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chapter 4

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Chapter 4

The next morning when Asher got up she didn't expect to see what she saw when she entered the kitchen. Benji was already up and cooked breakfast for her. The table was sat with orange juice, a pot of coffee, fruit and a flower in a vase.
"Well, well, well I am impressed. You'd better watch I out I could get used to this." Asher said smiling.
"I could do this every morning for you if it meant that I could see you every morning." Benji smiled back.
After they ate, still not really talking much. Mainly because Benji was too nervous of saying something wrong and making Asher mad at him. Asher because she just didn't really feel like talking to him too much in case he thought she had just forgiven him and everything was ok. Which it wasn't she was still really mad at him but he was winning her over gradually. She could help thinking this was all just an act and that it would stop the minute she let him get too close.
"Ok I have to go now see you later." Asher said getting up and leaving.
"Ash wait." Benji said getting up.
"What time do you wanna go out tonight?" Benji asked.
"Don't mind when ever."
"About sevenish is that ok?"
"Yeah perfect. See you later." She said then left.
A little later Joel and Kayla came to see Benji.
"Hey Benj how are you and Asher doing? Joel tells me you two are getting somewhere." Kayla said giving him a hug.
"Yeah I suppose we are. At least she tolerates me now." Benji said.
"Come on Benj I think she does more than that." Joel said patting him on the shoulder as they went and sat in the living room.
"No I don't think so. She hardly looks at me; she only talks to me when she has too."
"Well you can't expect too much from her Benj, you lucky she's even considering giving you a second chance not many women would after what you did to her. You've got to let her deal with it in her own way. She'll come to you when she's ready."
"So everyone keeps telling me." Benji said. "Anyway how are you two getting on? Glad that he's home Kay?" Benji asked.
"Oh yeah missed him so much." Kayla said laughing.
At around five o'clock Asher came home. Joel, Kayla and Benji where still hanging out.
"Benj I'm back." She shouted putting her keys on the table and then walking into the living room.
"Kay!" Asher said going over to her hugging her.
"Ash, hey not seen you in ages." Kayla said getting up and giving her a hug.
"Hey Joel." Asher said leaning over giving him a hug when she had finished with Kayla.
"Hey. How'd you shoot go?" Joel asked.
"Good, really good. It was fun to get back to business." Asher said smiling. "Right I'm going having a shower and getting ready then we can go for that movie if you want?" Asher said looking at Benji.
"Yeah sure." Benji said smiling. Asher left the room.
"Movie?" Kayla said smiling at him.
"Yeah Benj what happened to barely tolerates you. It mustn't be that bad if she wants to go spend three hours sat next to you in a movie theatre." Joel said laughing. Benji smiled turning a little red.
"Yeah I suppose your right." Benji said.

About an hour later Asher came down she looked so sexy and amazing. Benji, Joel and Kayla just looked at her in amazement. Asher smiled noticing they where all staring.
"Do I look ok?" Asher said smiling.
"You look beautiful." Kayla said.
"Amazing." Joel said still staring. Kayla playfully tapped him on the arm and he snapped back to reality.
"Ok we going then?" Asher said looking at Benji.
"Can I have a word with you a minute?" Kayla said grabbing hold of Asher's arm before Benji had a chance to answer.
"What's going on?" Kayla said.
"What do you mean?" Asher said confused.
"You. It's great that you seem to be getting back to your old self but don't go rushing into anything."
"Rushing into what?"
"You and Benji if I was you I wouldn't be so forgiving and getting this close to him this soon."
"Oh believe me Kay, I am no where near forgiving him yet and I'm still furious at him, but I need to stop putting my life on hold because he fucked up."
"Ok good. I just wanted to make sure you weren't just letting him get away with it."
"No he's defiantly not getting away with it. If he wants me back he's going to have to work hard to prove it."
"Ok. You have a good time. Believe me you're torturing him looking like that and him knowing he lost it."
"That's my plan." Asher said laughing as they made their way back to the living room to Joel and Benji.
"Ok we can go now." Asher said smiling at Benji.
"Your car or mine?" Benji asked walking over to her.
"I don't care as long as I'm not driving." Asher said.
"Bye guys have a good night." Joel said as they left the house.
"So what do you think is going on with them two now?" Joel said turning to Kayla.
"That's what I was talking to her about. She's still furious at him but she won't put her life on hold because of it. What I don't get is why is she even tolerating him. It doesn't seem like her. I would have thought if a guy cheated on her she would want nothing to do with them anymore."
"Yeah if it was any other guy they would be out of her life completely but this it Benj where talking about. Their love for each other is like nothing you can imagine. We've known her since we where kids. They've always been so close and they just can't live without each other. It will take a while but they will be back to normal the end." Joel explained.

Benji and Asher had a really good time at the movies. Nothing happened between them. They just talked and laugh together like friends. Benji was so happy with this but it was also killing him being so close to her and knowing how much she really hated him at the moment. When they got home Asher went straight to bed and Benji stayed up for a while talking to Kayla and Joel. Kayla and Joel ended up staying the night.

The next morning Asher was the first up. Joel got up just before she was about to leave for her photo shoot.
"Morning." Joel said.
"Not for much longer it's nearly lunch. I take it you three where up late then." Asher said laughing.
"Yeah we where just hanging out and lost tract of time. Are you going somewhere?"
"Yeah I have a photo shoot in and hour."
"Ok have fun see you when you get back."

Kayla got up soon after Joel and Benji finally surfaced an hour later. The three of them where hang out when someone knocked at the door. Joel answered.
"Er Benj there's someone here to see you." Joel said sounding unsure.
"Yeah let them in." Benji called back from the living room where he and Kayla sat. Joel returned to the room with Alex following him.
"What are you doing here?" Benji said staring at her.
"That's not a nice way to greet the mother of your child." Alex said bitterly. Joel, Kayla and Benji's mouths dropped.
"Stop bullshitting and get out!" Benji said.
"Oh believe me Benj, I'm not bull shitting. You knocked me up and you're going to take responsibility for it." Alex said. Just then Asher came in.
"What are you doing here? Get out!" Asher said looking at Alex like she was dirt.
"No I wont I have as much right to be here as you."
"Like hell you do. What makes you think that? Just because he was stupid enough and desperate enough to fuck you. Well he's had his fun with you. He's got the real thing back now so he has no use for you. Bye bye." Asher said grabbing her by the hair and staring to drag her out.
"Asher stop!" Benji said getting up to stop her.
"Why should I." Asher said glaring at him.
"Because I'm carrying his child bitch." Alex said laughing, with a twisted smile on her face.
Asher glared from Benji back to Alex furious you could almost see flames coming out of her eyes.
"Oh you think that's funny do you!" Asher said grabbing back hold of her by the hair. "Well I find this funny." Asher said dragging her to the door by her hair. Alex screamed.
"Asher the baby!" Benji said.
"Baby or not she's leaving!" Asher said throwing her out the door and slamming it behind her. She returned to the living room Benji was stood in the middle of it and Joel and Kayla look stunned.
"YOU IDIOT!" Asher said running at him about to attack him. Joel jumped up and grabbed her by the waist holding her back.
"Just cool down Ash." Joel tried to reason.
"No not till you clam down."
"CLAM DOWN YOU TELL ME TO CALM DOWN. HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF KAYLA CHEATED ON YOU AND GOT KNOCKED UP BY THEM?" Joel didn't answer that question he just let her go. She ran at Benji hitting him, punching and kicking him.
"Ok that's enough Ash." Kayla said taking pity on Benji.
"ASHER GET OFF NOW!" Joel said grabbing hold of her and pulling her off him. Asher just stirred at Benji on the floor her face was emotionless. She pulled out of Joel's arms and ran up stairs. Kayla and Joel went to see if Benji was ok. Seconds later Asher came running down stairs and ran out of the house. Joel and Kayla called after her but she was already gone.
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