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Chapter 3: I killed him (You'll hate me for this)

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*Revised version of Is it too late from fanfiction(.net)* A mistake that might cause a permanent problem for the whole gang, how can Sunako cope with the fact that she might be the reason for this ...

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"Beep ..." "Beep ..." The machine started ringing again as the doctors rushed in. My heartbeat running incredibly fast. "No" I thought, "No" I repeated.

The time stood still as I stand in front of the ER as they rush him inside. After 7 hours of desperate movements, trying to keep him alive, the doctor agreed to meet us.

"I'm sorry" He started.


"Pudding" He says, I groan.

I smiled at him, "Here's your (stupid) expensive, really rare pudding" I told him, handing out the fluppy pudding that I spent four hours searching for. "Anything else?" I ask.

"No" he mumbled, as he struggle opening the lid. I took his valuable possession, turning the cover a little before gaining a "Clack" sound- bwalah! it's open. "Seems like getting hit by a car decreases your strength" I told him, a good rare chance for me to end your life.

He started eating the pudding, "Jon't fweven chink bwout kwiwing mwe! (don't even think about killing me!)" he maunder.

"I'm not the kind of person who kills people without a fight" I told him, well ... I guess so.

"Gwood (Good)" he says, "Pwass thwa twowel (pass the towel)" he demand.

If you're wondering why I'm doing this, well ...

"Please wake up" I cried. I took his hand on mine, grabbing it near my chest.

"Wake up ... Kyohei" I sobbed, "Anything ... I'll do anything for you"

"Tempura, pudding, my chores, you'll do it?"

"Yes ... I'll- wait a minute! What the?" I swayed my attention to the face of my FRENEMY, revealing the annoying grin.

"A promise is a promise" he smirked.

And that's how it turns out like this. I sigh, what am I thinking saying those stuffs!

"Sunako-chan!" Noi called, as soon as she enters the room with his, OOH-LOVEY-DOVEY boyfriend. I quickly dash towards my only savior, "NOI!" I cried, clinging to her knee-length pink ruffle dress. She pats my head, and smiled.

"How are you doing, Kyohei?" She ask the boy, lying on the bed.

"Good, Gorilla"

"Who are you calling Gorilla?" Noi ask, obviously pissed off.

"Y.O.U" the blond retorted. I sigh, here it goes.

I heard Takenaga chuckle at the sight, Noi is mercilessly beating Kyohei.

"I'm an injured person!" he cried.

"And I'm a woman with injured heart!" she says, before hitting Kyohei with her black satin bag.

"Should I stop them?" I ask the jet black. His eyes are saying ... ARE-YOU-SERIOUS-YOU-WANNA-STOP-THEM with the THIS-IS-SO-FUNNY expression.

"Guess I'm not stopping them ..." I muttered.

"Nakahara!" the radiant-creature called.

"Nakahara!" he repeated, with desperation.

I run towards them and hold Noi out. "Injured" I told her.

Noi quickly stop, fixing her hair.

"Lesson, never mess up with Noi" he muttered under his breath.

Maybe this day isn't the worse :D
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