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Chapter 18- The End

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Okay so this Gould be the ending I think so I hope it is good. Sorry for not updating yesterday. I was away with no Internet. So enjoy!

Chapter 18
Gerard's POV

What the fuck had I done? I really messed up this time. Mikey can barely trust anyone as it is and I then I go and kiss his only friend. I'm such an idiot. I really hate myself for it. The worst part is That it was an accident. I was lonely and I really didn't know what was happening. I can't explain something so stupid like that to Mikey. Then I just stood there, let Frank run out after him to help him. I just stayed there, too selfish to think of where Mikey had gone. I let him down so bad. I will never be able to make it up to him but I have to at least try. That is why I am on Franks front door step hopefully allowed to see my brother. Frank had text me he found him and they were going to stay at his for the night. They surely weren't going to go into school today. I really need to apologise.

I knocked on the door. It opened quickly enough to Frank standing, staring at me in a condescending way.
"Hel-" I was cut off by him an he sound pretty pissed at me still. I don't blame him though.
"Mikey is in the sitting room." He said pushing the door back wider to let me through. Franks house was nice. It was cosy and really looked like a family house. Something I'd never seen really before.
I walked into the sitting room following Frank. Mikey was sitting on the couch looking quite despairingly at the carpet until he saw me. His eyes lit up at first But then fell as he probably knew that I was here to apologise. Right, apologise. Now.
Frank sat down beside Mikey putting an arm around him defensively and holding his hand a little too much for my liking but who am I to talk?

"Mikey, I really need to apologise to you. I am so sorry. I really don't know what happened to me. I just realised how lonely I felt and ... I don't know it just happened. I understand you must feel really betrayed by me and I don't blame you. And it wasn't Frank's fault either. So don't be mad at him. Be mad at me. I'm the one who messed up your whole life by taking you away from home and not taking enough care of you and I just... I really want you to know I do care about you Mikey. I really do. I'm just so so sorry." I tell him as he stares at me with attentive eyes and ears.
"I-It's okay Gerard." He tries to tell me.
"But it's not. I have let you down. And you deserve so much better than the shit I've been giving you."
"Gerard. You haven't let me down. Okay I was quite upset over yesterday but you pay the rent you look after me when I get beat up." He says slowly but confidently.
"Obviously not enough."
"I hid those marks because I didn't want you to find them because you do enough worrying already. I know you try your hardest and if anything I don't repay you enough for it." Frank holds him closer. Am I missing something between them?
"You don't need to repay me because seeing your sweet determined face every morning is what gets me through my day."
He smiles contently and snuggles further into Franks chest. Frank still looks a bit on edge with me. He seems more protective than me with Mikey. A couple minutes of silence pass. But it wasn't an awkward silence. It was pleasant and comfortable. It sort of nearly seemed normal. Frank interrupted and said "Can I have a word with you in the kitchen?" He looks at me with a stern look. I nod in return.
We enter the kitchen leaving Mikey who looked at bit anxious as we left.
"Gerard. I know you are trying your hardest with Mikey and he sees it too. But don't even dare pulling something like yesterday again because Mikey can't handle that." he threatens me.
"I know Frank. I won't. What happened yesterday was an accident. I didn't mean for it to happen. I don't know what was wrong with me." I reply followed by a minute of silence.
"Where did you find him afterwards?" I ask him out of curiosity.
"In your old house. He climbed through a broken window and then I found him crying in his old room." Frank says sadly.
"No offence. But the house was disgusting. Blood over the walls. Broken glass on floor. He even shuddered at the sight of a bloody dent in the wall. What the fuck used to happen to him?" he says concerned for the poor abused boy.
"I don't know exactly and I don't think we will ever find out." Unfortunately, it's true. I don't think he will ever open up to anyone fully. I just know its alot worse than he says it is. I look at Frank who is still deep in thought.
"You know he said he went there because he thought you would come and rescue him like you used to" Frank says from nowhere.
Mikey really does still believe in me. He doesn't hate me. He actually thought I would save him. But I didn't. That was when I let him down.
"Thanks Frank. You really do mean so much to Mikey and me and you've just been so kind. I can't thank you enough. Mikey really does need you."
"As much as he needs you Gerard. Just remember that."


Finished I think. The ending was kinda bad and the whole chapter was really short. But I hope you liked it anyway. I have been thinking of a new story or one shot so you may see it up in a couple of days. Rate and review and I will love you!
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