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Chapter 15

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I hope this makes up for the shortness of the last chapter!

Chapter 15
Gerard's POV

He's shaking in the bed and whimpering. I need to know what happens in his nightmares. They are tearing him apart at night. I thought we were almost on the way to recovery with him earlier on when he ate the sandwich. But no. How could that be true when he's suffering from traumatic nightmares causing him to sweat and flinch an he doesn't even want to tell me why. It's tearing both of is apart I think.
I rush off of my bed and shake him to wake him up.
"Mikey. C'mon it's alright. Wake up. It's okay" I tell him.
He flinches again before looking at me with wide eyes that have seen the worst part of the world even when they are closed.
He really can't bottle things up anymore. I need to find out what's going on.
But right now he's not able to speak as he lies there looking at me with lost eyes. That's what he is. Lost. He doesn't know where to go for help. He doesn't know he needs help. He can't find anyone who he can trust simply because there isn't anyone left except Frank or me but he doesn't know that.
"Mikey, please tell me what your nightmares are about. I can't help you unless Inknow what you have been going through. Please tell me. I'm not gonna hurt you or leave you or anything. That really wouldn't be fair and I wouldn't be able to bear being without you and knowing that your okay. That's why I'm so frightened because your not okay and you won't tell me why." I say to him pleading for an explanation as I hold him to my chest.
He does nothing but cry his eyes out. He's not afraid to admit there's something wrong but he's ashamed of what it is. He curls up into my jacket and we stay here for an hour before there's a knock at the door making him jump as if he had just electrocuted.
I walk over to the and open it slowly awar of the creeps in neighbouring rooms who have probably seen Mikey walk in and out and want some 'time' with him. But to my delight I see Frank. Maybe someone who could help Mikey to open up about everything. A few days ago I didnt know if I could trust him but I have no reason to doubt his care for Mikey. He really is a decent guy. I know I can trust him. If only Mikey did too.
"Hey Frank!" I say as I open the door fully to let him walk through.
"Hey Gerard" he replies probably not do interested in talking to me as He would probably be talking Mikey. Not that I will blame. After a 15 year old kid has a nightmare at your house you would like to find out if he is okay. And that's the reason why I like Frank. Mikey needs someone like him. Not just me who dragged him out into the streets against his will but went with me anyway for fear of disappointing me.

"Mikey's over there" I inform him walking with him to Mikey's bed where Mikey lies with his eyes closes already since I left to open the door. He is so sleep deprived he tries to sleep whenever he can.
"He just had another nightmare before you came in. I think we should leave him sleep as long as he can before he has another one."
Frank nods in agreement and sits down on my bed looking at Mikey.
"Gerard, what are we gonna do? He's dying right infront of us and there's nothing we can do for him. I feel so helpless." Frank says quietly.
No. It shouldn't be his problem. He shouldn't be worried like this over Mikey. It's me who should be trying to do anything I can for him yet Frank is beating himself up for it.
"Frank, you know you haven't let him down at all. You've been his friend and that's all he wants. But he needs me. I understand you want to look out for him but he's my brother so don't be putting yourself down for not being able to help him." I say desperately, wanting him to understand its not his fault.
Mikey woke suddenly, Unfortunatley because so far he was having dreamless sleep.
"Hey Mikey!" Frank said to him as he rubbed his eyes and put on his glasses to see who it was.
He woke up properly realising it was Frank.
"Hi" he says timidly.
"How are you?" Frank asks.
"I just wanted to call round to see if you were okay."
Frank was a really nice guy. He was so considerate of others, even me when I was acting very rude when I first met him. He offers us coffee. And I accept. But Mikey declines it and goes to the toilet.
"Frank, I'm actually really happy your with us. I know I said this was my problem but I don't think Mikey would be alive right now. Your all he has in school and then he comes home to this horrible room and me. I'm falling apart Frank and I-I really don't know what to do. I'm really scared by what's going to happen to us." I say in complete need of any kind of help.


I feel that my chapters are getting worse each time. But I think in this chapter we see Gerard finally breaking down which will hopefully create more atmosphere in the next chapter. Please leave a review of what you think and how I can improve! :)
Also sorry for no update yesterday. I was at My friends house and came home dead tired! I hope this makes up for it ;)
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