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Episode 5 _ Mission or Dreams?

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In this episode our travelers awake to find themselves split up in an unknown area. one side is in luck while the other is in for a treat they wont soon forget.

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“Ugh, my head hurts, where am i.. why is it so freezing cold.” Ezro thought to himself as he stood up trying to shake off his pain “darn, hey guys you alright?” there was no response and Ezro strained to see clearly even tho he took heavy damage from the explosion. “all I see is snow.... KOJO!!! NAVI!!! Where are you guys!!!!” yelled Ezro with both eyes half open and one arm clasping his shoulder. Ezro begin to sluggishly walk threw the snow, freezing and hurting searching for his friends until fatigue started to set its way in on Ezro. As he crumbled to his knees and fell over, Ezro began to ask himself “is this it, is this where my journey ends, freezing to death after nearly being eaten alive by a fish chasing after a dream…I cant……die here……” said Ezro on his last tiring breath.

Ezro looked as hard as he could trying to get a look out to see if his friends were ok and saw a strange silhouette. “who…are…you" asked Ezro as he passed out laying unconscious in the snow. The dark shadow approached slowly and said in a blunt tone. “If it is life you seek then that question doesn’t matter does it…I shall grant you the opportunity of survival as long as you stay out of my way, do you comply with these demands…” Ezro didn’t make a sound laying unconscious near the brink of death. “I guess that’s a no so ill leave you to whatever you’re doing" said the dark figure walking off cold heartedly abandoning Ezro “hmph, It wouldn’t be right to abandon the injured, I may grow to dislike this option im making due to these invisible onlookers and that annoying narrator making everything sound so bad…’ said the dark figure in his head turning to recover Ezro. The figure lifted Ezro and slung him over his shoulder oblivious to his injuries and walked off disappearing into the snow.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” “what whats going on, who's screaming, is that you Navi?” “yeah its me Kojo, im alright, im not too hurt” “who cares about you, help me stuck halfway buried in snow” said Kojo frustratedly trying to lift himself out of the snow. “hey Ezro you alright?” asked Kojo a little dis concernedly being lifted out of the ground by Navi. “Ezro? Where are you” asked Kojo a bit more worried. “hey aren't those the emeralds Kojo, we should go get them before something happens.” But what about Ezro asked Kojo “I believe he will be ok” said Navi walking towards the emerald with Kojo. ‘hey joey, didn’t we have 2 emerald things?” “yes that’s true, but just our luck we have three now..’ said Kojo collecting the three emeralds. “we need to search for Ezro then get out of here, this mountainous snowy area cant be good at all for us to be waddling around in , not in our condition at least.” Said Kojo as the two began there search for Ezro.

Ezro came to his senses waking up to see himself wrapped in sheets inside a cave with a mysterious person “who are you, where are my friends? Asked the wounded hedgehog. The mysterious person said “ I am under no obligation to answer that question, and there are others like you in the ice cap area as well?” Ezro tried his best to stand stumbling to his feet “i've got to rescue my friends, they could be in danger” said Ezro making his way to the exit only to be cut off by the mysterious figure. "It would stain my pride if I allowed someone to kill themselves.” Said the mysterious figure “out of my way, my dreams and my friends are out there somewhere in this snow and nothing will stop me, im not weak so I wont allow it” said Ezro shoving his way past the mysterious figure “hmph, I like your style, I haven't found any leads of what im looking for so I can assume that its safe to play the hero and assist you for the time being If that will get you out of my way and out of my hair” said the mysterious figure. “tell me, what is your name hedgehog?” “my name is Ezro, Ezro the hedgehog,. What about you lion, still too cool to tell me what your name is?” said Ezro stepping a little bit further to almost fall but gets caught “its Alunn, Alunn the lion” So the hedgehog and lion traveled down the snowy mountain looking for Kojo and Navi.

Meanwhile Kojo and Navi are conflicted with a issue on how to find there lost friend.
“Joey do you have any ideas on how we can find Ezro faster, this place is cold and its dark and im scared” “Navi calm down, we will find Ezro, I have an idea, we are going to climb this mountain and look down from there to find out where Ezro is.” Great idea joey, lets fly up there right now!” “fly? Wait what?” asked the confused mouse. Navi jumped in the air and grabbed kojo's arms and flapped his tail as hard and fast as he could so that the two took off flying up the hill. After about 5 minutes they reached the top of the frozen mountain and Navi and Kojo landed looking down from the hill “do you see him yet Navi?” Asked Kojo. Navi looked as hard as could and then suddenly grabbed kojo’s arm and yelled “there he is! I see him!” he began to run down the mountain pulling Kojo. Kojo looked behind him to realize something horrible “Navi you dolt, look what you caused” said Kojo running as fast as he could down the mountain with Navi. Navi looked back and screamed “AVALANCHE!”

Ezro was walking when he heard the echo of Navi’s scream and turned to see snow crumbling down the side of a mountain with two dots running from the snow. “That wouldn’t happen to be your friends would it?” asked Alunn looking at the mountain. “yes its them, ive got to go meet with them” said Ezro throwing the sheets off of him running and stumbling toward the mountain. Alunn followed behind Ezro “you sure running is the right thing to do in your situation? You’re not in the best of conditions for it..” “so long as I get to my guys im fine” the two stopped a few yards away from the mountain as a blue bird and green mouse came running down to get away from the snow and greet their banged up friend as the avalanche subsided with no one getting harmed.

“so you managed to form up with your pals again, my side mission is done, now its back to my main mission” said Alunn walking away from the reunited trio. Navi ran up to Ezro “hey hey Ezro, you ok? You wern't too badly hurt were you?” “im fine Navi, what about you guys?” Kojo answered reassuringly “Ezro, we are more then ok, look we managed to get the third emerald, who’d have guessed we’d land near it.” Alunn suddenly stopped walking. “Hey, you three, you’re all bent on ruining my mission aren’t you” “who’s the cat Ezro?” asked Navi “that’s a lion not a cat and his name is Alunn, he kept me from freezing to death in the snow.” Alunn turned around and said sharply “give me those emeralds now, and no one has to get hurt.” Ezro forgetting about his pain stepped forward saying “that sounds like a threat, I want these emeralds to find out more about myself and if I am a chosen hedgehog.” “I could careless what your fickle and greedy reasons for wanting the emeralds are. So ill ask again” said Alunn getting into a fighting stance “give me the emeralds NOW!” Ezro stood upright with his fists clenched and smirked and said “take them from me kitty cat if you can”

Alunn snarled and charged Ezro with his fist cocked back ready to throw a punch. As Alunn drew close Ezro jumped, put his hand on Alunns head and flipped dodging Alunns punch. Alunn turned around and grunted as Ezro landed staggering a little. “Dang, I cant keep this up long, I have to try to end this as soon as possible” thought Ezro to himself. “this is hardly a fair fight but I don’t care, your interfering with my mission and I wont allow it” said Alunn walking up to Ezro. Kojo pulled Navi to the sidelines “we can’t interfere at all, we have to let Ezro fight his battle Navi” Navi clenched his fists worrying about Ezro.

Alunn charged at Ezro and threw another punch but Ezro managed to duck letting it graze his quill and threw a kick hitting Alunn in his side. Alunn didn’t flinch much and threw another punch hitting Ezro directly in his belly sending him flying. “is this the best you got hedgehog, it will be easy taking the emeralds from you” said Alunn charging Ezro who was getting to his feet. Ezro jumped and drop-kicked Alunn knocking him back but not over. Ezro stood up once again and approached the staggered Alunn and threw a punch at his face. Alunn’s eye’s widened a little and he caught Ezro's punch. “hedgehog, realize your out of your league” said Alunn as he tightened his fist and punched into Ezro’s gut slamming him into the ground. Alunn removed his fist from Ezro and assumed he had won the fight and began his walk towards Navi and Kojo with a malicious intent. Alunn suddenly stopped to look down and see that Ezro had grabbed ahold of his leg. “this fight isnt ..over....yet, I need these emeralds….. for my dream”

Alunn turned his attention back to Ezro “you just don’t know when to quit do you hedgehog” said Alunn lifting his foot that Ezro didn’t grab and stomped down on Ezros back “you’re dreams are coming to end here and now.” Alunn stomped on Ezros back again with his foot but Ezro held his grip on alunns leg “Chosen hedgehog? Those do not exist, quit dreaming and face reality” Alunn stomped Ezro again “dreams are for those incapable of shifting reality” said Alunn making a final harder stomp to Ezros back. Ezro lost his grip to Alunn's leg and laid motionless on the ground “Now then, you two, hopefully you have more sense then this loser, give me the emerald and you wont end up like that worthless idiot.” “EZRO NO!” yelled Navi “wait…..Navi…..look! Ezro is on his feet!!!”

Alunn tuned around with a face of disbelief at first that then turned into an expression of anger and annoyance. Ezro was looking down at the ground barely able to stand “Chosen hedgehogs do exist, I don’t know this for certain but I have something in me telling me that I am one” Alunn began to walk back towards Ezro. “My dream will never come to an end because that just the beauty of it.” Ezro began to walk towards Alunn. “reality is that dreams shape reality and so will mine!” yelled Ezro charging Alunn with his fist back, “moronic hedgehog, ill knock some sense into you!” roared Alunn charging Ezro with his fist back. They both drew closer and closer to each other. Alunn threw his punch too early which Ezro noticed and ducked under then uppercutted Alunn in the chin lifting him off his feet. “how… how could I lose to this naive fool…..i…. I lost…” thought Alunn as he crashed against the ground laying motionless in the snow with one eye barely open.“don’t feel to bad Alunn, you were right about one thing” Alunn blinked “I don’t know when to quit” said Ezro collapsing to the ground and blacking out just as Alunn blacked out.

“Ezro!” yelled Navi as he flew over to the unconscious hedgehog laying on the ground. “quit yelling and pick him up” said Kojo. “right joey, lets go Ezro”said the blue jay lifting up Ezro carrying him on his shoulder. What about the kitty cat joey, we cant leave him here.” “but what if he wants to fight us again, can we really take tat risk?” asked Kojo “it’s the right thing to do joey, I say we take him out of here” “I guess you’re right Navi, but this decision better not come back to haunt us” said the uncertain mouse lifting the unconscious lion on his shoulder.

“we should climb the mountain so we can find the exit out of this area” said Kojo “ok joey, but I cant fly us up there again” Its alright we just have to walk up this mountain said Kojo reassuringly. So they began to walk up the hill which took about an hour to reach the top. When they got there they looked around to see the edge of the snowy mountains. “joey what are we gonna do, I cant see anywhere to go….joey, why aren't you responding, joey… joey! Jo-….” Navi stopped talking after turning around to witness what Kojo was seeing, a floating green and tan-ish ruin like island on a cloud floating dangerously close to the mountain with the morning sun rising to shine on it.

“Lets not waste time, we gotta get on that island, it may be our only way out of this area" said Kojo jumping on the ruins with the lion on his shoulder still. “right joey” said Navi flying with Ezro over to the island and stood with Kojo on the island, looking at the mountain they once stood on topple over from the island colliding with it.
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