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Chapter 17

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I think this is going to be short so I'm saying sorry in advance for the length! But I still hope you will like it!

Chapter 17
Franks POV

I climbed over the gate and I walked around to the back of the house in search of the traumatised teenager who may very be freezing to death. I called his name many times but I received no answer. Just the pounds of rain against the ground. He could be anywhere really but for som reason I thought he would be here. I hoped to God he was really because I had no other ideas of where he could be. Not at his apartment with that selfish idiot of a brother. Okay, maybe that was a little harsh as Gerard has been through more than enough shit and really was just lonely. I'm sure he has no social life but that doesn't exactly make it okay to forgive him straight away. Does it?!
I notice a broken window leading into the kitchen. I didn't like the thought of going in but Mikey was possibly in there. I climbed through into a desolated kitchen attached to a small dinning area. I notice blood stains on the wall. I really didn't want to explore this horror house anymore. But then I heard muffled sobs coming from upstairs.
I rushed up stairs and then slowed down coming towards the door left ajar leading to Mikey presume. I was getting really creeped out being in here. It's like I could feel the bitter and hateful atmosphere in the rooms surrounded by walls painted with blood and peeling wallpaper. The house was only for sale a day or two ago so it hadn't been cleaned up yet.
I knocked on the door waiting for a response but only receiving a small gasp and the abrupt stop of the tears.
"Mikey? It's only me. Are you okay?" I ask softly, imagining how he must feel right now.





And that's what hits me the hardest. The fact that he thinks he is hopeless. Because he means so much to me. And, despite his earlier behaviour, Gerard. He thinks that he has no point in life. But he does. I need him. Because... well I love him. He just needs to be told and not just given temporary uplifting compliments by Gerard and a million hurtful insults by the rest of the world. But not me because I'm going to tell him I love him. In a non-friend way. In a boyfriend way. And hope he doesn't completely break down infront of me after thinking I was kissing Gerard.
After no response, I slowly open the door, revealing an empty, cold room containing the lost and broken fragments of a beautiful kid.
I can't even say anything. My breath is taken away as he sits there, curled up in a sobbing mess, drenched and frozen. He really has just died and gone to Hell on the inside.
I walk over to him and hug his cold, skinny form, life threatening tight.
"Mikes, I promise you I will keep you safe. You know why? Because I love you more than I love anything in this godamned world. If only you could see it. See that you are so beautiful, so thoughtful, so innocent, just so everything a world needs for a person still have faith in it. I would never let you go. I love you so fucking much Mikey and so does Gerard but may have seemed he really only wanted me but I can assure you I only want you. He was just confused and upset and really lonely. None of those things to be blamed on you whatever you think. You just need to understand that if you think you really don't have a purpose on earth then I must have no purpose. Because I want you to be mine and me to be yours. Please just trust me enough to keep going because as I can see right now, you have fallen apart and have no thoughts on putting yourself together again.". I say desperately in one breath not realising I have tears flowing from my eyes.
He looks up at me with confused and lost eyes. But it's the next action I thought he was beginning to believe me. He snuggled into me for warmth and comfort. Yet I was proved wrong when he asked
"Then how come Gerard isn't here to explain if he cares so much?". He whispered it do quietly. It pained me to think he was afraid to be heard in this house.
How am I supposed to explain that Gerard is feeling sorry for himself and is being selfish while crying out for Mikey at the same time?! I can't.
I sigh and say
"He knows I wanted to tell you how much I love you because he knows you really need to hear it from someone else to help you believe it."
I pull him tighter and he sinks into me more relaxed. Maybe this is a turning point.
"How about we head to my house now and settle down until Gerard is ready to explain?" I suggest. He nods in agreement.
"How come you came out here?" I ask wondering why he would go to a house with so much horrible stories.
"Because I thought Gerard might rescue me like he used to when I was upset. But then you came instead." He replied as I notices his face light up ever so slightly towards the end. Yet it's so heart breakingly painful to hear him say he wanted Gerard to rescue him like he knows Gerard can make it better but Gerard was the one to cause this mess.
I pick him up and bring him outside his door to let him stand. We walked through the house and I watched him shudder everytime we would pass a dent in the wall or see broken glass on the floor. No doubt he was involved in it. We climbed through the window again and I gave him the jacket I brought him as he was freezing and it was Still pelting down hailstones. We got into my car and I drive to my house to get him warm, fed and rested. Three things he has been without for days now.

We open the front door letting him step in. I close the door behind me and turn to see my mother coming from the kitchen with an expression changing quickly from cheery to shock.
"What happened? Are you two alright darlings?" She asked in the most motherly way possible and I'm glad she was here because she was the closest thing Mikey had to a mother in his whole life.
"Yeah." I reply with a small smile. "We will be. It's a long story." She looks at me giving us a sympathetic smile. I loved her. She always let me explain things in my own time. And I loved Mikey. He always made me smile in the end.


Thinking this is the ending. I'm not sure. I could add another chapter if you like so please let me know if I should. I hope you liked this chapter. It was longer than I expected I think. So please tell me your thoughts and please rate ! Thanks for reading! :)
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