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Fragile Words Like These Will Cut Your Tongue

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Frank's P.O.V.
10:00 PM

I sat on the soft bed in the guest room, reading a horror book, which was not very interesting. I put the book down, and lay down flat on the bed, just staring at the ceiling. I couldn't stop thinking about Gerard today. I had been staying at his house for a month now, since he said I could stay for as long as I wanted. And in one month, we had become good friends.
I wanted to be more than friends, though. I have to admit, I really, really liked Gerard. He was the only person that had ever been nice to me!

Sometimes I wondered if he felt the same way for me...but I could tell that Gerard had this dark, mysterious side to him... And I wanted to uncover it.
Before I could get deeper into thought, I heard Gerard quietly crying, and talking on the phone in his room. Why would he be crying? I wondered what was going on, so I silently sneaked out of the guest room, and listened outside his closed door.

"For the last time, Andy, I won't do it. I just can't! Frank is everything to me, you know I won't do it!" Gerard said, while trying to hold back tears.

"I can't do it. I don't have the heart to watch him bleed to death by my own doing." Gerard said. Right now, I was beyond confused. Who was he talking to about me? And what on earth was he talking about?
Just when I was least expecting it, Gerard swung the door open. Now I look really stupid, just standing outside his door.

"Frank...d-did you hear any of that?" Gerard asked. His glistening hazel eyes were full of tears, and his black hair was a complete mess.

"Uhh...yeah." I replied, feeling awkward.

"Frank, come in. I think there's something I should tell you." Gerard said. I walked into his room, and sat on the edge of his bed. Little did I know, what Gerard was about to say, was about to reveal his dark side...

Gerard sat down next to me, and began his story.

"Do you remember the night the gothic-looking guy with the black wings threatened you?" Gerard asked.

"Um, yeah." I said. It was true, I did remember the strange man.

"Just try not to freak out, but...he wants me to kill you." Gerard said. Fear pulsed through my body. Why does the guy want me dead?!
Why does he want Gerard to kill me?! A million questions buzzed through my head, at once.

"W-Why does the guy want you to kill me? What did I do?!" I said. I was so scared at this point.

"Frank, you did nothing wrong, its just....I don't know if I could tell you why he wants me to kill you." Gerard replied.

"Gerard, you can tell me anything. Please tell me." I begged.

"You'll think I'm a freak." Gerard whimpered, while his eyes started tearing up

"Hey I'm a freak, too. Just tell me." I said.

"I'm sorry, Frank...I just don't think you'd understand." Gerard replied. There was something he really didn't want me to know about. And I was desperate to find out what.

Gerard's P.O.V.

I wanted to tell Frank my secret, but his reaction could go either way. He could either accept the fact that I am some Fallen Angel freak...or he could think I was crazy, and never speak to me again. I didn't want to make a mistake,and lose Frank. I loved him.

"I'll try to understand, just tell me!" Frank pleaded. I could tell he really badly wanted to know.
I decided I'd take the chance...

"Okay...that gothic guy is a Fallen Angel. You saw his wings, and now he's afraid you'll tell the media, or sell him to a lab for observation, or whatever...are you happy now?" I said, angrily. Andy would kill me if he knew that I told Frank about the Fallen Angels.

"Gerard...I don't know if I can believe all fallen angels." Frank said, clearly starting to think I was crazy.

"Frank....I am a Fallen Angel, too."I said, wondering if I just blew it.

"Gerard...stop playing around." Frank said.

"I'm not playing around. Look."
I said as I started unzipping the leather jacket I was wearing that concealed my wings, and let it fall to the floor. Without looking at Frank I could tell he was probably getting freaked out.

I pulled my shirt off, revealing my black, feathered wings. I looked at Frank. His face seemed to be twisted in confusion, but at the same time, he didn't seem too scared, or disgusted.

"I'm a winged freak, see?! You're probably going to hate me now. I should have never told you." I said.

I think I've ruined everything...
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