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Chapter 4: The Guilt

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*Revised version of Is it too late from fanfiction(.net)* A mistake that might cause a permanent problem for the whole gang, how can Sunako cope with the fact that she might be the reason for this ...

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I stare at the blond in front of me, "Stupid Noi ..." he muttered.

I started giggling, So pitiful ... "Oh come on, radiant creature ... it's not that bad" I told him.

"HAHAHA, riight. If you're not the one getting hit by a bag, making you're wounds open up and sting in pain again" he lash out.

"Well ... I had a good time" I murmur.



For a moment there, the room was again in silence. The guilt started gushing back to me; it's my fault that he's bedridden.

"It's not-" he whispers.


"I said it's not your fault, idiot" he shouted. I stare at him in awe before cracking a smile.

"Thanks" I told him.


"Nothing" I hum.


I stare at the dark girl beside me; a small, fragile smile escape my lips.

"It's really unbelievable that you can stand being beside me" I told her. Her face suddenly turn white and blue, seems like reality just hit her- BIG TIME.

"UUGH ..." she grumble.

"Sorry" I apologize.

"For what?" she ask.

"If I didn't left you, this wouldn't happened in the first place" I told her.

I almost jump from the shock when she grab my arms, pulling her face closer to mine; her face is showing desperation and worry at the same time.

"It's not" she lowered her head, "It was mine. If I didn't blurt out those stupid stuffs- you wouldn't get mad" she grouse.

She's been guilty all this time, she's ... blaming herself. Without thinking, I grab her closer- pulling her into a tight hug.

"I'm so sorry" I muttered. She's about to struggle when I squeeze her tighter, soon ... she relaxed to my touch and let her head rest on my shoulder. I felt a damp warmness falling on my shoulder.

"So sorry" she whispers. I hold her closer, and closer. Don't blame yourself, Nakahara.


I stare at the couple hugging each other (Well, couple in my point of view).

"This will be troublesome ..." I told Noi, who's standing beside me.

"Yeah" she agrees.

"How can Sunako-chan stand it, if she found out that Kyohei's no longer allowed to walk on his own" I said, with hints of sadness.
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