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Chapter 5: The painful truth

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*Revised version of Is it too late from fanfiction(.net)* A mistake that might cause a permanent problem for the whole gang, how can Sunako cope with the fact that she might be the reason for this ...

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"Uwaah ... Kyohei is still hospitalized!" the girls cried. I stare at the window beside me, Does school always seems so long?

"Nakahara!" the teacher called. I jolt up from my DAY DREAMING, "answer this" he says. I stare at the board, it's pissing me off how the board stares back at me-An electric drill has a measured sound level of 66 dB. What is the intensity of this sound in W/m2? Hmmmm ...

"Ah ... Hmmm ... Yeah that's it! ... wait ... hmmm ..."

"The question is waiting to be answered" he remind me.

"Sound Intensity 0.00000398107 W/m2 ?" I told him. He nod, "correct" he says.

Don't ask me how I did that, I just ... Well, it's just a guess. The home room continued for a long, long time; then finally, the end bell! I quickly push my seat back and started running. Gotta see the radiant creature!


Right now, I'm sulking; well ... to think that I can't walk anymore. Anytime now ... I told myself, she'll reach the hospital then start retelling what happened at school.

"Anytime now ..." Shit! Since when did I?

"Radiant creature!" She's here! I rub my face, gotta smile :)

"Yo! Nakahara" I greeted her. She was smiling like a freak.

"Dead body on the way?" I ask her.

"No! the biology class was really good though" she says.

"Opening up frogs?" gross...

"Yeah" she smiled.

"Ummm ... Radian- I mean Takano, Uh ... get well soon"

Huh? Am I hearing things?

"Not me ... I mean, the girls at school" she covers up. I crack a smile, "Yeah sure" I hum.


"Nothing ..." I grin. Then suddenly,

"Kyohei! when will you tell Sunako-chan about it?" Takenaga shouted, barging inside.

I swayed my attention to the girl revealing a shock face ...

"Truth about what?" Both Takenaga and I flinch.

"Nothing really" I told her.

"Radiant creature"

I stayed silent.


I still keep my mouth shut.


I sigh, "I - can no longer walk on my own" I told her. She was shock, no ... more of - GUILT.

"You ... can't what?"
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