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It's Okay To be Afraid

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After Mikey and Ray point out how Gerard and Frank feel for each other things start to fall apart.

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Frank’s POV:

It’s been 2 months now since I came to Jersey, 2 months since I met Gerard and 2 months since I told someone what I was for the first time. There was no denying I had strong feelings for Gerard, what kind of feelings I don’t know…but they’re strong. I was doing well in all my classes and Mikey, Ray and I were good friends, they now knew I was a vampire too although their reactions were different to Gerard’s. Ray stood staring at me for 15 minutes and then started to poke me repetitively and Mikey just passed out, but they got over it soon enough. So my life here so far has been amazing.
I’ve never been this happy.

It was the last period of the day and I was sitting next to Gerard, Ray and Mikey at our table in Chemistry. The room had an over powering stench of gas and it was making us all feel nauseous. “Hey Frank…I dare you to drink that stuff.” Mikey announced sitting at the pointing at the beaker of unknown chemicals Gerard and I were experimenting with “Hell no that shit could kill me.” I replied sarcastically Gerard started laughing and Ray pushed to beaker in front of me “Drink it Frank.” He said nodding toward the beaker. “Why don’t you Ray?” I questioned with a smile “because that shit could kill me.” I rolled my eyes and picked up the beaker, smelling the content before drinking it, I took a rather large gulp and screwed up my face as if I’d swallowed a lemon Gerard stared at me wide eyed and Ray was staring with his jaw practically touching the table. “How did it taste?” Mikey asked trying to hold in his laughter “Chemically, ugh, horrible, ugh” I said as I started scraping my tongue against my teeth attempting to get rid of the vile taste, Gerard turned around and picked up his bag from under his stool and pulled out a bottle of water he passed to me and smiled, I drank most of the bottle before putting in back down onto the table and smiling at the three of them who were still in shock. “Well because I did your dare Mikey I do believe it’s my turn.” I said with a smirk Gerard turned to look at me curiously and Ray looked to Mikey while Mikey was looking at me nervously “I dare you to…” I glanced around the room until I spotted someone, her name was Alicia and Gerard had told me Mikey had a thing for her and that she was a real bad-ass, to be honest I could see why, she was very pretty. “Ask out Alicia.” Mikey looked at me wide eyes and then shot a death glance at Gerard, I mean seriously if looks could kill. “Hell no, I don’t have that kind of confidence…” I shook my head in disappointment but smiled at him “Aw Poor Mikey, Virgin Forever because he had no confidence. Cute” Gerard stated laughing slightly Mikey cocked an eyebrow “You can talk Mr Never Been Kissed” Mikey said proudly it was now Gerard’s turn to use his Death glare and sent it straight at Mikey me and Ray looked at each other and then back to Gerard. “You’ve never been kissed?” Ray questioned, Gerard went a bright shade of pink and stared at the table, I leaned in over to his ear and whispered “Neither have I” softly inaudible for Mikey and Ray to hear. Gerard smirked slightly and Mikey rolled his eyes “God Ray, they’re doing it again!” Ray started laughing and Gerard and I both looked up confused. “Doing what?” I inquired Gerard nodding agreeing with my question. “You two whispering to each other and taking quick glances when you think the other isn’t looking, missing movie night so you can ‘study’ together. It’s so obvious you like each other.” Mikey announced Gerard and I glanced at each other he was about to speak but before the words left his mouth the Bell rang and he almost sprinted out of the door leaving a smug Ray and Mikey and leaving me completely amazed.

I took my time going back to the dorm, I didn’t know whether Gerard was there or not and I was planning something to say in case he was, but the only thought running through my mind was that they were right, Mikey and Ray were right, I did like Gerard and until now I didn’t know just how much I liked him. I fucking loved this guy. I’ve been completely oblivious of my feelings for him because I was scared. Scared of what he’d think, I was scared of the rejection, scared of the thought of him not wanting to be around me. I was scared that he might even hurt me.
I’ve never been this scared.

When I got the door of our Dorm, I hesitated to open the door. I took a deep breath and walked in; Gerard was lying on the couch, but sat up immediately as I walked in “Frank…” I slammed the door behind me which made Gerard jump “We need to talk.” I said as I looked straight into his eyes he knew what our conversation was going to be about. I was about to talk when Gerard spoke up first “why did you never say anything?” I looked at the ground, trying to keep the tears from coming out of my eyes. “I was scared.” Gerard stood up and walked over to me “scared of what?” he placed a hand on my shoulder but I moved away, I felt so angry, I wasn’t angry at him, I was angry at myself. “I thought you didn’t care!” The words came from my mouth like an avalanche; I practically screamed them at him. “Well maybe if you weren’t scared I wouldn’t have had to hear the bomb shell from Mikey!” he retaliated. “Bomb shell?” I lowered my voice “Frank I didn’t mean-“ I shook my head “If you didn’t mean it you wouldn’t have said it.” I walked back out of the door and slammed it behind me, leaving Gerard alone.
I was walking somewhere, I was out of the school grounds now but where I was going I had no fucking clue but I didn’t want to stop,but I could feel someone else with me though, I turned around but there was never anyone there, it was strange, I was 16 and a vampire worrying about the fact someone was following me, it just reminded me of when my dad died. Of when I turned, of when I got into this shit. I wiped the tears from my cheeks and wiped them onto the sides of my jeans, and then I heard someone clear their throat. I didn’t turn around, I just stopped… “Why did you follow me Gerard?” I heard footsteps approach me. “I didn’t want you to wonder off on your own, you still don’t know this area very well, and you could get lost.” I turned to face him “but you’d like that wouldn’t you, if I just got lost.” Gerard glared at me “not at all, Frank, why are you doing this?” I started walking again “I don’t know Gerard…” he didn’t follow me this time, I began walking alone and felt a lot more vulnerable. I turned a corner into an alley I got to about the middle of the alley before, I realised something was wrong and then out of nowhere, 4 men in white suits and masks ambushed me, I struggled to get free from their grasp as one of the men pulled out a silver briefcase with some syringes in it, I was in the shit now.

Gerard’s POV

I was still standing where Frank had left me just outside of the school grounds, waiting for him to come back to me, but he didn’t, I turned around about to walk away and then I heard my name. But it wasn’t just my name, it was Frank, shouting my name from somewhere nearby. I ran in Franks footsteps and tried to listen out for his voice again, I turned into an empty alley and walked down, I eventually saw Frank lying on the floor, unconscious. I heard voices coming from the entry to the alley way, so I hid in the darkness but kept my eye on Frank, four men with masks where sliding him onto a stretcher and taking him out of the alley, I followed them silently and saw them but him into an armored vehicle, it was bright white and had writing down the sides that I couldn’t make out, they shut the back doors slowly and clambered into the front of the truck. The back of the truck had a Black smiley face on it with the words ‘Better Living Industries’ plastered underneath. Then a canister rolled into the alley and released some kind of gas...

The next thing I knew I was waking up on the couch in Mikey and Ray’s dorm. Mikey looking worried and Ray comforting him…”They took him.” were the first words I muttered, Mikey gave out a sigh of relief that I was awake but Ray looked away from me… “Mikey, they took him!” Mikey’s face soon dropped too he looked confused as did Ray. “How long was I out?” I asked Mikey shrugged “about 3 days” I sat up quickly and Ray pushed me back against the couch “calm down, you need to rest Gerard.” He said calmly, how was I meant to be calm, some freaks in white suits had kidnapped Frank and they were telling me to be calm? “Ray, they took Frank!” Mikey looked at me and tilted his head “who?” Ray slapped Mikey gently around the head “Don’t encourage him.” Ray glanced at me and handed me the television Remote “how about you watch some TV?” I snatched the remote from his hand in defeat, I was too tired to argue, as much as I wanted to, as much as I needed Frank back, I needed to calm myself down and when I’m calm I could talk to them about it properly. I switched on the TV and began to watch the news, finding out what had been happening in the world since I was out for 3 days; Mikey sat next to me after a few seconds and watched with me, it was the usual shit. Poverty in Africa, Job Loses, Bank Jobs in New York. But then during the business part of the programme an interview caught my eye. A woman with a dark brown bob in a grey suit was giving a press conference about something; I turned up the volume so I could hear properly. “We’re very excited to announce the expansion of our company with new products that will increase the quality anyone’s way of living, We at Better Living want you to be happy and have Revolutionary ideas for the very near future. Thank you.” Said the woman then it cut back to the main news reader and on the screen behind him was a black smiley face and the words ‘Better Living Industries’ slapped underneath it. I turned to Mikey “That’s them! They’re the ones who took Frank!” Ray came over and looked at the TV. “BL/ind? Why would a company like that kidnap Frank?” Mikey glared at Ray “can you not see the state he’s in, I think he’s telling the truth Ray. I’ve never seen him like this before.” He turned to face me and gave me a hug “I believe you Gee.” Ray then placed a hand on my shoulder and nodded “I’m with you Gerard. Now how are we getting him back?”

kinda Short chapter I know but the next one will be longer, thanks for reading xo
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