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36. Effect

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Frank's POV
We're half way through third period and Edith hasn't arrived yet. I saw her with Gerard this morning though. She might have ditched. She's such a rebel. 
After class, I was walking next to the gym towards our usual tree when I heard a noise behind the building. I walked over slowly, trying not to scare the possum that's probably there. I leaned next to the wall hiding and just turned my head to see if I see some type of creature. I did find a creature, but not exactly what I was expecting. 
"Edith! What the hell are you doing here?!" I walked over and sat down in front of Edith who was smoking something. 
"oh hey Frank, want a hit?" she puffed out some smoke and handed me the cancer stick. 
"of course not! What Is it?"
She took another hit and handed it back over to me. 
"I had no idea you smoked." I got the joint and took one puff and gave it back to her.
"why are you here alone?"
"I like being alone when Im smoking."
"ahh I see."
"you want it, I've had enough already."
I took one puff and through it on the ground. We got up and started to walk towards the tree. Everyone was there but us. 
"Frankie!" I heard Emma say. Everyone turned their heads toward our direction and smiled. 
We arrived and Emma gave me a big hug. 
"why do you smell like...weed?" Emma said to me sniffing my jacket. 
"I was behind the gym smoking."
"with who?"
"Eddie." I turned to Eddie who was hugging Gee. He let go of the hug and looked right at her with angry eyes. She let go of him like a scared kid who just saw a monster. 
"Gee, I can explain.."
"really? Than explain.."
Edith did not answer. She faced me and then Jade, then back at Gee. 
"you know what, I'm sorry Gee. I can't explain..."
She turned around and walked away. All eyes were on Gee.
"go after her Gee!" Emma yelled. 
He turned to Emma. 
"no" then he just lied on the ground, hands behind his head. Jade and Mikey took a look at Gerard. Mikey rolled his eyes and got up with Jade and chased after Edith. 
"Frank, I'm confused.." Emma whispered in my ear. 
"me too.." 
As soon as the bell rang, Gee got up and left without a word. Ray hissed and followed Gerard placing a hand on his shoulder. Bob walked with Emma and I. 
"are they, fighting?" Bob asked as Mikey and Jade walked over to us as well.
"I have no idea" I said and we all jerked our heads to Mikey and Jade. 
"what?" they both said. 
"you guys are the siblings! Don't you guys know anything?" Bob pointed out as he walked backwards in front of us. 
"I have no clue. I didn't even know Eddie smoked..." Jade replied. 
"I'm just really pissed off at Gerard. If he really loved Edith as he claims he does, then why didn't he go after her? It pisses me way off." Mikey answered. 
"well, I just hope Ray can figure something out.." I said and we walked inside the building. We all split our ways to 4th period. 

Edith's POV
I've screwed up, I've screwed up, I've screwed up. I keep repeating it to myself because I've screwed up. Gee is probably going to brake up with me and never talk to me or trust me again. I feel really bad. I knew I shouldn't have but it was tempting. I couldn't help myself. And besides, I really want to forget about my problems. Run away from them forever but we all know that's not possible. So I rather forget about them for a while than have them in my mind the whole day. 
I don't think I can stay in school with this guilt. I'm just going to leave..

Ray's POV
For about 10 minutes now, I've been trying to help Gee out but he somehow doesn't crack! We were in the restroom, sitting on the ground. 
"Gerard, why won't you tell me what was that all about?"
"because there's no use."
"what do you mean there's no use?!"
"there's no use!"
"don't you love Edith?!"
"till death!"
"then why didn't you go after her?" 
He took a minute to answer. 
"because... I dont know really. I was just pissed off at her.."
"because, one day we were talking and she confessed to me that she smokes weed when she's feeling down and then she had promised me she wouldn't do it again and she'd come to me and talk about what's going on.." 
"so that's why. She broke the promise and that's why you're mad?"
"I understand you but, I don't think it was right for you not to go after her. It'll send the wrong message."
"what do you mean?"
"well, she'll obviously know that you are mad but she could also think that you may have, lost a bit of feelings for her since you acted like you didn't care.."
"hmm, you're right, I should Probably go talk to her.."
"wanna go now?"
We got up and walked over to Edith's fourth period class. Since I'm a senior, they'll let me take any student out of a class if I have an excuse.
I walked in the class and greeted the teacher. 
"hello Ms. Hedgehog, can I please talk to one of your students outside of class? It's a message from the office."
"sure Ray, what student is it?"
"is Edith Lynn here?"
"I'm afraid she's not here today Ray.." 
I looked around the class and there was no Edith to be seen. 
"ok, thank you for your time Ms. Hedgehog."
"you're welcome"
I stepped out of class and walked over to Gee who was drinking water at the water fountain. 
"was she there?" he yelled. 
I shook my head. Gerard looked sad. 
"we'll talk to her during lunch. We should get to class now."
We walked down the stairs to our US history class.

It was after school, and still no sign of Edith. Nor in lunch; she didn't arrive at the tree. Where could she be?
"Christa, by any chance have you seen Eddie?"
"no not at all Ray, why? Is something wrong?"
"well, we just haven't seen her all day.."
"I hope she's fine"
"I hope so too.."
We continued to walk to the front gate where we saw everyone, including Linda and Rebecca.
"did you see Eddie around?"
Gerard asked me with worried eyes. 
"no, I'm sorry." 
Gerard moved a hand to his head, shaking his hair. Linda walked over to him and comforted him. 
"where has she gone?" Frank asked. 
"she must be feeling really bad..." 
"why don't we all wait at my house for her? Maybe she'll arrive later.." Jade commented. 
"sure.." I agreed for all of us and we all headed to the parking lot to drive to Jade's house. 

4, 5, 5:30pm came by and still, Eddie didn't show up. Ms. Lynn was getting worried as well as all of us. Ms. Lynn had made food for all of us and also made her famous cookies Gerard always talks about. He was too nervous and worried that he didn't even touch his food. Bob took his food instead. This is getting pretty tense. The silence in this room is scary..

Bob's POV
I feel really bad for Gee and Eddie's family. But I can't think straight right now. Rebecca, Linda and I are in the same room. I find it really awkward. Linda has been on my mind a lot lately. I feel an awful guilt. I'm just glad Linda doesn't seem to pay attention to Becky and I, she's too busy comforting Gee. But I hate myself, I've screwed up so much with Linda. I don't think I'll ever have the chance to say sorry to her...

Linda's POV
I can't stand the fact that I'm in the same room with Becky and Bob. It ticks me off. I'm trying to keep my mind off of this awkward silence by keeping Gee company. Besides, he needs me right now. He helped me out so I'm here for him. I have never seen Eddie and Gerard fight before. It gets me sad because they are perfect together and seeing them fight is like watching a dog die. It's terrifying and heart braking. 
I can't keep Bob off my mind though. Even though he has turned me down and offended me, I still really like him. I don't care if he meant what he has said, I forgive him either way because I love him..

Frank's POV
I feel like I should be with Gerard over there to keep him company but Linda is over taking my spot. I don't mind, but I'm his best friend..
I can't believe Edith has disappeared. What happened to her? Why was she smoking? Why did Gee get mad and not chase after her? Why are all these problems happening to strongest loving couple I know? It's jacked up shit. There is so many questions that I have that'll only maybe be answered if Eddie appears. 

Third person POV (narrator)
The mood in the Lynn's house was very intense but also very awkward for some. Let's take Linda and Bob as an example of awkward. The Way brothers had a lot in mind. Mikey was worried for Jade and Gerard was worried for Ms. Lynn. Ray was worried for the Lynn family but mostly for Gerard. He knew Gerard very well and he doesn't want to see him go back to depression. He wants peace between Edith and Gerard because he knows they both deserve it. 
Minute after minute after minute, everyone became more worried for Edith. What could she be up to?

Henry's POV
I don't enjoy my job anymore. It use to be fun with Gerard being around and stuff. He's a really cool dude but now that I know he is going out with Edith and he makes her really happy, it makes me feel really shameful. It's on my mind all the time and I can't pay attention to the good things life brings to me. There is this, really cute girl in one of my classes but what's holding me back from going to talk to her is Edith. She's in that class as well. I'm screwed. I got to let her go soon...
It was 7:15pm. My shift ended so I decided to leave as soon as possible. I'm dead tired. My house is just about two blocks away so I walk to and from home. I walked passed an alley where there was a few kids sitting down. Probably getting high. 
I stopped walking and froze when I heard my lovers name. 
"Edith, c'mon, stay longer."
"I can't, I really have to go."
"well, fine, take this." 
I walked back to the alley and found Edith with a guy and girl. I recognize them. They were the first two I met in school -Kaitlin and Danny, the biggest pot heads on school grounds, so I've heard. 
I made sure they didn't see me spying on them from the corner of the liquor store. Once Eddie, clumsily turned the corner, I grabbed her arm. 
"let go of me you creep!" she yelled. 
"Edith, it's me Henry." she flinched when she saw me in the light. She looked confused for a minute but recognized me in an instant. 
"Henry, I hate you." she broke the grip I had on her arm and started walking forwards. I caught up to her. 
"Edith, your house is the other way."
"who said I'm going home? FUCK home. I hate everyone. Fuck you Henry, fuck you Jade, fuck you Frank, Emma, world, and everyone else I know! Specially you Gerard! Fuck you Gerard!" she kept yelling and yelling fuck you around the streets. She also had a bottle in hand. She kept taking sips every "fuck you".
She continued walking. It hurts me to see her this way. 
"Edith, follow me."
"no! Cause you'll take me home!"
"I won't, I promise. There's this party down the block, wanna go?"
"I hate parties!"
Fuck my life
"ok, Um, I have more drinks at my house!"
"okay, I'll go but you better not try to make me have sex with you again asshole!"
Even in her drunk state, she remembers the evil me. My heart has been shattered to pieces ones again. 
She kept stumbling down and every time pulling me down with her. So I decide to carry her to her house on my back. 
I remember clearly where she lives but I just don't know her apartment number. 
I was walking towards the front gate when I saw two of Edith's friends. 
"hey! Hey!" I called running towards them. They turned but I'm sure they don't recognize me. As I got closer, the guy with the blonde hair ran towards me.
"Edith!" he yelled. I stopped running when he caught up to me. I put down an unconscious Edith and her friend took her. He ran to the front gate holding Edith bridal style. I ran behind him. 
"Becky! Open the gate!" he yelled as we got closer to the entrance. She hurried and opened the gate just in time. I watched him from the gate as he ran inside to the elevator. 
"thank you so much for finding Edith! What's your name?" the girl asked me. 
"how do you know her?"
"I met her at school."
"well thank you so much Henry. I'm Rebecca. Nice to meet you." 
We shook hands. 
"wanna go up to see what's going on?"
"um, no, I rather not."
"I uh -I really have to go. I'm sorry. It was nice meeting you Rebecca!" I didn't wait for her reply. I just ran all the way home, crying my eyes out. The love of my life is hurt and I can't be there, holding her in my arms. Instead she'll be in another guys arms...
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