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Chapter Six: Feelings are explored

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Ok the moment you have all been waiting for. This chapter will be extremely bizarre. If you don't know by now that is a romance between an Alien/Human then you were misinformed. Contains cunnilingus (female oral) oral (male version) intense fingering ( you will know what I mean) and a sensual massage. If you don't want to see these characters humiliating themselves or engage in activities of a questionable nature please turn back now. This chapter will be very funny making fun of the smut genre. Most of the stereotypes in smut are here and made fun of. The ones I know or catch anyway. Some of the plot idea came from MarkDr so thank him for the idea. Mark you are exempt from this but see if you can guess which ideas were his.

Chapter 6: Feelings are explored

Mark sat alone (or so he thought) waiting for Stalker to come back from whatever it was she was doing. Now that he was alone he had time to think about her, Stride, and his goals. Something he had never wanted to do up till now. Having absolutely nothing to do at all he decided to focus on the first point. Stalker was in many ways just like Stride.

She had saved him from her own kind at the risk of being an outcast. She was pretty (aw who was he kidding she was fucken gorgeous) for a Zen. He had fallen in love all over again after having his heart broken by Stride's death. Was it right to screw the next thing that came along that looked gorgeous. "I don't think so. How I feel about her?" Unbeknownst to Mark, Stalker had arrived quickly back and was listening in on his thoughts (she could do that with her bond with him among other things) and when she heard this latest thing she stopped and thought

(Yes Mark, how do you of me?) She decided to wait and see where his thoughts would take him and reveal herself at the right time. Unbeknownst to even her, it turned her on to watch all this and her slit began to slowly reveal itself.

"Stalker in many ways, many people would be grossed out by our relationship. Earth has taken a harsh criticism of what we have. (oh my god, he is rehearsing a speech. Jesus what the fuck is wrong with me) I don't know the real reason you saved me but I thank you. You are special and have a heart of gold, but it would never work (What! How dare you toy with my emotions. We will see if I can't make it work) I am too much of a pussy to work up the courage to ask you to be my girlfriend." (Oh, that's different. If only he knew how much that turns me on more about him)

Her slit was beginning to grow moist at the thought. She was still unaware of all this though. "Stalker you mean so much to me that it would kill me if something happened to you. It was already a bitch to lose Stride, but if something were to happen to you I would have nothing good about my life to keep me going. (He loves me! Oh my fucken god he really likes me.) This was too much for her raging hormones and she released her scent dripping onto the floor.

Mark smelled it almost immediately and turned to look at her, though he couldn't actually see her, he could definitely see the puddle marking her spot. This finally caused her to look down Mother Fucker I got turned on. Shit on bricks. Mark grinned not freaked out since his speech went heard he didn't feel embarrassment. Plus she had unknowingly helped him

I see the ghosts in this place are turned on frequently. You might as well come out though I say you already did. Stalker hesitantly became visible as she stared into his eyes. You heard everything She nodded still not looking in his eyes. She was surely going to get an earful for eavesdropping on his private thoughts.

Good Her head shot up with a quick jerk so hard that it creaked. He was laughing damn him. I was looking for a reason to ask you for a while and probably would have chickened out before I told you and you were in the room all along so now I don't have to embarrass myself. She cursed her stupidity.

But when she looked away she suddenly felt dejected. Noticing this Mark's grin quickly faded and he went up to her. Hey I was kidding, people who are in love do it. I thought I would mess with you for spying on me in my personal moment. Think of it as a sort of revenge for spying on my personal moment.

They stared awkwardly at one another for several moments before Mark decided to say something to break the awkward silence. I did mean everything I said, I really would be lost if anything were to happen to you. He leaned closer, and she had to fight to keep from molesting him. Finally seeing her fight her urges he grinned and started pushing her downwards. Stop fighting here, if you want to jump me I complet…. She squealed in happiness as she roared in sudden triumph.

Mark was forced down and went with minimal complaint. Now that I have you where I want you what should I do to you. Mark shrugged when she looked at him. Realizing that she was serious when she didn't respond, he suddenly got nervous. Haven't you ever had sex before? She shook her head. Then her eyes lit up. Well I heard from Sul'ss that a blowjob would blow your mind. But I don't know what that is. She stopped when she saw Mark suddenly get embarrassed.

He turned violently red and suddenly refused to look at her. Mark your blushing, why are you blushing. Still he refused to look at her. I don't want to talk about it. It's embarrassing for me.

She gave him a look that he knew would be trouble. She then slowly glanced down towards his pants. Those pants must be getting pretty tight you should take them off. Her tail whipped out from the heavens and before Mark could even scream she slashed carefully (or else she couldn't do what she was planning. She had no idea what she was planning but she hoped that Mark would like what she was planning. But before she could she was batted not roughly but enough to deter her.

You really want to know, I am not such a big catch. There are thousands of better 'equipped' people then me. Why the fuck did you have to choose someone who is small. He glared at a spot on the wall as if that one spot was in charge of all the world's problems. Stalker calmed down slightly after seeing that he was upset.

Mark I…. But Mark interrupted her. I love you dearly but I can't deal with those jaws of yours. You would bite off my dick and then where would I be. She shut him up with a claw to the lips. First of all, I love you for who you are not how big your tool is. Though I haven't had sex I had a lifetime of watching I mean of observing various Zen mating, I think the same goes for humans. I don't think you eat each other during it but I think that the act itself is the same. As you can tell during my accident earlier, we are often open about our sexuality. I wasn't aware but if we like someone we just go up to them, and say "hey want to fuck" and the partner usually says yes or no depending on the situation. Sometimes same sex would couple but that is rare. Usually we have no idea until the time that we are banging a guy or a girl.

So I will say it again. Your pants off now, or I will use force. Mark was solely tempted to say no but the look on her face said not to. He unbuttoned his pants still blushing furiously as Stalker waited to find her prize. When his zipper was almost down he hesitated, getting annoyed Stalker used her tail and claws to rip and tear his pants to shreds.

Hey I need those to function normally. What am I going to do now. But he was finally almost naked. She raised a claw Hey wait a minute what if you accidentally miss and cut off my junk. Amused hissing followed this rather absurd statement. I never miss except for that one time in defensive training that all Zen have to go through.

This caused him some anxiety but quickly got over it, he would never get undressed if left to his own devices. He was left wondering what he was supposed to do when he felt a breeze and realized that she had already cut of his undies leaving him exposed.

He wasn't kidding when he said that he was small 4 inches. This was going to be interesting. I told you that I was small in did you listen no. You reap what you….. Her tail immediately shot out and before he could blink she had it positioned against his member. Hey are you trying to kill me? But instead of agony intense pleasure shot through every pore in his body. But it didn't feel like one was doing it.

Little known facts of my kind before we get this party started. Our tails can be both a weapon or pleasure center. Depends on our mood I guess. What you are feeling is compared to a shock but with pleasure. Our tails can vibrate that is how we use our tails so fast. It is sort of hard to explain, but you get the picture I think.

He was groaning and this caused some pre to leak out but she wasn't through yet. She wondered slightly what his dick would taste like and using her tail to pleasure him so he wouldn't freak out again, she opened her mouth and exposing her inner jaws but retracting them (another less known fact about her kind) she slowly lowered her head around his impossibly hard penis.

What Mark felt next was comparable to 50 women sucking him and using a vibrator for a tongue. It felt impossibly good and he still wasn't ready but when Stalker started using her jaws (retracted) to suck him off, he just about lost it. What the fuck are you doing down there? A jumbled response was his reply. Can't talk busy! He opened his eyes (when did he close his eyes) and the sight that greeted him was enough to spook him even though he knew she would never hurt him Stalker on her front and hind claws like cat sucking him off, well at least he knew where that analogy came from. It felt too good and because he was a virgin he felt it was about that time. I…. but he erupted and a torrent of cum flew down her mouth startling the both of them to silence. When he stopped, she got off and looked at him cum still dripping.

I can explain. Her look was too comical and he started laughing hysterically. (an expression of surprise, interest and hurt) What the fuck are you laughing about? You really are like us only we use some warning before we gush. It's the natural order of things.

Mark was laughing so hard that tears were coming down. Your expression is just too priceless. Now a devilish glint appeared on her face and she grabbed him and lay as best she can on her back. Ok Mr. He Knows Everything see what you make of me. Do with me as you will.

Mark stared at her and noticed that she was wet from her pleasuring of him. But something that she had said brought him an idea. Her tail was considered a pleasure center maybe that meant that she would be ticklish there. He began rubbing her tail and sure enough this caused to her to squirm with pleasure. It seemed she failed to mention that it worked both ways. He dug in harder working his fingers really in there. She was hissing and clicking madly and her toes were scrunching and releasing a lot Mark if you stop this now I will change my mind about killing you. Where were you all my life?

She said some other things but those were unintelligible so he ignored them. Soon the moment that each of us dreads and loves occurred and Stalker was reaching her peak. But Mark wouldn't let her get away with it that easily. He wondered if aliens were indeed like humans then they could be fingered like anything in this world.

He slowly and hesitantly brought his fingers over to her burning slit. And she hissed violently which abruptly turned to a long drawn out hiss. (her version of a moan) He realized that his fingers were being drawn in, he tried frantically to remove them and bring it down to just fingers but that was slowly being drawn.

Stalker was in lust she was bucking violently almost like a seizure. Mark was being sucked in and he was starting to panic. He could feel her vaginal insides slowly drawing ever closer to her womb. Stalker was yelling something about seeing god. Finally Mark got his arm some purchase and slowly started to pull his way out. Stalker was in a sex coma. Her inner jaws revealed themselves and inched forward slowly to the maximum they could go. She was about ready to go.

Finally with one violent yank he ripped his arm free and congratulated himself in a job well done when Stalker hissed violently and piercingly her love juices in a wave spraying all over the walls, floor, and Mark. Mark more. She was still babbling and cumming hard. Mark cursed himself that he was actually pleasuring her while at the same time trying to get free.

Finally it ended with Mark drenched in her juices and Stalker stunned for a while. He wondered what she tasted like and licked hesitantly at his lips. Well that was strange, she tasted like cinnamon. Now that he can add to weird shit list.

Stalker was passed out from her violent orgasm and so making a decision to clean themselves up later, decided to sleep next to his beloved. He smiled down at her. In a weird way he can get used to a life with her. He wrapped his arm around her as he fell asleep.

Well before you flame me saying this is nowhere being possible to do, I know that. In case you're confused, Stalker isn't human and she just had an entire 2 arms in her. I know that wasn't clear but that yeah that's what it was. I told you it would be worth the wait. Well I hope you liked the story
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