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Mark was swimming through a haze of darkness wondering why he wasn't dead. He felt blinding pain which was to be expected considering what that freak of nature did, but still he wondered why he wasn't dead.

Mark you are probably wondering why you aren't dead. While there are perfectly logical reasons the simple reason the queen who's daughter you loved won't allow it. But Mark, this world needs you. The Predator you have just witnessed is going to eventually destroy the world as we know it.

You were chosen by Stride when she made that premonition all those years ago. Her kind can predict the future. Well there was something else to be played in your mind when the time came for you to hear it.

The red one who will "Kill" you, will do so because he believes you are a threat. He will make two mistakes, one giving you a choice, and two leaving ahead of time. He has gone ahead twisting the land and its creatures to fit his needs.

He came to the Ship where the Zen found you, where Stalker found you to eliminate the one who is going to be the most threat to him. When he saw you he figured you would step aside for him since he knew that Humans and Aliens "hate" one another.

Though you refused, you confirmed his plans that Stalker was indeed the one who is the most threat to him for he was giving a prophesy too. Beware the friend of aliens. Not knowing what it meant he attempted to drive you out in the open.

The first part, beware the one who has faced death has happened. This was the prophesy according to Stride in her last moments. She hid it away so that you can hear them now.

Mark, Mark please get the hell up, not after all this.

Mark opened his eyes and was instantly pounced on. A very worried he did a double take there standing before him was not Stalker as he had originally thought but

MOTHER what the fuck are you doing away from the hive. I thought gods were busy.

Amused hissing was soon followed by this rather stupid announcement.

Mark got up strangely fuzzy when it came to what he had been dreaming. It danced out of his reach every time he attempted to think of it.

So where is Stalker anyway? The Queen seemed to grin, her inner jaws extracting a little. She is running things in my place in my stead, there are some things that I need to tell you.

Mark stared at the mother who's daughter was his first love. he had expected her to be angry about his daughter's death but instead she had said nothing.

As if reading his thoughts, the queen put a comforting claw on his shoulder. I know dear, but like I said before, I do not blame you for her death however said it is. but if it makes you feel better, the only reason that I had my guards out for hostages so to speak is because I had no idea you would be on board.

Humans really are touchy when it comes to "bestiality" but love is love no matter where you find it. Anyway I have a favor to ask of you. Stride would have wanted this had she still been here but I would like to accompany you on your little journey.

If only I was younger I can actually help but, the hive here is too depressing So I will leave the next higher up. Any alone time that you need with Stalker I can understand, but Stride seemed to think there was something special about you and I wanted to experience that. She then wrapped her tail around Mark and gave him a gentle squeeze.

Mark was speechless. He didn't mind his own personal Stride along with him for she looked alot like Stride just golden.

Yes if you really want to, I would have to tell Stalker but I can't...
The queen actually roared she was laughing hard. Who do you think approved it. But I digress the main Marine wanted to speak with you.

He wanted to tell you about something but my age is catching up to me and I can't remember.

Oh you are such full of shit Mother, you know you just don't like him for wanting to Mark.

Standing behind a slightly bemused MOTHER was Stalker. I see that she has propositioned to come with us where ever that happens to be.

"Actually if I can interrupt, I believe I have a destination that you all could go to.

Everyone except Stalker jumped violently for standing there was the main Marine. "Yes pardon the eavesdropping but if it is a destination you want, I believe we hadn't gotten around to your reward for driving off that abnormal predator.

Technology is great when you know how to do use it and the people in charge have built a completely unheard of success. The first all-new, space Amusement Park. It will have everything a normal one on earth has but take place in space.

Mark was dumbstruck he had never heard of such a thing. "How do we get in, I am broke as shit, and the Zen... wait a minute why aren't you carrying out your orders? If you think I will let you harm them..." But the Marine just grinned. "I know son but after seeing the way you refused to get out out of the way to protect these aliens or Zen as you call them, well I just have to say that it is obvious that you care for her and it is not just some perverted rape that most people get into things for.

Again Mark just stared, well was the biggest fuck you to orders he had ever seen. "So what will happen?" " I will stay here and watch over this hive with some supervision (MOTHER had looked like she got struck dumb) from your subjects.

Mark and the rest had a good laugh at her expression in the mean time.

NO HUMAN HAS EVER VOLUNTEERED TO WATCH THE HIVE! But this actually gives me an excuse to travel. Mark tell him that I accept if he can handle supervision.

Mark relayed the question to the Marine who grinned. "I kinda knew those would be the terms and I understand that there is some slight hostility towards me and the reason is, that god camp has been the support of the marines for a long time and he donates incredibly well. Other then he's completely and utterly obsessed with god even more so then usual fall down prey to god. take a shit prey to god, the list goes on."

I was hoping to leave immediately so what were you going to going to give Mark advance tickets to the amusement park as well as two friends. I guess that about covers the friend bit."

Oh Mark do be a dear and tell the Marine that his bodyguard and supervisor is here.

Mark stared at her for awhile then relayed the message and the Marine looking slightly worried turned around. In walked to two Zen. One was a dull black color and the other was a green color that pierced the eyes.

Is this the human than?The Marine jerked violently and grabbed his head. Instantly Mark and Stalker turned to him. "Are you Okay sir?"

"I heard, oh my god almighty, I heard her in my mind! Are you supposed to hear them.

The Green Zen gave an amused laugh, and got up to him.

No little human but I can tell you are going to be very fun to be with.

End of book 1
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