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Do you feel okay? you look pretty low...

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Another round of gerards underwear with mikey and gerard has a missed call from frank :O

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Gerards .P.O.V.

Finally the sound I was waiting for. The final bell. I pushed passed the crowds in my rush to get home.
"Woah, dude!" I heard a male voice bellow out as I went flying, dropping all my books. I started scrambling to pick them up, and the kid that spoke out started to help me.
"You should really be more careful where you walk, people round here aren't very..." He struggled to find the words
"...forgiving." He settled for.
"Tell me about it, I dropped paint on one of the jocks in preschool, and he still holds a grudge."
"Doesn't surprise me. Oh I'm bob by the way." He held out his hand gesturing to shake mine.
"Gerard." I took his hand and shook it.
"So then gerard...what's your story here?"
"Come on, everyone has a story. Jock? Nerd? I'm guessing your not one of those barbies."
"Oh...I don't exactly have a story, I don't really fit in anywere..."
"No way dude, you seem like a pretty decent guy." By this time we had reached the rusty school gates.
"I go right from here, you?" He said gesturing
"Oh...I go left." Bobs face fell.
"Oh okay. Well I will see ya tomorrow gerard." He grinned, and as he turned the light shined off his golden blonde hair, and can someone in our year already have facial hair? I was thinking about my conversation with bob as I made my walk home. Does this mean we're friends now? Wow. Look at me all socialising with people.
I managed to walk home with no jocks interrupting my happy streak, which made me even happier.
"MUUUUUUUUM" I yelled as I walked through the front door.
"Yes dear?" She called out from the kitchen.
"Did you get all those crisps and sweets for when ray comes over?" "Yes hun, I completely cleaned out Morrison's sweet section." Ray is sleeping over on saturday (todays thursday) I haven't seen him for over a month, I'm so excited!
"Yeah mum?"
"I don't want your room trashed like last time, do you understand?"
"Yes mummy." I said in a strong english accent. She shook her head at me and I retreated to my room. I slid my blackberry out of my blazer pocket and flicked through my texts, none so far...wait...I have a missed call from frank! He left a voice message
I pressed and held 1, waiting for the female, monotone voice.
"You have one new message..."
I started getting excited, bouncing up and down on my bed
"Received today, 1:02 pm"
So that was frank that rang at lunch...
"Gerard, I feel awful about leaving you at school alone after all the things chris puts you through, but I can't face anyone at the moment...I miss you and I just need a shoulder to cry on, I still can't believe it happened..."
His voice sounded cracked and rough like he had been crying.
"...I know I can trust you with this, so...I could tell you what happened...i-"
franks voice suddenly cut off and my heart was pounding; what could have happened that was so bad? I hope it wasn't anything I had done. I scrolled through my contacts until I reached franks number and my thumb hovered over the green button...
"What if he needs time to be alone? What if its your fault." oh joy...the voices are back...
"Well whatever it was he was going to tell me, so it couldn't have been to do with me..."
"Even if it wasn't you, why do you think he ignored your calls and texts for two weeks? He must need some time to think and be alone."
The voices had won yet again. I hate the voices. I pulled my thumb away from the button, using all my common sense to overrun my feelings for frank. I threw my phone onto my pillow and I sighed, as I flopped back on my bed. I stared up at my cloud white ceiling, It never occurred to me that I should paint that black too...I should paint it black at some point. I heard a light knock on my door.
"Gee?" Mikey asked. I dragged myself up from my bed and shuffled to the door, trying not to trip over all my clothes. I tugged on the didn't open.
"Gee, we have been through this, pull the handle DOWN."
I sighed at his sarcasm and opened the door, looking up at his grinning face.
"What do you want mikes?"
"Mum told me to help you clean your room." He said, still grinning "Then why are you smiling?"
"Because I like tidying..." He finished, staring at his shoes
"Kay mikes, you get the clothes I'll sit n watch."
"Woaaaahhhhh, no way gee, I am NOT going through the underwear fiasco AGAIN." Haha that was funny
"You get the clothes I will get the rest of the crap lying round your room." He scrunched up his nose as he said crap.
"Kay mikes, your the boss."
I picked up a couple of shirts and a hoodie and neared my bed.
"Too...heavy...can't carry..." I dropped the clothes on the floor and fell onto my bed.
"Gee, you're never gonna get this done if you don't try." He strolled toward me and yelled in my ear.
"Cumon geeeeeeee, I'm not touching your underwear." I felt a wide smile creep up on my face as he said 'underwear' I slowly reached near to my pillow and picked up a piece of fabric knowing full well what it was.
"Gerard if you d-" I cut him off by shoving my underwear in his face. He started flapping his hands like a fucktarded seal and flung the underwear to the other side of the room.
"EWWWWWW!!! THATS IT!!! I am not putting up with your laziness anymore." He opened the door and stormed out, slamming it shut behind him.
"MICHAEL!!! DONT SLAM DOORS!!!" I heard mum yell. I chuckled to myself and fell to sleep.
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