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Chapter 6: The decisions

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*Revised version of Is it too late from fanfiction(.net)* A mistake that might cause a permanent problem for the whole gang, how can Sunako cope with the fact that she might be the reason for this ...

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(Kyohei; hospital)

"You ... can't what?" the same words echoed through my ears. Damn Takenaga! I already told him to be careful around Nakahara. I stare at the window next to me ... I wonder what's she's doing.

"You ... can't what?" she sounded like the whole world collapsed right in front of her. "It's my fault ... my-"

"It's not!" I shouted, "I was careless ... that's all" I told her.

"No ... this is my-"

"Just shut it! This isn't making me feel better" I yelled. I was shocked when I saw her; it's like she's about to cry.

"Nakahara" I called, softly.

"So sorry, I think I need to go home for a while" she said, as she slams the door behind her.

"Kyohei" Takenaga called. I turn around, revealing a stiff-faced Takenaga.

"Yo" I greeted, short and simple. I'm still kinda mad at him, you know.

"I'm so sorry about earlier" he says.

"It's fine, she's gonna find out sooner or later" I told him.

He lowered his head, "Thanks men" I told him, not looking at his face.

"Yeah, come home soon ... BLONDIE" he smirk, which I answered with my usual trademark grin.

"Sure ... NERD"

(Sunako; at the house)

I keep on staring above, I hate my ceiling so much; I prefer black than beige. Don't run away from the problem ... I wonder why I remembered what he told me back then. He was right, I was only running away ... using darkness to cover up and hide- Why can't I be like him? I mean, full of light or something. Then there it was, the idea hit me ...

"I ... can, it's just that I never tried" I murmured. I rolled down my bed, gaining a "THUMP,"

"shit!" I curse, gotta practice landing. I took out my black jacket, with a skull design on its back then quickly run outside.

Wait for me ... Kyohei Takano.
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