. 
"I'm sorry to ask Ms. Lynn but, where is your husband?"
She looked up at me, it took a while for her to respond but, she eventually did.
"he lives in Canada as a business man.."
"do you mind if I ask why you guys split?"
"no, not at all. I trust you Gerard. We split because we -well, I thought it was necessary. We always fought. Eddie and Jade were too small to remember everything but they remember a portion. It's funny because, we're kinda like friends. Well, not friends. We just don't hate each other like other divorced couples. We are better off as friends then a couple..." she giggled. 
"that's, that you guys don't hate each other. If you guys did then that would affect Edith an Jade a lot huh?"
"yup, that would mess a-" she stopped talking because Edith had opened her eyes. 
"Edith! Darling, are you okay?!" Ms. Lynn got off her chair and squished Eddie to her chest. 
"ow, mom, that hurts."
"I'm sorry honey.."
I stood there feeling a little out of order. Could Eddie be mad at me? She looked at me with dim and sleepy eyes; no expression in her face. After a few seconds of just awkwardly staring, she smiled. I smiled back but, that was it. I'm really confused now, is she mad or not?
"honey, do you want anything? Water? Food?"
"no mom, it's cool. I have a really bad head ache though."
"want me to call the nurse?"
"no it's cool. Mom?"
"yes sweet heart?"
"can you leave Gerard and I alone for a while?"
She looked back and forth at me and Eddie, hesitating before she answered. 
"yes, sure honey. I'll be outside with the others."
"thank you mom." 
Ms. Lynn walked out and again, I stood there awkwardly a few inches away from her bed. There was an awful silence. She studied me, head to toe with a tired expression on her face. Then, she locked eye contact with me with a slight smile. She tried to move aside but she was very weak to do so. 
"Eddie, be careful. Don't hurt yourself." 
I got closer to the bed, reaching out for her to help her. 
"I'm just trying to move over so you can sit with me.."
"here, let me help you." 
I slid one arm under her back and one under her knees, picking her up slightly so she can move. 
"are you comfortable?"
"yes, now sit with me."
I sat down next to her and she raised an eyebrow. 
"are you still my boyfriend Gerard?"
Her questioned caught me off guard. Is she braking up with me?
"um, I guess So.."
"then if you are, scooch closer! Boyfriends cuddle with their girlfriends."
Phew! That was shocking. 
I wrapped an arm around her and she rested her head on my chest. 
"I'm sorry Gee, I -didn't want to do what I did. I have just been feeling, horrible lately."
"why didn't you just come talk to me.."

Edith's POV
"well, I dont know. I really don't. I just wanted to forget about it, instead of talking about it I guess. Next time I'll come to you, I pinky promise."
She held out her pinky and I grabbed it with my pinky. 
She looked up at me and kissed my neck. 
"I'm sorry for not running after you. I was pissed off that you were smoking."
"it's okay, I understand. I shouldn't have broke the promise.."
"what was bothering you Eddie?"
It took me a while to answer. I can't straight out tell Gee about Henry. Not now...
"um, I actually forgot really, I can't remember anything that happened."
"it's okay sugar, all that matters now is that you're alright."
"thank you for being here with me Gee"
I picked up her chin and kissed her. We were interrupted by a loud cry coming in from the door. 
"Edith! My baby!" Frank yelled out and through himself on Edith, hitting my head. 
"Frank, don't be so loud, I have an enormous head ache!"
"sorry, but I was just so worried!"
"where is Emma?"
"she had to go home but she'll give you the biggest hug when you get back to school."
"welcome back baby sister!"
Ray yelled coming in with a bouquet of flowers, following with Mikey, Bob, and Jade. 
"aww thank you Ray! I really appreciate you guys being here" 
"group hug!" Frank yelled and everyone moved closer to the bed, hugging each other. 

Third person POV (narrator)
Edith is back to her consciousness. Her and Gerard are back to normal as well. Everyone stayed in the room laughing and talking about life till it was time to leave the hospital because it was too late. Gerard stayed the night with Edith. Edith is happy to be back with her love But the problem with Henry is still bothering her. Edith is still deciding when to tell Gerard the truth. Time is ticking. She should hurry before It gets too late..
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