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Chapter 2: The accident (whoah, so creative)

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*Revised version of Is it too late from fanfiction(.net)* A mistake that might cause a permanent problem for the whole gang, how can Sunako cope with the fact that she might be the reason for this ...

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'Where did he go?' I asked myself as I search through the noisy crowd, hopelessly trying to look for the radiant creature who ran away right after I blurted out the cruel words.

I felt the cold chill of September creep through my spine as I desperately search for the shimmering blonde. My eyes widen at the sight of him; happiness and relief seem to flood through my veins.

"Radiant-- TAKANO!" I screamed, but he didn't turned back.

"Wait, no!" I yelled, oblivious to the speeding car coming my way. I felt the impact and slight pain of being hit or pushed, I have no clue. The blinding white seems to burst out, filling my vision before the cold black filled in.
Twitch. Beep. Twitch. Beep.

"Shut the hell up" I thought as the sound continues to irritate me. My body felt weak, and my eyes seem to be so heavy that I can't seem to open them. Am I dead? But I can still feel my human body. In comatose maybe.

"Sunako! Sunako-chan!" UGH, shut up! But the voices continued its invasion. I didn't have a choice so I forcefully opened my eyes, only to meet a crying Noi.

"Sunako-chan!" she exclaimed, her hands tightening their hold on mine. I groaned before looking around.

"Where's everyone?" I asked, noticing Yuki crying by my bedside. But they remained silent.

Suddenly, the door opened and I saw Takenaga and Ranmaru standing there with a bitter-face on. This is freaking me out. Why are they crying? Where is the radiant creature? – That's right! Where is the radiant creature?

"Where's the radiant creature?" I asked, worry edging through my cold demeanor.

"What do you remember, Sunako-chan?" Takenaga asked stiffly. I scrambled through my mind, searching for the right answer. I remember the guilt, the pain, the light, the impact ...

"Sunako-chan ..." Takenaga started again, "Kyohei, Kyohei's in coma"

"What?" I asked, "That doesn't make sense, I was the one who got hit!"

"He pushed you, Sunako-chan. He took the damage" He says.

Then as if the world froze, my eyes widen.

"Get out" I muttered. "Sunako-chan" Noi protested. "GET OUT!" I screamed.

"It's not possible! I hurt him! He doesn't have the rights to stop my death! He-- I'll kill him! I'll kill him!" I screamed. Noi immediately latched herself into me, clinging and crying, murmuring sweet nothings to me.

And after all these years, I cried. I cried until there's no more. I cried for that stupid idiot who risked his life for me. I cried until I fell asleep.

That day ends like there's no tomorrow. The blond is still asleep peacefully. I'm totally safe but he ...

"I hate feeling guilty" I told myself.

TBC ...
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