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Part 1

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Part 1 - Meeting Jared

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Part 1

Throwing mischievous looks and flirty smiles at each other is what you have been doing the last couple of minutes. That guy caught your eye since the moment he entered the club and it seems the same thing happened to him. You’re looking for a «one-night affair» with a hot guy that makes you go straight up to Heaven and looks like you have just found the one who’ll make your wild fantasy come true.
“Here you go, honey,” the oversweet voice of a guy snaps you out.
«Oh, great!»
“Thanks, dear,” you grab your drink and fake a smile. You throw one last glance at the hottie across the dance floor and return your gaze to your boyfriend. Your expression changes and he notices it.
“What is it, sweetie?” the irritable guy inquires and takes your hand between his. “Didn’t you like the drink? Because I can bring you another one,” he states, concerned.
«Oh, God!» you exclaim in your head. His over-sweetness makes you sick, his stupid face in love provokes you to slap him right on the cheek. You still can’t believe you ended up with a lousy boyfriend as him; even worse, engaged.
“It’s okay, Kyle,” that fake smile shows up on your face again as you subtly slide your hand away from his. He seems not to notice it.
“My God, you’re beautiful!” he says and brings one of his hands towards your face. His fingertips caress your cheek soflty and you remember how much you used to love that of him, but time has passed by and you have changed. Maybe for the good, maybe for the bad, but changed anyways. “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me,” your boyfriend’s voice sound irritable to your ears, more than the usual. His fucking sweetness is too much to bear and you are getting tired of it.
It seems so difficult to get rid of him since you’re afraid he’s going to start crying like a little girl. “Yeah,” you sigh, “so are you,” you say without really meaning it.
You rake your fingers through your hair and peek at the hot guy. Your heart almost pops out of your mouth when you realize he’s walking in your direction.
«No fucking way!»
You turn your gaze quickly to your boyfriend, scared. You start to twist your fingers from nervousness –thing you have done since you were little every time you got nervous-. What are you supposed to do? If he’s willing to take the flirting thing to a whole different level, you are definitely dead. He passes by your and your boyfriend’s side, you look up at him, getting ready for him to ruin your life, you can almost hear the drama your boyfriend would begin, but nothing happens; the tall thin guy keeps walking after he gazed at you, and you could swear a mischievous smile got drawn on his face. Did he dare to continue flirting even though your boyfriend was on the scene? You believe he did.
You sigh in relief and your whole body slackens. That was so close.
“Are you okay?” your boyfriend asks, worried. Apparently he didn’t notice anything at all.
“What?” you look at him, “yeah, yeah, totally. I… I just need to go to the restroom. Excuse me.” You stand up and sneak towards the restroom as fast as your legs allow you to.
You push the door in hurry; for your fortune the night is young and there’s no one inside throwing up. You enter and steady yourself in front of the large-wall mirror. Your hands fall onto the sink and you look yourself at the mirror.
Even though you went to the club in search of a wild adventure, you’re not so sure about it anymore. You feel stupid and remember how you didn’t care cheating on your naive boyfriend before he proposed you. It was fun and you knew it was only for a night, after that you would never see the guy again. You were never afraid of being caught, you were adventurous, and you liked risky things. Now you were struggling within yourself to whether or not fuck that hot guy out there. “You’re engaged, for God’s sake!” you scold yourself, trying to dissuade your mind from your original thought, but the face of that guy appears in your head. You want him. You want him so much. “Screw it,” you say and go out.
Your body collides against a tall one, your hands land on the chest of that body as you feel strong arms surrounding your waist, avoiding you to fall.
“Look out, asshole!” you exclaim and bring your eyes up to look at the idiot who bumped into you; your whole body freezes at the view.
«No way»
“Hello there,” his voice is a hoarse melody and you feel it starts to provoke things in your body. He somehow seems to notice it and the corner of his lips draw a cheeky smirk on his face.
“What the hell?” You’re surprised as fuck. This can’t be happening. It can’t be real.
“I noticed you have been checking me out for a while,” he says and you could swear he draws you a little closer towards him.
“You wish.” You try to sound like you don’t care, but your voice is barely a whisper and you can’t even look at him in the eyes. He lightly laughs.
“Let’s get the hell out of here,” you realize he’s not suggesting, he’s demanding. He approaches his lips to your ear and whispers in a husky voice, “I want to have fun.” His warm breath hitting your skin and the tone of his voice send shivers down your spine. You close your eyes and unconsciously both your hands crinkle his shirt in desire of getting rid of it. You fucking want him.
“Okay.” You say in a lower voice, giving in to his charm… and to the heat between your legs.
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