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"It’s all good and fun until someone ends up castrated.” Read, review, rate and feel my love! :P

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“You’re playing with fire, Wentz.”

I sigh and role my eyes at Patrick who, as usual, is being way too overdramatic for the situation. The situation in this case being Mikey Way. Or rather, the reason why Mikey Way stayed on our bus last night. In my bunk. Doing things that would most likely make Gerard’s head implode in a mass of brain matter and vampire teeth. Something that I imagine would be quite awesome to witness.

“Yeah, you role your eyes now. It’s all good and fun until someone ends up castrated.”

At that a short snort of laughter escapes through my nose, making it burn from where I had a mouthful of orange juice sliding it’s way down my throat, soothing it after it’s overuse last night.

“I’m being fucking serious, Pete.” He’s shaking me by the shoulders from where I’m sat on the kitchenette counter, earning him my full attention because ‘Trick seems to be genuinely worried. “Gerard will garrotte you with your own dick if he ever finds out.”

I raise my eyebrows at my singer, wondering why on Earth he thinks I’d be stupid enough to actually get caught, before I wipe his hands off of me and fix him with my most charming smile.

Well, Mikey seems to think it’s charming anyway. He says it’s his favourite thing about me.

“Finds out about what?” I ask innocently, batting my eyelashes at Patrick in a way that makes him groan in frustration.

“Pete, it’s no good playing dumb. You two fucking is fucking loud!” He pauses, shuddering at the thought of the real reason he slept on My Chemical Romance’s bus last night. “What the hell do you do to the poor kid?”

I flash him a wicked smirk, openly laughing at him like a madman when turns a bright red at the thought of what I do with my Mikey. Right next to his bunk.

There are so many things I could say in response to his question, things that would make him never see the seemingly-innocent bassist in the same light again, but I do have some sense of decency despite what the rest of the world thinks. Mikey, although admittedly nothing like the angel he appears to be on the outside when you get to know him like I have, is somewhat shy. Shy enough for him to lose all trust in me should I go flaunting what we do to my band mates, no matter how much I enjoy making Patrick squirm.

So instead I settle for a quick wink. Which, in turn, makes him turn an even deeper hue of crimson.

“Scratch that, I don’t want to know.” He wrinkles his nose at me, looking with pitying eyes towards the bunk area. “But Gerard soon will and then where will you be, huh?”

I can’t deny the fact that the thought of Mikey’s big brother finding out scares the living shit out of me. Or rather, the idea of his big brother finding out and actually accepting it does. I swear to god that guy thinks Mikey is still in diapers. But that just makes Gerard all the more fun to mess around with; I know so much more about his baby brother than he does. Most likely more than he wants to know and that’s where I have my advantage when it comes to making him get all flustered.

He kinda resembles a vampire on her period when that happens. Hilarious and ridiculous, as I’m sure Frank will agree, but ultimately dangerous. I really thought he was going to kill me that time I read him a Waycest.

Although I like to think he was secretly enjoying it.

I know I was.

“You’ll be six feet under, Pete, that’s where!” Patrick yells, arms outstretched to the side in an almost comical fashion. “If you wanna get killed that’s fine, but can’t you at least wait ‘til the end of the tour? It’s kinda hard finding a replacement bassist at short notice.”

“Charming, ‘Trick. And there I was thinking you cared.” I purr up at him, using every ounce of my barely-there self-control not to burst into hysterics at the way he looks like a trainee teacher trying to handle an unruly kindergarten class. “Chill, Dude. I got this.”

I know that Patrick’s only trying his best to help, just like he always does, but it’s getting kind of annoying. Sure, he’s supported my thing with Mikey since day one and I only told him because I knew that he was the only person I could boast to about it without there being any consequences. Apart from now there are. Because he honestly thinks that I’m going to get caught. Well, unless Gerard happens to share a bunk with Mikey then I’m not about to get caught any time soon.

Who knows though? According to the almighty Waycest the two share a bunk quite a lot.

“You got what, Pete? A motherfucking death wish?”

“Now you’re just overreacting.” I grumble back at the pure desperation in his drama-queen voice. “Besides, I have told Gerard. He just didn’t believe me.”

Patrick buries his head in his hands, looking very much like he’s about to burst into tears of frustration, and I grin at the memory of yesterday afternoon. Of telling Gerard what it’s like to be on top of his baby brother and watching the cogs whirring behind his eyes as he tried to get his head around his baby brother doing something so un-babyish. Thus resulting in a punch to the face. It was well worth it though, just to see the shock on his clueless face at the words I knew he would deny.

If I’d thought he’d take the truth seriously then there’s no way I would have said it; I do enjoy breathing.

“Anyway, he’s Mikey’s brother. It’s up to Mikey to tell him.”

Patrick, for the millionth time this afternoon, heaves a sigh, running a hand over his knees to give him something to do other than smacking me around the face or shaking my shoulders.

“Then why the hell hasn’t he?”

“Because he’s not into necrophilia.”

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