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Chapter Eight: The plot thickens

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The music cue will seriously help you during the scene. Go to youtube and look it up for maximum effect.

Chapter 8: The Plot Thickens

Mark stared at the Queen dumbstruck. How was it possible that He met his first true love's mother? She had never mentioned that she had a mother. They seemed to communicate by feeling at the time and she had never seemed the rebellious type.

Noticing that he was confused she gave a amused hiss and Mark realized that everyone's eyes more or less were on him. Zenos or in this case Zen didn't have eyes and alot of the time they went by sense of sight rather then real vision. The drones pretty much gave up any sort of attack happening from Mark's end and adopted "relaxed" stances. The brave ones ventured to sit to Mark seeing as how he was now part of the family so to speak.

Yes, I knew of you but the vision that occurs during one of our own's death does not reveal everything and I didn't see you but I heard her use your name as all of us did. I knew you loved her and if I had known that you were on this derelict ship I would have welcomed you gracefully to it, but if I had you probably wouldn't have met my wayward daughter.

Mark stared at Stalker. Are you really her daughter or is that an alien thingThis time there was hissing from everywhere and some aliens fell onto the floor hissing and looking like they were barely able to function. Stalker was the only one that seemed to be normal but she was hissing. I guess you can say that but I am more compared to pain in the ass then daughter, I am the favorite though.

At this, several Zen began beating at her (gently) with their tails.

Mark didn't know that there was a playful side to these creatures. They always seemed so aggressive but he guessed that his kind always misunderstood the creatres they called Xenomorph. He wondered what else they were hiding.

(Bad Girl's theme from No More Heroes plays during this)


"Captain, we are picking up aa strange object on the scanner. It appears to be a derelict ship of some sort." The captain sighed. He hated being caught up in what that weirdo hated, but he had his hands full. He had been threatened and he finally had to go just to get rid of his bitching. His recruit so to speak went on.

"The councilor of that strange god camp wanted us to check up on the subject known as Mark Camen. He seemed to really detest him for sleeping with the Aliens and we are to take him out if he is still there. Personally I don't care what the fuck people with creatures that are obviously smart enough to give consent, but we have our orders."

(Even further then that)

A huge ship floated endlessly in space. The Yautja aboard stared at his controls. He was different from your average predators. For one he was faster and his invisibility could beat any on the planet. He wanted to destroy his enemies, the Xenomorphs and today he was going to do it, along with anyone who got in his way. He had a weapon that will destroy and annihilate for good anyone who dared oppose him. It also helped to be blessed with psychic powers.
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