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The Truth

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Frank's P.O.V.

I sat there like an idiot, just staring at Gerard's wings. I couldn't believe this was happening. How did he even become a Fallen Angel? My head was over-flowing with questions I wanted to ask Gerard. But there was still one question that burned in the back of my mind.

"Gerard, why did you hide this from me for so long?" I asked.

"I just...didn't want to lose you." Gerard replied. I could almost feel my heart melt into my chest. No one had ever said something like that to me before.

"Really?" I questioned.

"Y-yeah, I just...didn't want you think I was a freak, and then leave ,because...Ikindalikeyou." Gerard said, mumbling the last few words quite fast. Did he say he liked me?

"Wait, what did you say?" I said.

"Oh, um...nothing, just forget about it." Gerard said.

"How did this happen?" I asked, wondering if I was pushing it.

"I thought you were gonna ask me that..." Gerard said, as he paused, and then turned to face me.

"I was 16 when I couldn't take it anymore. I was an outcast, pretty much. I could never fit in, or make friends. My family didn't favor me, either." Gerard said, before pausing again, to hold back tears. I could almost feel the pain he once felt.

"I wrote some suicide notes, and then I...I slashed myself to death with a razor, on the bathroom floor." He said, while he buried his face in his hands, and started softly sobbing.

Then I had a sudden realization.

The notes on the dresser must have been his suicide notes.

And the razor must have been...HIS!

I felt so bad for Gerard.

"I didn't go to Heaven, or Hell. I just became...this." Gerard said.

"I feel so bad for you..." I said.

"Don't feel bad. I deserved it." Gerard said, while I could almost feel the bitterness dripping off of his words.

"I do feel bad, and you didn't deserve it." I said, hoping I was reassuring Gerard...somehow.

"You're probably the only human being that's ever shown sympathy for me...thanks." Gerard replied.

"And you're probably the only human being that doesn't want to lose me." I said, cracking a small smile, while Gerard lifted his face out of his hands, and looked me in the eyes. His cheeks were stained with tears,his beautiful hazel eyes were bloodshot, but his perfect smile lit up his face.

He leaned in closer to me, and before I knew it, his soft lips were on mine. I started to feel goosebumps spreading all over me, as he pushed me down onto the bed, and slipped his tongue into my mouth. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and pulled him closer. An exhilarating feeling of happiness pulsed through my body. I never wanted this to end. Ever.

Soon enough, Gerard pulled away, and lay down next to me on the bed.

"I'll never leave you." Gerard whispered.

"I'll never leave you,either" I whispered back.

And with that, we fell asleep, not knowing what tomorrow would bring.....

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