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Part 2

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Part 2 - Going home

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Part 2

You both find a way to sneak out of the club and avoid to be seen by your fiancé. You succeed.
Outside there’s a glamorous car waiting for you. You are stunned by the pretentious and expensive car in front of you that you can barely hear the guy’s voice inviting you in from the inside.
“Get in,” he repeats for the third time. You obey.
“Wow!” You exclaim, feeling the leather seat under your hands. “My God, this must have cost thousands,” you practically think out loud. He slightly laughs.
“A little less than that,” he starts the car and starts driving so fast through the streets, avoiding cars as if he were being pursued by the police. Both your hands cling to the sides of the leather seat and you back is leaning against the back of it. You honestly think you’re not going to make it to wherever the hell he wants to arrive in such hurry. For your fortune you get to a semaphore and he pulls over. Your entire body’s still tense. He looks at you and bursts into laughter.
“Scared?” he questions, amused. You glare at him with your hands still clenching the sides of the seat.
“Of course I am!” you exclaim. “I thought you were going to kill us both. God!” Your body loosens up and your head falls backwards onto the back of the seat as your eyes close. You sigh in relief.
“Sorry about that.” The amusement in his voice tells you the contrary; a small smile flickers across your face.
“What were you doing with that guy?” he suddenly asks you. You could tell his voice shows surprise. You bring your head forward and open your eyes. You place your right hand over the left one, hiding you engagement ring. He notices it though. “Never mind,” he says and brings his gaze up to meet yours. He questions you with those icy blue eyes of his and, even though he doesn’t say a word, you answer anyways: “He’s my fiancé,” you state, deflecting your gaze from his.
“Yeah, I can see that.” The light turns green and he stars driving again. His gaze is now concentrated on the road. “But… why?” he glances at you and returns his eyes to the road. “I mean, he doesn’t seem your type of man.” He shrugs.
“I… I don’t know. I met him three years ago and he was so different, that’s why I fell for him in the first place. Now he is so whiny and annoying. His over-sweetness drowns me out.” Without even notice it, you were telling the unknown man your frustration about Kyle, how boring your life became.
“Then why are you going to marry him?” he inquires.
“I can’t bring his hopes down now. I already said yes to him.”
“You can always change your mind. You aren’t married yet,” he says and shrugs. You don’t reply anything so he glances at you. Your eyes meet his face and you realize his lips curl into a smile.
Maybe he’s right. You can always change your mind about something you’re not happy and comfortable with. How will your life be if you actually get to marry him? Will you be able to handle his over-sweetness?
The rest of the small journey remained in silence, no ones said anything about it again and you plunged into your thoughts.
“We’re here,” he announces and gets off the car. You watch him walk towards his door house. When he returns his gaze at you, you open the passenger door and get off the car, slamming the door shut. He opens the door house, inviting you in without saying a single word. You stay still, frozen from top to toe, standing outside the fancy car, having a struggle within yourself to whether or not undertake this last wild fantasy before getting chained to one lousy man for the rest of your life.
You look at him and the way he smiles at you forces you to make a decision. You close your eyes and toss your head back as a sigh escapes your system.
“Fuck it,” you murmur and step forward, determined to enjoy what is probably your last affair.
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