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Heaven Help Us

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Frank's P.O.V. 10:00am

Large beams of morning sunlight streamed through the window, while the sound of little chirping birds filled my ears. Right there, in that moment ; everything felt perfect, as if nothing could ruin this day. I just wanted to have this content feeling forever.

I rolled over onto my side to face Gerard, who was still fast asleep. His raven-black hair was a hot, tangled mess that fell into his beautiful closed eyes. His face had a peaceful expression, almost as if he was as happy as I was. But the thing that stood out more than anything was his feathery, black wings. I was still having a hard time believing that this wasn't just some crazy dream that I couldn't wake up from!

Gerard's P.O.V.

I was kindly awoken by someone brushing my messy hair away from my face. I drowsily opened my eyes and saw Frank's un-forgettable face inches away from mine. His pretty hazel eyes seemed to glisten in the rays of the morning sun.

"What're you doing?" I asked, sounding extremely tired.

"I was just waiting for you to wake up." Frank replied sweetly, while giving me a quick peck on the lips. This definetly had to be THE best way to wake up.

I looked out the small apartment window, and gazed outside. It looked like such a beautiful day out there. I figured it would be fun to go spend the day just fooling around in town.

"Hey, wanna hit the town?" I suggested.

"Sure, why not?" Frank replied, with a playful look in his eye...

Frank's P.O.V.

I walked back to the guest room, and changed into a "The All-American Rejects" t-shirt, as well as my favorite pair of black skinny jeans, and a pair of black converse. I couldn't be bothered in the slightest to do my hair, so I left
it as a brown, scraggly mess.

Shortly after that, we left the apartment, and started the short walk to town...


When we reached the town, I noticed it was quieter than what it usually is. Normally, there are rebellious teenagers hanging around,and people shopping, and things like that. My favorite shop definetly had to be the record store, "Music Bros.".
They probably had every CD know to man there!

"Hey Gee, let's go to the record store!" I said, hoping he would agree.

"Sure, why not. I think one of my friends are working there today, though." Gerard replied.

"Does it matter if your friend is there?" I asked.

"Um...well, he's a little weird, that's all." Gerard said. I wonder how bad could this "friend" could be?

"I don't care, I'm weird,too!" I said. That was a true statement, as well.

"Honestly, I think we both are!" Gerard responded happily.

We made our way to the record store, and I could feel the excitement bubbling inside of me. I don't know why I love this place so much, but I do. I can remember spending hours in there when I was around 11 years old, just blowing all my allowance money on CDs!

When we reached the store, I grabbed the glass door's metal handle, and pulled it open, as we walked inside.
The blood-red painted walls had loads of music memorabilia hanging on them. From signed guitars, to rare records in a frame, they had everything!
Small wooden bookshelves lined up against the wall, held all the CDs. Heck, they even labeled the shelves with the different genres of music! They had metal, rock, pop, soul,blues,...pretty much every genre known to man.
An un-occupied desk with a laptop and cash register sat in the other side of the store, next to an 'employees only' door.

"ASHLEY, ARE YOU HERE?" Gerard yelled. Within seconds, the 'employees only' door swung open, and I think my heart stopped. You see, when Gerard yelled "Ashley" I was expecting a girl to walk out.

"Ashley" was a guy...

He had a black,studded, leather vest on, as well as dark-colored ripped jeans, aviator glasses, and black cowboy boots. His hair was shoulder-length, with a few spikes at the back.

"Oh, hey Gee." He hollered, as he walked over to us.

"Hey Ash, what's up?" Gerard asked.

"Nothing. Who's this?" Ashley asked, while turning his gaze to me. I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable...this "Ashley" guy was creeping me out a little.

"This is Frank." Gerard replied, while Ashley nodded.

"Hey...Frank, you remind me of someone..." Ashley said.

"Uhh...Who?" I replied, trying to figure out who he could possibly be likening me to.

"Ugh, what's that lady's name again?....oh yeah! Oprah Winfrey."

Ashley said, smiling. Okay, I really don't know what's wrong with this dude. How the hell do I look like Oprah?! I could see Gerard was turning bright red, trying not to laugh.

"Oh! Before I forget! I'm going to a rock festival tomorrow, but it would be cool if you guys would go with me. They're gonna have a lot of bands playing, and the admission is free. D'you wanna go?" Ashley offered.

"Hell YES, I wanna go! What about you Frank?" Gerard asked.

"Sure, why not."
I said. I had never been to a festival or a concert before, so this was definetly going to be exciting.

"Cool, I'll pick you guys up at 6pm tomorrow." Ashley said.

Gerard and Ashley continued talking, while I walked off to go wander around the store.

They didn't have as much music as they used to. When I used to come here, they had mainly rock and metal CDs. Now, it seems like they just have pop, mainstream stuff.

Just as I was walking past the cash register, the front article of a newspaper caught my eye. The title read:

"Bizarre Creatures Sighted Worldwide!"

I wasn't too enthusiastic about these 'bizarre creatures'.
I figured it was just another stupid thing to make you buy their newspaper.
But somehow, I was intruiged.
I read the short paragraph that was written under the title:

"These odd creatures have been sighted worldwide, and described to look human, but with huge, black, angel-like wings. Police say they will give a cash reward of $30,000 to anyone who can bring them one of these creatures, for further inspection.
Find out how this has been proven to not be a hoax, and read the whole story, on page 9"

I could feel fear in the pit of my stomach.

Gerard told me that a few Fallen Angels had been captured for observation, but I didn't know the whole WORLD was after them.

But...why all of a sudden?

My mind was spinning!

I took a deep breath, and turned to page 9 to read the rest...

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