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Angel From The Depths...

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Frank moves to a new jersey boarding school where he Meets Gerard But one of them has a secret. Frerard.

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A New start A New Life…Sort Of

I was on a familiar California road, standing…waiting. As the sun set I began to walk. As the temperature dropped my pace quickened, I was running, faster than I’ve ran before, I was scared, I ran into a small wood, someone was following me, I entered a clearing in the trees and the moon beamed down filling my eyes with light momentarily blinding me, tears ran down my face as a cold pale hand touched my shoulder. I stopped running, I knew what was going to happen now, I turned to face the hands owner and before I knew it I felt the sharp white teeth plunge into my neck and inhale the blood from my veins.

When I woke I felt trickles of water running down my face. I placed a hand to my forehead and removed the damp cloth from my cold skin and placed it on my bedside table, as I lifted my head in my neck came a burning pain, I moved my hand to run gently around the back of my neck to feel the scars were still there. It wasn’t just a dream. And I gave a rather loud wince of pain as the burning got worse. “Frank Sweetheart, did you have another bad dream? You were restless and screaming for an hour…” a look of worry and confusion in her eyes, I glanced up at her and rolled back onto my bed
“A bad memory actually…” I mumbled inaudible for my mother to hear, she took the cloth from the night stand and left the room, carefully shutting the door behind her.

It’s been 7 months now, she doesn’t know what I am, and I’d like to keep it that way. Today’s the last day she’ll have to worry about me anyway. She’s sending me to a boarding school called
‘Academy Of Higher Education New Jersey’ what a shit name for a school right?
She’s only sending me here because she thinks I won’t get bullied. I’d been to 7 different schools before my mom eventually decided it was time to move state. California was horrible. It was too sunny and all the people where stuck up twats…in my view anyway. It was different this time I was scared, a boarding school, I couldn’t just walk away. But I wasn’t scared for me; I knew what I was capable of. I was scared for the others…

As my mom pulled up outside the school she said her last goodbyes and left me with two rather intimidating looking men. They reminded me something of bouncers at a club or high security body guards for the president.
“Welcome to the academy Mr Iero, follow me to the main building” said one of the men he indicated with his arm for me to walk with them, he was very tall I’d say about 6 ft. 5 and the other about the same, they bother wore plain black suits with pagers attached to their belts, they were both wearing black sunglasses and had an emotionless facial expressions. Then one of the guard’s hands moved in front of me indicating for me to stop walking when we got to the main door of the building, they were huge and made of wood with metal panels across it, although the wood seemed to be rotting and the metal rusting it was very gothic. The door swung open and a middle aged woman appeared
“Thank you George and Phil, I’ll take it from here” she said with a friendly grin on her face, the men nodded and returned back to their position outside the school building, I turned back to the woman who was now beaming down at me.
“You must be Frank, I’m Miss Lebrun and this is The Academy of higher Education, follow me and I’ll show you to your dorm.” I nodded shyly and followed her up 3 flights of stairs until she stopped outside one of the rooms. She was quite tall and slim she wore a dark grey pencil skirt that reached her knees and a rather see through white blouse. She had brunette hair and was wearing bright red stiletto heels. Well that explained her height then…
“Well this is it” she had a different tone to her voice now; it was more neutral than the tone she had when I first met her. “I’ve told you’re roommate you’re coming so he’s expecting you; he offered to give you a tour of the school today so you won’t need your timetable until tomorrow.” She then turned on her heels and scurried off back down the corridor leaving me alone. I placed my hand on the golden door handle and twisted it, I pushed the door open with caution to find the a small rather dull living area and a kitchen, I placed my bags on the floor next to a large rounded coffee table and looked around to see if this roommate was nearby
“Hello?” I called just to double check that my roommate was actually here, the silence in the room was deathly, trust me I would know. And then from behind one of the closed doors a boy appeared, he glanced at me before smiling and putting out his hand for me to shake.
“Hi, I’m Gerard, its Frank right?” I took his hand and nodded he then picked up my bags from the floor and pushed open the door to the room he had just appeared from and waited for me to follow.
“This will be your room, sorry it’s a bit of a mess, I used it as an art room until now because you’re the first roommate I’ve had.” As I entered the room I was greeted by a mass of sketches attached to the walls, they were incredible, all of them, they showed me that the cheery boy I’d just met, was broken inside… The pictures to any normal person would seem disturbed and strange, but not to me. To me they were beautiful and full of emotion. Gerard threw my bags onto the bed and then turned to face me, I hadn’t noticed until now how amazing his eyes were, they were hazel but his irises were very dark so they made his eyes stand out even more through his long raven hair.

“So what brings you here Frank?” I shuffled where I stood awkwardly looking at the floor and then realised that it’s better to tell him the truth than lie.
“Well, I used to live in California. I got bullied at a lot of schools and my dad died and 7 months later my mom thought it was about time we moved state, to start fresh if you know what I mean.” He nodded sympathetically and sat on the small sofa in the centre of the living area.
“I hope you don’t mind me asking…but how did he die, your dad?” the look in his eyes showed me that he understood my pain, I approached the sofa and sat next to him, but my eyes stayed fixated on the coffee table. “ Me and my dad used to go to the woods a lot for father-son bonding kind of stuff and one day we played dares and I dared my dad to come back to the woods at night, climb a tree and then howl like a wolf.” I glanced over at Gerard and then took a deep sigh.
“I went with him and he told me to wait on the road, so I did. I waited…and waited and then out of the silence of the night I heard a scream, no howl just a scream, so I began to walk towards the woods, the only thought in my mind were worries about my dad, I started to run and when I got to an opening in the trees and there he was, lying lifeless on the ground, there was so much blood…so much blood, and I passed out. Police found me the next morning lying with my dad’s dead body.” I looked at Gerard, a look of Horror on his face but his eyes still filled with sympathy, I didn’t tell him the whole truth, it was the truth until I told him I passed out, which was a lie. I couldn’t tell him. Not yet anyway.
“Frank I’m so sorry, I should never have asked.” He said hanging his head to avoid eye contact with me. I nudged him with my elbow and gave him a reassuring smile.
“So am I having this tour of the building or what?” I said as I stood up changing the subject, Gerard nodded and walked to the main door of the room and walked outside into the corridor.

Gerard’s POV.

I’d shown Frank around the entire building, and now we were heading for the cafeteria for lunch, I just couldn’t get what frank had told me off my mind, he must have been through so much, I just wanted to kiss his little pale face and tell him everything would be fine. But I couldn’t, That’d be weird, I’d known the guy for less than a day and I already liked him, but there was something special about Frank, what it was I didn’t know, but it was defiantly something…
We walked to a spare table in the cafeteria and sat down, I looked at Frank as he gazed out the window to the world outside these prison walls and noticed two small scars on his neck, but I dismissed it as nothing and went back to admiring his face. His complexion was so pale and his eyes were such a shade of dark brown you couldn’t distinguish what was the colour and what was the pupil. They looked black. I glanced down to the arm he had lay on the table and noticed a tattoo around his wrist saying ‘I wish I were a ghost’ in red ink, I shivered at the thought of the needles that pierced his skin, but it was a nice tattoo anyway. He turned to look at me and I smiled, and he smiled back. And then an empty pudding cup collided with my head and I turned to see who threw it, as usual it was Marcus. Stupid fucking Marcus.
“Hey faggot, who’s you’re boyfriend?!” he shouted from across the cafeteria attracting the attention of everyone in the school. Franks face flushed a violent shade of red, I turned my head and muttered under my breathe “He’s not my boyfriend you, fucking homophobic twat” but sadly I didn’t say it quietly enough, the cafeteria had fell silent as the words left my mouth letting them echo around the room, the next thing I knew Marcus’s arm was against my chest and I was against the wall, his arm restricting my breathing. As I was gasping for air Frank stood up from his chair and the look of anger in his face was incredible.
“What do you want punk?” Marcus spat violently at Frank and something must have clicked inside his mind because within a split second Marcus was on the ground. I don’t even remember seeing Frank move.
“Don’t call people faggot you son of a bitch!” I was amazed he was sticking up for me, Marcus had just spat at him and insulted him but he was on my side. He cared. “What are you going to do you little piece of shit?” Marcus managed to stutter the words out, he was scared but didn’t want to ruin his reputation.
“I’ll tell you what I’ll do…” Franks fists clenched I couldn’t see his face because he was facing Marcus who was trying to scramble up from the floor “If you make any kind of homophobic comment to me or Gerard again even if it’s behind our back I’ll hunt you down, and I’ll rip your voice box out!” Marcus stood up in front of Frank but clearly didn’t want to get to close; Marcus had never been this scared before, ever. He practically ran away and the rest of the cafeteria went back to their own conversations although, I knew they were talking about what had just happened, I’d catch my name every now and again from around the room, Frank sat back down calmly and pulled a can of coke from out of his backpack and began to drink it, I sat back down too eventually but my eyes never moved from Franks face.
“Gerard, are you okay? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” He questioned me I then realised my facial expression was one of shock.
“No one has ever stood up for me like that before. I usually just get thrown around and left” I was looking at the table now, I felt so weak compared to Frank, he was so confident and I was a hopeless piece of shit who couldn’t do anything for myself.
“I’m done here; I’m going back to our room.” I said Frank nodded in understanding and walked along side me back to our room.

When we got back I sat on the sofa in silence and Frank sat next to me, we sat in silence for a while but then I couldn’t let him do acts like that without letting him know how grateful I was.
“Thanks Frank, for earlier…” I trailed off I felt an ice cold hand on my shoulder and saw Frank looking at me with another reassuring smile “It’s okay, people should learn to accept people for who they are…” I nodded in agreement and he smiled again, then there was a knock at the door, I stood up to look through the peep hole in the door to see a grinning Mikey and Ray I opened the door and they leapt in smiling, but Mikey stopped in his tracks when he saw Frank.
“You…you’re the guy who stood up to Marcus…” he said pointing to Frank, Ray then stepped forward Frank was now standing and looked slightly worried as two strangers had just walked into the room quite literally pointing fingers. “Sorry about him…but there are rumours about you, ‘bout what happened… They say your eyes…changed.” I looked at Ray in shock, what was Ray talking about; Frank couldn’t do anything like that. He was just a normal guy.
“Sorry Frank this is my brother Mikey and my friend Ray” I said Frank looked at me and then to Mikey and Ray’s direction “It’s nice to meet you both, but if you’ll excuse me…” he turned on his heels and walked into his room locking the door behind him. I turned to Mikey and Ray with a scowl on my face “Wow, no wonder your only other friend is me! You don’t burst into a room accusing someone of being some kind of monster, he saved my ass!” Mikey and Ray’s faces dropped and looked to the ground, I ignored them and turned to walk Frank’s bedroom door, I hesitated for a second and then knocked. “Frank…Frank, are you okay?” I turned around to give Mikey and Ray another stern look to see that they had already left, I knocked Franks door again, more insistent this time “Frank, They’ve gone”…

[*Franks POV

He knocked for about 30 minutes before I heard his back slide against the door in defeat, I shouldn’t have got worked up earlier; I almost exposed myself as what I really am. But that’s not what hurt me, I Didn’t care if people knew, I’m hated anyway but it was Gerard, he may have been trying to defend me against his brother and Ray but there was one word that cut me deeper than any stake could. ‘Monster’ he called me a monster. He may have just thought it was people spreading rumors but that’s what image came up in his head. A monster. I cared about Gerard, I’d known him less than a day and I cared about him. What’s a monster like me to do about…falling in love? Nothing, because I’m not meant to, I don’t even have a beating heart, but there was something about Gerard, something I couldn’t explain. He was different. I rolled of the bed were I lay and opened the bedroom door to see Gerard fall onto his back into the room, I giggled a little and then helped him up.
“Are you okay now Frank?” he asked concerned. I nodded and turned back to my bed and sat on it Gerard followed me and sat beside me, I looked Gerard straight in the eye.
“I need to tell you something…something important” I said he was intrigued as his head straightened up as the words left my mouth. “What is it Frank?” he put a hand on my shoulder and ducked his head slightly so his eyes could meet mine.
“Promise me you won’t run…” I said as a single tear ran down my face, I’d never done this before…told someone what I was. I was scared… “Okay…I promise” he looked confused but promised all the same. I then stood up from the bed and faced him from the middle of the room.
“I…I’m a…I’m a Vampire.” The minute those words left my cold dead mouth and I regretted them but Gerard stood up and faced me we were inches apart, I could feel his breathe on my skin. Then his hands wrapped themselves me and he pulled me into a strong hug. That brief moment of time was incredible but confusing, I just told him I was a monster and he hugged me, how does that work? When we parted Gerard smiled at me.
“I knew there was something special about you Frank, I just didn’t know what until now…”
I looked at him still confused, but at the same time amazed that he didn’t care; his opinion of me didn’t change. That was the first time I’ve let someone touch me since I turned…
“So…you’re not scared? You’re not going to run away or something?” I said it and just the thought of him leaving hurt me, I looked at the ground saddened slightly.
“Of course not, clearly telling someone you’re a vampire is hard, and it’d just make it harder if I ran away from you, and like you said people should just accept others for who they are…but Jesus Christ of course I’m scared. I mean be realistic Frank who wouldn’t be…” I laughed at his comment in agreement because it was true, telling anyone you’re a vampire would scare the shit out of them but I appreciated Gerard stayed calm and didn’t try and stab me with one of his many pencils or something screaming ‘DEMON, DEMON!’ I always imagined something like that would happen to me... I smiled at Gerard and left the bedroom and sat on the sofa in the main room, he followed and sat by me, a few minutes passed when he turned to me. “So…earlier, what Ray was saying was it true, about your eyes?” I smiled and looked at him. “I was wondering when you’d start asking questions” we both laughed and then I faced him in all seriousness “Yes, my eyes did change they turn red and the whites of my eyes turn black, but they only do that when I’m really angry.” I smiled and Gerard looked at me and smiled
“But I need to ask…why did you hug me?” I trailed off slightly it was a bold question to ask but he smiled like an idiot and he was just about to answer my question when we were interrupted by another knock at the door.
“That’s probably my Brother again. I’m sorry about him Frank; he gets ‘weird’ around new people.”
I smiled in understanding and indicated that he was still waiting outside for him to open the door, when Gerard did Mikey was stood at the door staring at the floor, it took him a few minutes to realise the door was open for him. “Oh…Hi Gerard, Hi Frank look I’m really sorry about earlier, if me and Ray offended you or anything…” he stood at the door way awkwardly in case I’d reject his apology I assumed. “It’s fine Mikey rumours are rumours, people get caught in that web all the time…” Mikey smiled and walked through the door into the room and I gave Gerard a quick glance.
It was nice talking to people, I never really used too much at my old schools. I was really shy and when I turned that didn’t really help the whole ‘outcast’ situation.

[*Gerard’s POV

It made me really happy when Mikey apologised to Frank, I was worried he’d be his stubborn self and refuse to apologies and then they would never get along, I then remembered why Mikey was here. It was Monday and Mikey always comes over to watch movies on Mondays. I then scurried off into my bedroom and came back out with a pile of about 7 DVDs and placed them out on the table.
“So Frank because it’s your first day…what movie do you want to watch?” I said Mikey’s smile dropped slightly as he usually gets first pick but Frank leant over and looked at the DVDs on the table eventually he placed his finger on ‘Midnight Meat Train’ “That one.” He said beaming at me, I nodded in agreement and Mikey began to clap like a small child. I put the DVD into the DVD player and sat down in between Mikey and Frank with the remote on my leg. As the adverts started to play Frank reached and took the remote from my thigh, his finger brushing my leg as he did, he was so cold it sent shivers down my spine. “Adverts spoil the mood” he said fasting it forward until it got to the main menu and then he carefully placed the remote back on my thigh allowing me to press play. Mikey then stood up and began to walk to the door. “Mikes, where are you going?” I asked curiously he turned around and smiled. “I’ll be back in a minute I just need to get something” I nodded and faced the TV I’d watched the first few seconds of the film when Frank interrupted
“You didn’t answer my question…” I turned to look at him, he had a smirk on his face, I gathered he was referring to when he asked me why I’d hugged him, I didn’t look at him I focused on the TV
“It was brave what you did, telling me, A weak hopeless kid like me, I guess my weakness got the better of me and I hugged you…” I trailed off I glanced at Frank who was giving me a rather stern look. He then took the remote from my thigh again and paused the movie.
“Gerard Way, you are not weak or hopeless!” I looked at him in disbelief. I didn’t really know what to say. “Then why could you stand up to Marcus after one day and I never could after 4 years? I’m hopeless Frank, Weak and hopeless.” Frank put his deathly cold hand around my neck and forced my head to meet his. I could feel his breath on my lips I just wanted to kiss him but I couldn’t.
“Gerard, yes I’m stronger than you, and yes I’m more confident. The only reason for that is because I have nothing to lose, I’ve already lost my life, my soul is in hell and the only family I have is my mother and not even she cares enough about me to look after me herself.” I felt the tear slide down his face as he let go of my neck he looked me straight in the eyes and said something I never thought I’d hear. “I envy you.” My eyes widened in confusion I bit my lip not knowing what to say or what to do. “I envy the fact you’re alive, you have a soul, you have a brother who loves you and you have friends who care about you. I miss my life Gerard, being a vampire isn’t a second chance at life.
It’s like being in a void. You’re not alive, but you’re not dead, you’re in some kind of stage between where you need the life of others to feel okay. ” the tears were streaming down his face and my own eyes were watering, I’d never looked at my life like that before, I really was lucky and I was taking everything for granted, I placed my hand gently on Franks face and leant in to kiss him, as our lips were about to meet Mikey walked back into the room Frank’s sat up straight and looked at Mikey and I sat turning a bright shade of red. Mikey stood at the door arms full with Food and Drinks he stumbled in and dumped everything on the table in front of us to pick at. We played the movie and although I was watching people be brutally murdered, my mind still drifted to Frank, I didn’t know what to think, yes he was a vampire that could kill me at any second but there was something about him that I still hadn’t figured out yet…
The movie finished and Mikey left to go back to his dorm and left me and Frank sitting together on the couch in silence, I wanted to say something but I couldn’t think of what to say to him. I turned to him and saw him staring at me. I looked away but I still felt his eyes on me…
“Gerard are you okay? The film didn’t scare you did it?” he said teasing me but no the film didn’t scare me because I wasn’t paying attention to it, but I wasn’t okay it had just dawned on me that like the journalist in the film I’ve willing jumped into the life of a violent person who is capable of killing people and not given it a second thought. What if he tried to kill me. What if he brought other people here and killed them. So many horrific thoughts ran through my head and then same person I was thinking about knocked me out of my trace, I felt his finger poke the side of my face and his freezing cold flesh sent vibes to my brain and brought me back to Earth.
“Gerard? Are you okay?...” he said quite shyly now as if he knew it was his fault… I didn’t answer but I saw his face sadden and he stood up and walked into his room it was silent for a few minutes but then I heard it…the sound of piano keys, coming from Frank’s room. I stood up quietly and sat against the wall next to his bedroom door, and then I heard it…I heard his voice. The words falling from his mouth effortlessly, so simple but beautiful…just him and his piano…

“It's that time
To sink or swim I try
To be stronger inside
And rise above myself
I know for you
It must be painful to
Carry the way you do
Though I can't be you
I see through
Your silence, feigned indifference gets you by
And, though I'm trying, I can't tell you when we'll fly
Just know...

I care I'll lift you up to
See here where I will always
Be there any time you call
And I will take us back
Into a life of more than we've
Been through, beyond the lengths that we
Went to, to be here after all
And though we sometimes stumble and you're scared
I'm always there to catch your fall...”

When he stopped singing and playing those last few notes, I opened his bedroom door slowly and saw him sitting in the dark corner of the room with a small piano and his chin now resting on the top of it.
“That was beautiful…” I stated giving him a shock as he turned his head and stared at me wide eyed.
“You…you weren’t meant to hear that…I mean no one was…” he stuttered out of his quivering lips and I tilted my head and smiled "A talent like that shouldn’t be kept a secret…you’re incredible” he turned a slight shade of pink and nodded turning back to his piano and played a few notes, not singing just playing. I sat next to him on his little stool and watched him play, it was so elegant and beautiful, I didn’t really have any talent, Mikey and Ray said I was a good singer but I don’t really sing, It’s not my thing…
“You should…” Frank interrupted my thoughts with a small smirk on his face…
“I should what?” I questioned him, he stopped playing and looked at me, “You should sing more, it’s a really good way of relieving stress and letting out your emotions in a more subtle way” he said turning back to the black and white keys and pressing them down softly in a pattern. “How did you know that I was thinking that? Can you read minds?” he smirked and gave out a small laugh and nodded slowly “Well not so much read minds, I can hear peoples thoughts but only people who I’ve touched, and because you hugged me I can hear your thoughts, I can choose not to but I wanted to know what you were thinking about because you were staring at the piano with a strange expression on your face.” I nodded in understanding, I think it’s nice he doesn’t always read my mind but I’m glad he did at that point, It’s nice to know someone understands. “I would but I wouldn’t know what to sing in all honesty, I don’t have any emotions to express and I’m not really stressed…” he nodded and continued to play a simple little melody. “ Well when you do you should let me know.” He smiled and stood up I followed his action a few seconds later. “Well I’m going to bed, I’ll see you tomorrow Gerard.” I nodded and then turned and looked at him confused. “you sleep?” I cocked an eyebrow, he rolled his eyes at my remark “I try to stay as human as possible Gerard, I do sleep, as much as possible actually.” I nodded and opened his bedroom door to leave “Goodnight Frank.” I whispered softly. “Goodnight Gerard” he replied as I slowly shut the door behind me.

the lyrics to the song sang by frank were from the song
Catch Your Fall by Gavin Mikhail
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