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The Trainer

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When Akane gets the foolish idea that she could defend herself from future kidnappers, Ranma comes up with a cunning plan to show just how dangerous it could be to get abducted by an evil perverted...

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Prisoner of the Iron Mask/The Trainer/As much fun as it had been to watch from her hiding place as her naked fiancée exerted herself, Ranma finally got fed up with Akane's useless attempts at training. Stealthily Ranma entered the gym through a hidden side door while Akane's back was turned.

Taking a moment to pose behind the unsuspecting girl in her newest disguise she finally announced her presence by loudly blowing a whistle.

Ranma made no attempt to hide her amusement as she watched Akane almost jump through the roof. For a few minutes it looked like she could not decide whether to cover herself, take a fighting stance or simply run. As a compromise she finally opted for clenching her fists in front of her crotch and breasts.

Stupid tomboy! Always focus on the fight. Survival first, modesty later! That was another thing Ranma would have to teach her.

She finally decided to introduce herself. "I am Severa. I will be your instructor. My job will be to make sure that you will be a worthy challenge for our prince during the tournament. I can see that you will require lots of training."

Akane gaped.

And she certainly should! Ranma had put quiet a lot of effort in creating this disguise and the role she was currently playing.

Skintight black leather covered Ranma's female form head to toe. It covered, but it did not actually hide anything from view, like for example the fact that she did not wear anything underneath it.

The outfit only had a small hole in the back of her head through which Ranma's black-dyed hair was hanging out in a loose ponytail and an opening in the front for her face. Ranma had covered the lower half of it with a black veil that distantly resembled the one she had worn as a maid. A pair of mirrorshades that were totally useless indoors hid her eyes.

Hanging from cords around her neck a stopwatch and a whistle were nestled between her large leather-clad breasts. Since the outfit did not have any pockets, she wore a leather belt around her waist that had several pouches and items fastened to it. Most of them were for the benefit of Akane's imagination rather than any practical use.

The look was completed by a pair of high-heel boots that seamlessly seemed to merge with the rest of the outfit. The high-heels made it a bit difficult to move but they gave her a bit of extra height and shifted her entire posture. Ranma almost had not recognized herself when she had first seen her mirror image and Akane certainly seemed equally impressed.

"Hey! How come you are not naked?" Akane demanded to know, "I thought this was..."

But she was interrupted before she could finish her indignant complaint.

"Because," Ranma drawled, "I am not the one who will be doing all the sweating, little one."

Neither Ranma's smirk nor her eyes roaming appreciatingly over Akane's nude body should have been visible to Akane, but her reaction showed that Ranma had managed to convey the general attitude of 'Severa' nonetheless.

"We have lots of work ahead of us," Ranma declared as she stalked towards the nervous girl.

Ranma was getting the hang of playing this Severa character. She would never have been able to act this way with Akane as herself — mostly because she would have been malleted for being a pervert, but also because Ranma was genuinely not this forward. Hiding behind the guise allowed her to do and say things that she would never have dared otherwise. As Severa she even somehow could pronounced 'work' in a way that made it not sound, but be understood as 'fun'.

"You are going to train me?" Akane asked frozen halfway in her fight-or-flight reflex.

"I," Ranma told her invading her personal space, "am going to give you Strength/, /Endurance and /Discipline/. You will need them if you want to improve your fighting skills. You want to be a better fighter, don't you, little one?"

Ranma managed to tower over Akane despite the fact that her girlside was actually a bit shorter than her. The high-heels had little to do with this feat; it was mostly done by dint of sheer attitude.

"Er... yes, I want to train to beat the prince, but...." Akane's hesitant reply was again interrupted by Ranma.

"Fine, then put these on," ordered Ranma giving her four heavy metal cuffs from her belt.

Ranma had found them in one of the unused dungeon cells. After removing the attached chains she had originally planned to wear them as part of her current costume, but seeing Akane train had made her change her mind.

"Those are magic shackles," Ranma lied, "they will make you become stronger."

"Don't worry, I have the keys right here," she added patting a pouch on her belt when she saw Akane look at them dubiously.

Akane hesitantly began putting the cuffs on her wrists and ankles as Ranma walked around her. Finally after having secured the last manacle she straightened up only to be surprised by a click as Ranma fitted a collar around her neck. In fact she was so surprised that she did not even notice that Ranma had hit a pressure point on Akane's back with her other hand at the same time as she closed the collar.

"It is part of the set" Ranma placated her before Akane could protest.

Akane felt the collar with one hand. She looked like she really regretted having gone along with Ranma's suggestion.

"Now that it is all on it should work. Try it out. Lift that barbell over there."

Happy to get away from the leather clad girl Akane hurried to the weights.

"This tiny thing?" she wanted to know apparently already feeling more confident now that she had Ranma out of her personal space, "I can lift this with one hand. I don't need any magic shackles for that."

Ranma just stood there waiting as Akane reached for the weight. First casually with one hand than earnestly with both Akane tried to move the barbell, but only managed to make it roll around on the floor a bit. Alarmed she tried other weights which proved to be just as uncooperative.

Enraged she turned around to face Ranma again. "What have you done to me, you...."

Before Akane could find a suitable expletive Ranma was standing in front of her. A leather gloved index finger sealing Akane's lips.

"I have done exactly what I have told you," Ranma told her in a voice that was far too calm, "The shackles you wear will make you stronger if you wear them while training. Every effort you make in them will be multiplied manyfold. When you take them of for your match with the prince you will be far stronger than you are now. The shackles are a magnificent strength training tool and you should be grateful to be allowed to wear them."

That was of course almost all a lie. The shackles and collar were very ordinary restraints and the 'magic' had come from Ranma surreptitiously pressing a special pressure point to block Akane from using her chi to boost her strength. Being forced to do strength training with just her normal muscle power would make Akane stronger in the long run, that part had been true, but by concocting a story about exactly how Akane would benefit from the training, Ranma avoided having to explain all the finer details to her.

Akane probably did not even know that she was using her chi to boost her strength. Ranma would have had to convince her that she was actually doing it and then find a way to make her stop doing it. Tricking her and saying that it was something else was just faster for now. Besides it was exactly the sort of training method that Akane would feel really uncomfortable with.

Removing her finger from Akane's lips Ranma finished "Now, do you want me to remove them?"

Akane's anger was gone again and she looked chagrined as she shook her head, "no."

"Good," Ranma smiled even if Akane could not see it, "one other thing. While I train you, you will always call me 'Mistress'. Is that clear?"

Ranma stood waiting for an answer in a way that was somehow very obvious about not trying to draw attention to the whip clipped to the side of her belt.

Akane felt her eyes drawn there nonetheless. She gulped.

"Yes," she answered and then added without prompting "...Mistress."

"Perfect! Now let's begin with doing some push-ups" Ranma told her.

This really was perfect, Ranma thought as she watched Akane go down on the ground before her. As she loudly counted out Akane's push-ups Ranma watched fascinated the rise and fall of her rear and the general play of her muscles. Such a beautiful sight!

Ranma had not said how many push ups she should do. Akane was trusting her to tell her to stop at some point. She was at her feet clad only in shackles and a collar and willing to do whatever Ranma told her.

Ranma almost could not believe it.

If Ranma had come in here as himself he would have been immediately malleted before he could even open his mouth. Had he tried to play the role of a drill instructor and told Akane to 'give her twenty' and call her Sir or Miss, Akane would have tried to fight. Violence and open threats would have made matters worse.

But the way Ranma had played her role had left Akane unsure how to respond. Violence and insults she could handle, sexuality was something she did not feel at home with. The feeling of naked defenselessness and the desire to actually advance in the art must have finally prompted Akane to go along with her rather than call her a pervert and try to hit her.

And Ranma had every intention of not disappointing the trust Akane put in her by submitting to her mistress' training . Ranma would make Akane improve. Ranma would take her to her limits and beyond.

Several eternities later Akane had reached her absolute limit. Akane had reached her limit several times before but the sadistic bitch of a trainer had not been ready to let her stop. Akane had come to the point where she no longer cared about the pain she felt in every muscle of her body. Akane could not remember ever having felt this exhausted or ever having trained this hard.

Akane had done push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups and whatever else-ups mistress Severa could come up with. She had run on the treadmill, rowed on the rowmachine, cycled on exercycle and stepped on the stepper. She had pushed, lifted and jerked up all kinds of weights in all kinds of positions. The weights her trainer made her use were childishly small, they just did not feel that way to Akane.

Mistress Severa had shown special interest in the machine with all the pulleys and levers. She had impishly removed the handles and clipped Akane's manacles directly to the cables. When Akane had reached her limit and could not pull the cables down anymore, she simply hung from the manacles unable to let go and collapse on the ground. Akane had begged to be let down, but the Mistress had not relented she would only unfasten her if she finished her exercise. And then she had swatted Akane on her bare behind until she continued the exercise. So Akane had continued.

And later during a different when Akane had reached her limit again and really could not go on anymore, her Mistress had done it again, forbidden her to give up and forced her to continue.

By now Akane was so exhausted that it was simpler to go along with whatever her Mistress demanded rather than try to convince her that she was to exhausted to do it.

Mistress Severa stepped up to the treadmill that Akane was currently on. Akane was not slowing down again, she was running as fast as she could!

"I see you are getting exhausted, little one," Mistress told her, "I think we should finish for today. Of course tomorrow we will train a bit harder, won't we?"

'Sadistic bitch!' thought Akane unable to feel relief about finally coming to an end or dread about doing worse tomorrow.

Leaning over the treadmill display mistress Severa reset the odometer.

"Just finish the lap you are on and then you can go hit the showers," she said slapping Akane goodbye on the butt and left the room.

'Perverted sadistic bitch!' Akane affirmed in her thoughts but still finished the lap that she had just been forced to restart.

When she was done Akane stepped of and slowly walked in towards the showers. There were plenty of towels there now covering the seats of various exercise machines Akane had used. Had Akane still been interested in modesty she might simply have picked one up, but she was beyond caring about these things by now. For all she cared the guards or the prince might come in and look at her all they wanted; Nabiki could come and take pictures; she would not have fought Happosai in her current condition; even Ranma would have gotten off with no more than a token malleting if he had peeped on her right now.

Not that Akane wanted anybody to come. She did not need to be rescued from this castle full of perverts. She would train and get stronger and beat the prince on her own.

Little Ashes the Maid was waiting for her in the showers. The little girl looked a bit silly wearing only her veil and not the rest of her outfit, but Akane let it pass without comment. The maid scrubbed and washed her as Akane was by now far to lethargic to do it by herself. Normally Akane would have malleted, object or at least felt embarrassed about being so close to another naked (except for the veil) girl. But after being exposed to mistress Severa's attention for comparison she had problems accusing Ashes with her buisnesslike scrubbings any ulterior motives.

Akane sat down as Little Ashes began doing her hair. Perhaps not so little she mused as she watched the breasts swaying beneath the bend over maid.

Something seemed strangely familiar about those globes.

Hadn't she seen them somewhere before?

But Akane was so exhausted and thinking felt so hard while Ashes hands felt so good. Akane was slowly drifting off....

Ranma fondly watched the sleeping tomboy. She had really fallen asleep as Ranma had finished washing her hair.

Gently picking her up he began carrying Akane back to the dungeon. She did not brother with clothing herself or the passenger in her arms. There was no one in the castle besides the two of them and an army of mannequins.

Luckily Ranma had managed to finish the Xi Fang Gao technique before Akane dozed of. Ranma had been getting worried that Akane might recognize her. Ranma might not have been as good as Shampoo and without the formula it would normally be difficult to achieve anything, but Akane was so tired that she already was half in trance and Ranma had taken the opportunity to clean up her memory a bit.

Ranma did not want Akane to forget him completely or anything like that. She just wanted to keep Akane from realizing how much the various females in the prince's fellowship looked like Ranma's cursed form.

If anyone asked Akane what Ranma's girlside looked like she would still be able to describe it, but if everything had worked she would not be able to recognize her in Ashes or Severa unless someone ripped of their veils and shouted: "Can't you see? This is Ranma!"

With a bit luck Akane would also fall for any disguises Ranma might need in the future and not connect them with each other.

Ranma eased open the door to Akane's new room. The door was less sturdy and the cell had more furniture in it, but with Akane being under the effect of the strength-sapping pressure point there was less risk of her breaking everything.

Gently she tucked her naked fiancée in her bed and kissed her good night on the forehead.

Smiling Ranma locked the door behind her and went to find some clothing and a warm if empty bed for herself.

Today had been fun even if she had not been able to make Akane give up on being a martial artist.

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