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Episode 6 _ Sky Island Sanctuary

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In this Episode our travelers take refuge on a island made of cloud,earth, and ruble but amongst this amazing natural wonder lurks someone or something unknown to our travelers...or is it?

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As the sun pierced the darkness bringing day light on our travelers, Kojo had been watching over the two resting brawlers “those guys really had an un-even fight now that im thinking about it. Ezro was near the engine when the ship blew up from that fish biting the sub, not to mention he fought even with un healed wounds. To be able to still win the fight after all that, im beginning to change my opinion on you hedgehog”

Navi came holding material he gathered on the island “I found a rock some moss and im actually able to hold a piece of cloud so I brought it joey, all the stuff just like you asked” said Navi happily “go get another stone just like this one, this one is made of flint and I can start a fire with it” “fire? Are u gonna burn them?” “no dumb bird, since we can hold the clouds and a cloud is a cloud im going to use it to rain medicine on those two, also go get more herbs” Kojo kept the two on the edge of the cloud island for safety reasons of being afraid something would occur. As Kojo was keeping an eye on the wounded a figure hidden in a near by tree was spying on them and fled when Kojo thought he heard something in the same direction. “something is wrong about this place but I cant put my finger on it” said Kojo starring at the tree that had recently been occupied and then went back to tending to his a little and enemies wound.

“ohhh here’s a rock that looked like the same one I gave to joey and ive managed to collect one of each plant” said Navi happy with himself walking back towards Kojos location with his arms full of spoils. As Navi walked along a stone path he wasn’t aware something was following him “ I could get there faster if I flew” so Navi took off flying leaving behind what ever it was behind but the figure followed Navi anyway.
Kojo had been pacing back and forth contemplating on there next move while waiting on Navi “ what should we do? Our third emerald came to us by luck so I doubt finding the rest will be that easy since the emerald radar broke due to the explosion. We now have a possible threat among us but there are three of us and only one of him, should I allow him to live or should i…ahhh what should I do?!” said Kojo to himself scratching his head in frustration. As Kojo fought with himself Alunn slowly began to come to his sense “where am i….” Kojo looked over at Alunn who had sat up but remained sitting “I see you’re awake now” said kojo suspiciously. Alunn remained silent. “ you’re here because my friend evidently has a soft spot for hurt kittens “ Alunn immoderately barked “shut your trap rat” “Rat!? Don’t cross the line and end up tribal dancing in the holy world fuzzball, its thanks to me and my friend you’re even here” Alunn stood to his feet wincing a little “I didn’t need your help I was just fine in the ice caps, your friend got lucky that I became careless, otherwise I woul-“ Kojo’s ears twitched and Alunn’s eyes darted as the two stopped there focus on each other and immediately turned to face a bush that shook irregularly. “ you think we should che-“ Alunn wasted no time charging to the bush on all fours and as he drew close someone jumped out of the bush and landed near Ezro.
“easy there lion, I was only enjoying you and the mouse squabble, relax.” Said the unfamiliar face.
“Im not a mouse im a mouse!” said Kojo “that’s what he said rat, open your ears more!” said Alunn bluntly and sharply. “oh, hey wait im not rat, don’t push me lion!”
the person who had been spying on Kojo and Ezro was being on his side on the ground and yawned “when you guys are done with your quarrel id like to ask something” they both turned and yelled “butt out and shut up you stupid bat” the bat blinked once looking at ground and said "I don’t mind wearing the both of you out at once, I don’t like to fight unnecessary battles and id rather chill but I wont hesitate to put you both in check” he said standing to his feet.

Navi came out of the trees surrounded by crumbled stone “hey guys I got the stuff for Ezro and the lion, wait a sec what are you guys oops!” said Navi stumbling and tripping over a stone wedged in the cloud to send the spoils flying in Ezro's direction. The fighters stopped and stared at the miracle that took place with aw like expressions on their faces. The flint rock that Navi had flew and smacked against the flint that had been laying on the ground next to Ezro and shot out a spark that hit some of the fluttering herbs causing them to burn. As the herbs burned and fell to the ground the big piece of cloud Navi had all the ingredients on had managed to take in the burning gas from the herbs and turned from a clean white to a dark grey. The big grey cloud had began to loom over Ezro and poured down a greenish blue healing rain restoring Ezro to perfect health and eliminating his battle wounds. “sorry joey, I tripped it was an accident, don’t be mad.” Said the terrified bird ‘no no, look Navi, Ezro is better” said Kojo getting away from the mysterious bat and the lion to go greet Ezro.
The others looked at each other and rushed to go see Ezro even Alunn who had not liked Ezro. Ezro opened his eyes to see four faces looming over him, one of happy on of relief one of anger and one that was unfamiliar. Ezro hoped to his feet and span around in a ball making everyone back up” jeez guys gimme some breathing space, who's the bat and did the kitty follow us here?” said Ezro ”Ezro you’re okay now and we don’t know what the bat wants or what the lion wants to do”
“ before the mouse and the lion started arguing, I was going to ask if you had been attacked by a destructive robot known as a K.A.T.A.N.A android”
“whats that” asked Navi “Navi its a robot that has life but what does katana stand for?” asked Kojo. “it stands for Kill And Terminate All, Neutralize Area, do you live under a rock rat?” said the lion almost impatiently “you could say that” said Ezro getting a somewhat chuckle out of Kojo.

“katana droids are ruthless destroying machines that destroy everything, they recently have been acting strange and I made it my sole responsibility to spy on these criminal robots before I smash them” said the bat calmly “I think they have been acting strange due to these gems” said the bat pulling out a chaos emerald. Alunn widened his eyes and jumped at the bat, but the bat just leaned to the left letting Alunn fly right past him. “hey whoa whoa, chill out guy, whats the problem” “why does everyone plan on interfering with my mission, K.A.T.A.N.A droids do not matter to me but those emeralds do” said Alunn. “explain what you need them for and I bet we’d give them to you, but forcing yourself to fight us will get your butt handed to you, there are four of us an only one of you, so your best interest is to tell us” said Ezro. Alunn growled then relaxed and began to talk “ a long time ago echidnas used to protect the master emerald. They began to realize that whenever the master emerald would shatter due to the “legend of the blue blur” stories, the echidnas would hunt all over the places for the pieces leaving the chaos emeralds unguarded so it was mandated the lions had to watch over and guard the chaos emeralds so things didn’t get out of hand” said alunn folding his arms “Its funny you say that Alunn is it? Yes anyways, I have came to the conclusion that the droids are destroying in search of these jewels.” “but it doesn’t make sense why do they want powerless emeralds?” asked Kojo “they want the remaining negative energy residing within it. Rumors say because of the luster purge they lost there positive energy due to stark calamity” said the bat “but isn't stark a legend, he couldn’t possibly by the one behind this, he’s centuries old.” Said Navi curiously.

“whatever the case may by it seems we are at a stalemate my friends, these emeralds have intertwined our fates, I am Daza the bat. Now that I have formally introduced my self who are you?” the mingling group shared there info with each other and the beginning trio explained there reasons behind there want for the emeralds. “Utter selfishness for a lost cause if you ask me, I guess I have no choice but to venture with you fools until your desires have been satisfied.” Said Alunn unhappily with his arms folded. “I guess I should accompany you guys since I hold a emerald and leaving you guys to face unknown peril is kinda a let down.” Said daza calmly as he spreaded his wings floating up in the air.

“You can fly too?!” said Navi happily soaring into the air with Daza “I can only fly here, can you guess why?” Navi thought and thought and thought but Kojo answered his question for him “its probably because there is a loss of wind at this high of an altitude so its not tangible when it comes to your smedium sized wings but you're not flying only hovering and jumping high” everyone turned and looked at Kojo with a somewhat dazed look. “Oh come on! Fine since I have to. Bat,in high up area, only hover here, not on ground level, wind mess with bat wings, make him no fly right.” Said the extremely annoyed mouse. “ a very clever mouse indeed, I can only hover 12 inches above ground at ground level, any higher then that becomes dangerous for me.” said the bat “that’s a handy little attribute of yours, that and mixed with that fact you have better hearing then me or the mouse, a stealth mission would be right up your ally wouldn’t it?” said Alunn. “hey bat boy, take this and describe yourself into it” said Kojo throwing the capsule device at Daza who caught it.

“hey wait a second, how do you have the capsule Kojo, I thought everything got destroyed in the blast?” “see what had happened was that I was playing back Navi's description right as the explosion went off” Alunn and Daza asked simultaneously “blast? Wait an explosion, what for? What happened?” they turned and looked at each other then looked back at Navi Ezro and Kojo. “we’ll explain later first get your info in that capsule” “I am Daza the bat, I am a purple bat with luxurious pink hair short in the front spiky and long in the back. I have as recently explained small to medium size wings that are only capable of lifting me off the ground to 12 inches. Windy areas keep me planted but I am a master of stealth in airless zones. I also love my shades, I wear them on days when the sun is too bright.” Daza was going to say more but the capsule cut him off by creating the very image Daza had described.

“your turn kitty cat” said Daza dropping the capsule to Alunn “watch your tongue bat or ill rip it out” Alunn held the capsule out carefully as if it were a bomb” i…I am Alunn the lion.. im an red-ish orange color and I am very strong, I have a long tail with fur at the end of it. Ive been told I carry an intimidating look even when smiling. I have multiple small spikes on my head and great vision.” Said the lion one eye closed the other peeking out at the capsule he was speaking into. The capsule rumbled in Alunn's hand making Alunn meow softly dropping it flinching as light spewed out showing Alunn's image. The others laughed at Alunn but Alunn singled out Ezro from the group and began wrestling with him. Amongst the tussle Kojo picked up the capsule and pocketed the device and began to speak but was quickly grabbed and dragged into the stone and tree forest. “guys! Something stole Kojo!” yelled Navi chasing the image into the forest. Ezro and Alunn stopped fighting to look over at everyone entering into the forest and as they got off each other and got to there feet, they quickly ran into the forest.

Alunn was on all fours charging into the forest trailing behind Daza going a little bit slower then him, but Alunn turned around to see Ezro for a split second as Ezro zipped past him catching up to Navi. Navi still on the heels of the thief picked up a rock and slung it at the the figure breaking it’s leg in two sending Kojo flying into a swamp of clouds. Ezro cuaght up and went to confront the thief to discover something. “Navi go get joey out of the pond, im taking care….of…this?” said Ezro looming over the downed figure. “where we too late for the party? oh I should have figured…..” said Daza approaching the figure “Should have guessed a K.A.T.A.N.A droid would be involved..”said the lion punching the droid threw the chest destroying it. Ezro loomed over the mechanical droid and said “look at this thing…its creepy, why are its eyes so small?” “you don’t have the best eyes in the world yourself Ezro, look at them all small and purple” said Alunn “look who's talking, the kitten with black eyeliner and two big black ovals that he calls eyes , ye right, those attract the ladies” replied Ezro getting forehead to forehead with Alunn “fellas fellas cool it, there's something more important at stake” said Daza gliding between the two and separating them. “we outgha get Kojo out of that cloudish looking swamp”

“its ok I got joey” Navi pulled on Kojo pulling him out of the swamp of clouds feet first. Kojo shot out of the clouds and landed next to the group with fluffs of swamp cloud floating down gently beside him. “ piece a cake, and besides guys my blood red eyes are much cooler and attractive then both of you or Navi's plain green eyes.” “oh no way! My eyes are better and even better then joeys blue eyes, he doesn’t even have a bridge to separate his eyes.” Said Navi diverting away attention from his eyes. Kojo sat up and was looking so far left that you could only see one of his eyeballs “what happened to the sanctuary” said Kojo dazed. “sanctuary? What sanctuary, and fix your eyes your creepin me out.” Said Daza standing up Kojo who managed to fix his vision. “guys guys lets stop worrying about who has the coolest eyes and lets worry about this droid, look at it, those small beedy eyes and that sphere shaped head make it look not so threatening at first, but those shoulder pads and spiked knee pads say otherwise…….. hey that’s funny, its not wearing any shoes or gloves” said Kojo picking at the broken droid. Alunn began to speak but Ezro jumped in front of him slanting his eyes to match Alunn's eyes and said ”stupid rat, what would an android need with gloves and shoes?” Kojo laughed as Alunn got irritated “I don’t sound like that, knock It off. its obvious to assume that robot has some sort of emerald tracker instinct, which would explain how it found and nabbed Kojo who had the emeralds” “close but not really, androids don’t need instinct, they have trackers, and I bet I could fix it.” Said Kojo lifting the smashed tracker looking at Alunn who folded his arms looking away.

Daza had been laying down on a wall looking up at the sky in the stone forest during the whole conversation. “I think we should just chill here for a minute, ive had enough action in one day so im ready to catch some Z’s” “but what if another android comes for the broken one here, Im sure I can fight off androids by myself but I still have a tracker to create” said Kojo assuming that the guys were finding an excuse to do nothing. “joey you’re the guy who’s the most technical savvy, so I think u can finish the tracker in record time while we, including your best friend Navi, take a little rest” said Ezro sitting with his back against the wall eye’s closed. “im not to sure about this” “whats there to be sure about mouse.. just make the tracker and rest, even I need to rest seeing as my bruises haven't really healed so a well deserved rest is justified.” Alunn said bluntly leaning against a tree next to the wall closing his eyes. Kojo looked to see navy sprawled across a body of cloud on the ground. “I guess they are right, best thing to do is get some rest after I finish this thing.” So Kojo began his work on the tracker and afterwards rested with the rest of the travelers.
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