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Chapter 16

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Hey! I hope you enjoy this chapter!

Chapter 16
Franks POV

He just broke down infront of me, tears flowing from his stressed eyes. I'm glad I came over today. The Way brothers really can't handle things and won't last too long in this state. Even Gerard is struggling. He really can't cope between the trauma of his baby brothers life and the disgust his parents brought him. It's like he isn't even struggling anymore. He's just sort of letting things happen out of control that he can't gain. I really feel for both brothers. They've been through so much shit. No one deserves it. Well maybe the bastards that give it to them like the dumbfucks at school who kick the head off Mikey and the Shitty patents who abandoned them.
"It's okay. It will get better. I promise. The three of us can through this together. Don't be afraid to ask for some help Gerard. It's not like you will fail Mikey if you do. He's been worrying about you more than the bloody noses and busted lips he receives. Hey... Why don't you stay over at mine for a while? You know, just get things on track sort of again. My mom will be more than happy to have a little company cause she's not working for the week." I say to him, hoping he will cheer up and accept my offer.
"Really? Thanks Frank that's really kind of you. But are you sure your mom won't mind?" he asks thoughtfully. Both Ways are so considerate of those around them, just hoping not to upset anyone.
"It's fine. She won't mind at all. I just want you and Mikey to rest and eat properly without feeling like a burden. I promise she wont mind."
"Thanks Frank. You're a really nice guy."
He has relaxed a bit and has stopped crying yet his eyes are red from where they poured from. He looks at me with relief and thanks in his eyes.
He leans in closing the comfortable gap between this causing me to feel uncomfortable and unsure of what he's about to do. He would hardly do it. He can't be attracted me...

Yet he kisses me. Right on the lips. I pull back almost immediately after trying to comprehend what was happening.
"What the fuck Gerard?!" I shout disgusted by his behaviour. I see the regret and panick in his eyes but I can't believe he just did that.
"I... I-I'm so sorry Frank. I didn't mean to I swear. I don't know what happened to me. I swear Frank. I'm so sorry, I reall-". He gets cut off by a small confused mewl from Mikey. "Gerard...". He stands there wide eyed and shocked looking. Oh fuck...! He's seen it. It's too late. Gerard can't even begin to apologise to him. Mikey looks hurt and completely startled. Neither of us saw that. What the hell was Gerard thinking?
"Mikey! I really didn't mean it. I swear. I'm so sorry. I don't know what I was doing." he rushed out of his mouth as he stood there staring at Mikey's disbelieving eyes.
Mikey stands there trying to take in what just happened before dashing out the door, running probably anywhere away from here.
The poor kid just lost all hope he had in his big brother. He looked upto Gerard. He adored Gerard but now he probably just felt used. But I'm no better. I didn't even say something. It wasn't my fault and I sure as hell wish it didn't happen but I just let him try to figure it out himself and didn't even explain what happened.
"What the fuck do you think you're playing at Gerard?!" He tries to say something but I cut him off. "Don't even try to explain. That was sick. You think it's okay to make out with your brothers only friend when he can't even trust anyone half the time? He probably feels lost now. He hasn't got anyone now Gerard because you fucked it up for the both of us to make him happy."
Gerard is taken back by this and is slightly aggravated by the fact I just told him his brother couldn't trust him basically. But he knows damn right well he is the cause for it. I leave the room slamming the door shut before he could get another word in to defend himself.

I run out of the building and into the rain and freezing weather. Where on earth could he be? I have to find him before he does something or someone finds him or before freezes to death. I sprint to my apartment to check if he, one ran there which was unlikely, and two to grab a jacket for him for when I do find him.
Unfortunatley, he wasn't there. But I grabbed the jacket and my moms car keys. I jumped into the car and drove speedily (A/N: Is that a word?) down the road. I think of all the places he could be but only one standing out as a possible place he would hide. His house. Well his parents house which they are selling. I only know where it is because I remember walking past it one day with him.
The house was in a horrible condition. The paint was peeling and the grass was beginning to over grow. The place just looked like a complete wreck.
I commented on the state of the place completely oblivious to the fact he used to live there.
He looked down, sniffling and he stayed very quiet not replying to my comment.
I knew something was wrong as he didn't even look at me. I asked him what was wrong a few times before he finally told me that he used to live there before he moved. I was shocked and I felt really bad. I didnt mean to insult him.
I snapped myself from my thoughts and hurried down to the house which had a for sale sign outside it. I didn't see mikey around but it wasn't going to be that easy to find him.
I just hope that he's okay. Not hurt or bleeding or... things I don't want to think about.


I really do hope you liked this chapter. Things have really changed and things have gotten worse. Next update will probably be in Franks POV again.
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