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Chapter Nine: History repeats itself

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Mark got up and faced his beloved. So we still need to find a way to get off this ship and if possible get the humans to support us. but I would rather be here with you then with my queen suddenly hissed violently and her drones got up. Some, the younger ones were on Mark's lap and he had no idea what to do about that so he stroked her head. (for it was female) The young hatching gave a purr of contentment but when the queen hissed everyone (Mark included) sprung to their feet or claws in the case of the Zen. What can the Zen Hive do to help your queen hissed again

HUMANS HAVE INVADED OUR HOME Mark felt sick. Could it possibly be that humans were checking up on him to see if the aliens he had befriended had killed him? It was a longshot but he couldn't think of any other reason that they could be here. What can I do to help? I want to pay them back for killing Stride. At least these ones anyway.

The queen and Stalker stared at him in shock. Mark these are you kind, are you sure you want to turn your back on your own kind for killers of your kind?Mark sighed, he had been forced to make a choice that destroyed him inside. He had met Stalker and had a second chance at love.

I am positive. They will pay for they did to me and Stride. but the one good thing is I met Stalker and I will help defend the hive. Just these humans though will suffer.

Before anyone could move, the next moment happened so quickly that no one could have predicted it. Smoke bombs erupted into the room and Mark knew that they had snuck up on him. He went near where he thought Stalker was but instead of finding her comforting presense, he felt rough hands hands grab him roughly and suddenly he knew without a doubt that he was doomed.

"Mark Camen, why the fuck haven't you been killed by the aliens? They should have ripped you apart." Mark struggled against the hard vice-like grip that held him. "Well no matter, your in luck, since I am feeling generous, I will let you redeam yourself. Maybe you will have learned from the last time." Dread iced it's way up into Mark's heart. No way was he going to go through the act of losing another he loved.

(Shit, not this shit again) he thought frantically. (Please let it not be her, Please let it not be her)

Stalker bound and her tail tied down was lead into the area.

The final battle from Silent Hill 3 plays during this)

Mark was set down and handed an ax. He stared up at her, I can't, not youShe hissed at him in annoyance. If you don't, it will be much worse for me when they do it. I love you and I know...before she could finish her thought, a spear made of electriciy flew by Mark and struck deep into the soldier next to him, sending him deep into the wall. Blood pooled on the floor as he screamed in agony.

But that wasn't the worst part, as he hung there, the staff began to glow and slowly the man's skin began to peel away. Flesh started to melt and soon the internal oragans were soon exposed. They dropped down with a wet plop. The soldier was still alive and screamed as slowly his bones began to drop. His screaming still reverberated in the room and sent shivers down everyone's back.

(End song)

A figure appeared next to the bones and Mark gasped as he recognized it. Humans knew him as a Predator and the Zen called him Yuan. This one though looked completely different. For starters he was a completely different color. A very dark blood red that pierced the soul. Such a thing had never been heard of that everybody in the room was shocked and couldnt move as the abnormally colored Predator calmly strode up to Mark.

"I will give you three seconds to move youself from the horrible creatures that you are standing next to. I am feeling generous today so I will not kill you if you move yourself." The queen stared at Mark horrfied at the decsion that she had heard the Yuan use. Here a Predator was potentially sparing a human to get to her children. Will Mark betray them. She half hoped that he wouldn't but she didn't want him to die for her children.

(The Shadow of the Colossus Messenger from Behind theme plays)

Mark had never heard of a Predator willing to spare a human before. He must really hate the Zen to spare a helpless human. He stared at Stalker who had been a friend to start out with. She had rescued him when life had seemed pointless and then taught him to have more faith in her kind then he ever got from his own kind, and then he fell in love with her so soon after Stride's death. In truth he cared more toward an alien race then the humans that had sent him here to die. But if they hadn't sent him here to "Die" then he would have never met Stalker and had a shot of true happiness again.

He then looked at the Predator and making his descion shouted "No fucken way, they are my last true friends in this world." The Predator laughed a long gutteral laugh that sent shivers down even the Zen's backs. "So be it human. I gave you a chance to live. Don't you dare beg for your life. It won't happen."

Without waiting for the traditional battle ritual that his kind normally used, he quickly punched Mark causing him to fly straight toward the other side of the hall and everyone heard the Pop of snaping bones as Mark slowly fell down. Oddly though, he could move when he should have been put out of commision. He didn't have time to think about it as already the Predator was beginning his next attack. The fucker was fast but he was too sure of his success and was very slightly a split second slow.

Mark rolled to the right barely dodging the attack and he felt the wind of the attack blow by him and he trembled to think if he had been slow by one second he would have been crushed. This Predator was fast even for the species and he wondered at where he got the strength and speed from. A sword was lying on the ground and he thanked whatever marine had dropped it. He didn't think about why a marine would bring a sword to kill him with. All he cared about was killing this ugly mother fucker!

Upon seeing the sword a glint came to the Predator's eye from. "You call that a sword, that is a mere toy. You may have dodged one attack but how do you propose to kill me. He then stared hard at the sword and his eyes glowed a yellow color. The blade bent in a loop and then shot toward Mark. The blade glinted and Mark was forced to drop it, causing it to revert to normal. What madness was this? No amount of psychic powers could truly bend an object toward a person?

He then noticed a nail sticking seemingly conveiently out of the wall. If he could impale the fucker ...maybe then he could kill this wierd creature that defied even its own kind's capablities. He then ran as fast as he could toward the predator, causing it to slightly wonder why. Hoping this would be enough to kill, he aimed a spinning double kick straight toward the Predator. Sheer desperation and the fact that he had surprise on his side caused the Predator to be driven backwards impaling himself on the sharp nail.

But the Predator's eyes mearly glinted. "Very well done human, but..." His arms shot out grabbing Mark painfully and yanking him towards him. The nail impaled the boy painfully in the middle and it was not a small nail. Mark yelled as the Predator dragged him terribly closer. Soon the nail was sticking out of his back and blood was forming on the floor. Then with strength that didn't compare to being weakened even slightly, the monster threw him to the right.

Mark screamed as one side of his stomach was ripped half-way open drenching the walls and causing blood to pump out in streaming gobs. He fell to the ground and even though he knew it was pointless he put hands to his side wincing at the pain. The Predator walked slowly forward yelling in pain. It seems the nail was weaking it. "So you have weakened me after all human." Yelling he ripped himself off tearing a huge chunk out of his own skin. Greenish blood pooled and he held his own hand to his stomach. "It appears to be a draw. I know when I am beat but know this human, I will heal. You won't. You can keep your precious bugs but know this, you won't survive with that big a wound. I will come back for them."

He then vanished and Mark knew that was another power that this one had. He winced in pain as blood formed under him as he was too severly weakened and suddenly he knew he was going to die. No don't say that you will be fine. Please you have got to be alright. You can't die now. We have healers. The Zen have healers. You can't fucken leave me.

Mark was going to speak but the pain of having half his side open hurt like hell and he couldn't even form words in his mind. Blood was continuing to spray and he failed to notice the main Marine walk over. Instead he settled for lying down but before he went he settled for laying a comforting hand on his beloved. Stalker realizing that he was in too much pain to speak laid her head on his stomach knowing that would calm him down about dying. Mark couldn't believe he was going to die after all this time but knowing that fate wanted him, settled for being with his beloved.

His eyes closed slowly as if on their own and then he was falling into darkness.
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