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Rivals to the Rescue?

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When Akane gets the foolish idea that she could defend herself from future kidnappers, Ranma comes up with a cunning plan to show just how dangerous it could be to get abducted by an evil perverted...

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Prisoner of the Iron Mask
Rivals to the Rescue?

Nabiki was starting to get concerned. At first the fight between Ranma and her little sister had been sort of funny. Ranma arguing that Akane should continue to play the damsel in distress and Akane vowing to take on the next stranger who would abduct her by herself. Then Ranma had threatened not to rescue her anymore and Akane had countered by actually forbidding him from rescuing her.

Predictably Akane had been kidnapped soon after that. Ranma had acted like he actually was not going after her. Hah, as if! Nabiki knew better, but Ranma had this problem about publicly admitting defeat, so they had allowed him to pretend that he was really just going on a training trip instead of chasing after his fiancee.

According to Kasumi, Ranma had returned early this morning to fetch some training props. Stuff from his room and a few books he borrowed from Kasumi.

Nabiki had no idea what Ranma would do with most of them. Kasumi's anatomy and kinesiology books, Nabiki could see as being helpful, even if Ranma should already know everything in there except for the big words, but cookbooks on European cuisine or the family encyclopaedia volume IV [J-N]? Maybe Ranma had gotten into a weird martial arts librarian contest with Akane's abductor.

Anyway, Nabiki was getting worried. Maybe Ranma was in over his head? Maybe he really was serious about not intervening in Akane's plight? Nabiki could not really picture this but martial artists were a stubborn lot.

And the last time Akane had been kidnapped it had been a really close call from what she had heard. Not that Nabiki was overly worried
about her little sister's welfare, but if something happened to Akane Nabiki would be next in line to unite the schools and that would
simply not do.

It was time to call in some reinforcements for Akane's rescue.

Later On the phone:

"Unryu Farm, this is Akari speaking, hello?"

"Ah, Akane' sister, yes I remember."

"I am sorry to hear that."

"Ryouga? No he is not here at the moment."

"He went for a walk a week ago, but I spoke on the phone with him just yesterday. Apparently he met some of his relatives and with that being so rare they are having any impromptu family reunion. I am so happy for him, he does not get to see his family very often."

"No he did not say where he was. I don't think anybody there actually knows. They are all Hibikis there, you know?"

"If Ryoga calls again I will tell him that you wanted to speak with him."

"Good luck with your sister. Bye."


Later again:

"...Look Sugar, Akane is my friend and everything, but I have a business to run here. I can't just take off and chase her down all the way to China or wherever else she has gone to this time"

"You said yourself that you don't even know where to start looking."

"You know what, if you got a good lead or something I am game, just tell me when and where and I will be there for the fight."

"No problem sugar, that's what friends are there for. Bye"


"I know you have been listening in again, Konatsu. Don't try to guilt trip me. You know that we can't just take off from work."

"I am still angry about the stunt Akane pulled with her wedding, but I promise I will come along as soon as Nabiki comes up with something solid. OK?"


And then:

"...Pervert Girl got herself kidnapped again? And Ranma no rescue her this time? This is too, too good news."

"Why would Shampoo want to rescue, if Ranma no want her back?"

"Every warrior to fight her own fight; Is amazon custom. Shampoo would not want to disturb someone-else's fight."

"Besides Shampoo too, too busy with Neko-Hanten. You want order take-out; is on house in celebration of Shampoo husband giving up on violent tomboy."



"... and so I pledge to put all the resources of the noble house of Kuno behind your quest to free your sister. No thanks are needed, your sisters gratefulness will be all the reward this humble samurai might ever ask for. As soon as you have provided me with sufficient information on the whereabouts of my Akane I will immediately begin my quest..."

Kodachi listened on as her idiotic brother was talking on the phone in the next room. He was assuring the mercenary Tendo girl to do everything in his power to rescue her sister Akane. Knowing her older brother and Nabiki Tendo as well as she did, she suspected that everything in his power would translate to everything in his wallet and not much more.

Her brother was useless in mostly anything that did not involve slicing melons and giving overly dramatic speeches. If Akane Tendo had to rely on him for her rescue she would be doomed.

Fortunately for Akane, the girl was blessed with an assortment of capable friends who would not hesitate to come to her rescue. First among them Kodachi's very own Ranma Saotome.

Well, perhaps not exactly her Ranma Saotome. Kodachi had realized long ago that Ranma was not and would not be hers. That was why she had actually asked Akane to "borrow" him for her bet with the White Lilly. But just because she stood no chance of actually winning Ranma's love was no reason to give up the wonderful fight for him.

The competition over Ranma Saotome was one of the few times when Kodachi really felt like she belonged. She was no leader or outsider, just one among others. The other girls would not just associate with her for her families money and connections or exclude her over slight eccentricities like her schoolmates did. They accepted her as she was and even respected her as a rival.

True relations between them were not always cordial, but that was part of the game. And every now and then they united forces in some undertaking like beating up the Panda when they had chased after Ranma's ring. That had been fun.

In a twisted way the other girls after Ranma were the closest Kodachi had ever come to have true friends.

That is why it hurt so much to be excluded from so many of their adventures. Often she only managed to participate by chance. Just last month several of them had gone of to far away China on an adventure that by all the accounts she had heard, must have been remarkable. If she had been told beforehand, Kodachi would have surely found some justification to get involved. At least this time the Kuonji girl had also been left behind. And the fun Kodachi had at the wedding soon after had made up for a lot. It had been so thoughtful of them to invite her.

Kodachi made a decision. This time she would not depend on chance or the charity of others to be involved in the coming action. She would proactively search out the kidnapper of Akane Tendo and be sure to join the others when they arrived.

With a carefree laugh Kodachi went to prepare for her adventure.
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